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I would LOVE to see a Bot mode in Hardline. Play with friends or by yourself vs Ai bots would be a god send. It would also make the game last longer because it would be like a huge CoOp game. Sometimes myself and friends don't want to play online with loads of people. We would much rather play with bots, we do that in COD also. But having a Bot mode would be amazing in Hardline.

Its not like they cant do it, hell if Unreal Tournament 2k4 and UT3 did it back in the days, and Battlefield 2 also did it. why cant they in Hardline. The bots in those games took advantage points, good aim, flanked you, drove vehicles and took objectives. I see no reason why they cant do the same for Hardline. I hope they do add Bot mode for all game modes. Its about time devs bring back the Bots.

what do you guys think?