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Best Buy is STUPID.

So a couple of days ago, I said that I found a PS3 bundle pack that included a free game and PS Move on the Best Buy website;though the Move is not free, only the game is. So I went ahead and called my local Best Buy. The first time I called theFlorida Mall, and they said the it was not availableat their store. So I hung up and I called the Millenia Mall, and they said they had it and the convo went a little something like this:

Best Buy: Hello my name is John how can I help you?

Me: Hi, I was wondering if you guys had the PS3 bundle...(didn't finish what I was saying)

"John": Yes, yes we do.

Me: Are you sure?

John: Yep

Me: The 320 gb one that comes with a Move and a free game?

John: Yes.

Me: Ok sweet, when can I get it?

John: You can come to the store and just take it off the shelf and buy it, and your set.

Me: Alright, man, sweet. Thanks

John: No Problem!


So, from what you just said your probably asking, "Sully! Thats awesome! How is that bad?"

Well, thats when the other part of the story comes in. I go to the Best Buy at Millenia, filled with joy, hoping to go home and play some LittleBigPlanet 2 with my PS Eye, and the Move. So I go and I ask one of the employees to help me find the bundle.

So I ask the man about it and he shows me a Black Ops bundle. I tell him its not correct. I told him "I want a 320 gb PlayStation that comes with Move, a free game, and of course a PS Eye.

The first thing he tells me is:

Man 2: We don't carry this bundle in this store, it might be an online only special. Besides, we dont evencarry320 GB PlayStation 3's.

Me: But the man on the phone told me you guys had it.

Man 2: He must've been mistaen, I'm sorry.

Me: No prob (sike).


So, was the man on the phone mistaken or was he lying to me just so he can get me to go the store? One more part to the story:

I was so bummed out, so for the hell of it, I decided to call the same phone number one more time.

It went a little something like this:

Same guy that picked up the phone last time: Hello, my name is John, how can I help you?

Me: Yeah I'm looking for a 320 GB PS3 with a PS Move..(you get the point).

John: Didn't I already help you? I said that we had it.

Me: Well can you check one more time, just to make sure?

John: I already checked this morning when you called me. We still have it for you to purchase.

Me: Oh yeah? Well how come I went to the store and they said they didnt have it?

John: ...oh, wait I mean some kid came earlier and bought it.

Me: What the hell dude? I came for no reason. *I hang up*


So do you think that he was mistaken or lying. I think he was LYING.


Add me on my new PSN!!

Hey guys! I just made a new account because the old one was shared and I wanted to do my own thing.

PSN: mynameissully

So add me if you like and say "hello from the GS forums!" or something.


Steam & Team Fortress 2?

Hey guys! So I just downloaded Steam; I've never had it since I like consoles. So, as you all probably know TF2 is on there for free. Is it worth and fun? Please help me out.

-Sully (I guess I never mentioned my real name before. lol)

1 Year On GAMESPOT!!

I just realized that I've been on GS for 1 year. July 29,2009 to be exact. I'm glad that i kept going with this site. I'm a little late LOLS

Hey Guys, Add me on PSN: MSHz

$IcK of vIdEo g@mEs

I'm sick, i have game fever. I have abused all my well loved games (Modern Warfare 2 and Grand Theft Auto 4). u eVeR fElT ThE sAmE COMMENT DOWN THERE

Resurgence Map Pack

I just downloaded the new Resurgence Map Pack from the Playstation Network still studying the maps.

Heres some pics! HAPPY GAMING!:D

Image 4

Image 2