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My Birthday

Yesterday was my Birthday, so I'm a little late in posting this. Anyway, I'm 27 now. Although, I still feel like I'm in my late teens. Also, in case you haven't seen my previous blog. I mentioned that I haven't been around the site as much since the big change happened last year, but as of lately, I've been around a little more. I also brought up the fact that I've been here for 10 years now.

My 10th GameSpot Anniversary

Today is my 10th anniversary here. It's hard to believe that I joined GameSpot 10 years ago today.

This is also my first blog on the new site and my first blog in almost a year, my longest gap between blogs so far. I hope things pick up around here sometime. For example, look at how dead the unions are now. Seeing some kind of revival for them would be nice. As a result, my posting activity has decreased a lot since the new site has been up. I still don't see myself completely leaving the site soon though. I'll probably still stick around some here and there.

My Birthday and I ordered a Wii U

It's my 26th Birthday today. I got a nice cake that I'm soon going to eat. I also ordered a Wii U a few days ago and got a good deal on it. I got it bundled with the game New Super Mario Bros. U and another controller for only $20 extra. It should be here on the 14th, 15th or 16th. I can't wait for it to arrive.

9th GS Anniversary and Level 65

Just yesterday, I had joined GS nine years ago. Hard to believe it's been close to ten years now. It's showing that I'm 100% through Level 64 on the forums, which means I should truly be on Level 65 any day now.

As for gaming, I'm really hoping I'll get a Wii U soon enough, as there's already a few games I want for it and they'll be more coming out later this year and next year. I'm hoping for at least next month. But then there's also games like Saints Row IV and Grand Theft Auto V coming out, which I want as well. Quite a few games to buy.

30000 Posts

With this blog, I have made 30000 posts. Kind of amazing, considering I just reached 20000 last year. But it is thanks to certain unions I have gotten this far.

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year everyone. 2012 went by so quick. The fastest year for me as of yet. But 2012 was a bit of a change for me in some ways, as I have moved into a new house after living in the old one for 20 years. It was also when I became more active here on GS.

Level 64

Wow, another level percentage boost. This time, I was from 96% on Level 63 to 18% on Level 64, so that's a boost by 22%. I'm glad I'm finally out of Level 63 and that I got three boosts while in that level. I got the first one earlier on when a lot of other users were getting boosts.

Level percentage boost and what games I got on Black Friday.

I have just gotten another level percentage boost. I jumped from 87% to 96% (although it says 95% in my profile). Now I'm finally almost out of Level 63 with just 4% away.

I don't often blog about what games I have recently gotten, but I got a few really good deals on Black Friday. I got God of War Saga from Walmart for only $15. It includes all five of the currently released games from the God of War series. I only had one of the games before this. Just one of the games alone normally costs more than that too. Then from Amazon, I ordered Dead or Alive 5, which costed $30 and Saints Row: The Third The Full Package (which is Saints Row: The Third with all the DLC bundled with it), which costed $25.

I have also been working on another review recenly and should be submitting it soon. It's for the game Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II. I can't believe it's been almost a full year since my last review. It's also been over three months since my last blog.

My 25th Birthday

So, I'm now 25 and I can't believe it. I was 16 (almost 17) when I joined this place.

In other news, I like the new leveling system and the ways they added to level up. It needed some changing. Still though, I wish going through Levels 63 and 64 would be a bit less time consuming.

8 years and glitches on GS

So, now I have registered here 8 years ago. Hard to believe that in just 2 years, it'll be 10 years since I joined. Even with all the problems GS has been having lately, I don't plan to leave the site anytime soon.

Speaking of the problems that GS has been having, I really wish they could fix those levels. It's especially unpleasant for those on a level like Level 63, such as myself. They should give us a level boost when it's fixed to make up for it, at least. Oh and the new comment system still hasn't been fixed either. Comments on older blogs still aren't showing, for example.

I have also changed my avatar for the first time in years recently (my old one still shows up in blog comments, by the way). It's Lili from the Tekken series.