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THEPS3hawk Blog

Haven't been on here in a minute!

I was looking at my last blog and I predicted that Grand Theft Auto V would come out in May. Boy, was I wrong! I have it now, and it's probably the best game I've ever played ever. Is anyone even on here? Oh well. Later.

My GTA V Release Date Prediction

Hey guys!

Haven't posted in a while!

I have a prediction on when GTA V is going to be released. Either May 13 or May 21st. I'm assuming this because of the previous R* Games, and they announced that it will be released during spring. There you go, mark my word! I'll come back to this blog post when the game is released. Black Ops 2 BABY! Next Week

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Modern Warfare 3!

So like the other 5 bajillion+ people I got Modern Warfare 3 for my PS3. I've only played 1 hour on the dot, but I'am liking it. Its very fast paced and well put together.

If you want to play with me, add me.



(only have MW3 for PS3, but I have Portal 2 for Steam :)

oh, and i got Arkham City aswell, not too happy with it, think i might sell it.

Consideration of Portal 2 CO-OP

So yesterday, I beat Portal 2 and it was truely amazing, on the of the most creative games I've ever played. Right now, I have nothing else to do other than play the CO-OP or just unlock all the achievements. I want someone to play CO-OP with so COMMENT you're PSN, if you want to play the Portal 2 CO-OP.


I FINALLY got Portal 2!

Good Morning guys, so yesterday I purchased Portal 2. I'm playing it at the moment and I am confused, since i haven't played the first one.

Add me on PSN: mynameissully



OMG i got my ps3 and playstation move!!!!!!

SO i just got the PS MOVE and im so excited, its a lot of fun, and im currently play little big planet 2 with it. if you can find a deal this good its so worth it. i think i might have to take a another shower after i play Sports Champion lol.