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The Art of Peer Pressure

So I caved and got both Blackops 2 and xbox live. My roommate has been asking me constantly to get Blackops 2 since we played the first one on his ps3 all the time. He is getting a xbox on black Friday. The big reason we enjoy Blackops is for zombies. However I am enjoying it and looking forward to lots of zombies. With the title of this blog in mind I have been digging Kendrick Lamar's new album. Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving.


Among all the time I was putting in Lollipop Chainsaw I was trying to figure out what would be the next game I would play. I had seen Catherine around at gamestop and here on gamespot. But I never really gave the game much a look. Last week I decided to research the game a bit and discover what it was and why people had enjoyed it so much. From the research I did I decided to go ahead and purchase it as I felt I need a break from replaying Lollipop Chainsaw. I fell in love with the game; from the story to the game play it was something different that I had been looking for in gaming. I finished my first playthrough today; it took me about 10 -11 hours to complete. I plan on doing a play through on a higher difficulty and attempt at getting a different ending. As well as unlocking babel levels. This game alone has made me curious about other games by Atlus. I think I am going to write a review for Catherine in a week or two, once I play the game some more. However I am expecting on giving it a high score, anywhere from a 9 to 10. Swan

Lollipop Chainsaw. Fin. Review Included

I finished Lollipop Chainsaw this morning. Man did I enjoy that game it was a lot of fun. I plan on going for all of the unlockables now and beating "Daddy's" high scores. I would also like to beat the game on hard mode and if I don't get pulled away from the game maybe even Very Hard. I reviewed the game this morning and I will provide you guys with a link. Link: http://www.gamespot.com/lollipop-chainsaw/user-reviews/795823/ Swan

Lollipop Chainsaw Impressions

I picked up Lollipop Chainsaw this morning after pre-ordering it last week. So far I have played about two hours or so of the game on the normal setting. The game starts with a cinematic that introduces Juliet and the other characters in the game along with the opening credits. The attitude, atmosphere, and dialogue of the story and the characters is something I really enjoy. Game play wise is straight forward; a dodge button, a jump button, three different attack buttons, one button to trigger the power meter that you can fill, and the d pad is used to refill your health if you can. There has been several different times when quick time cinematic have occurred. A couple of mini games as well. I've come across the first boss which was a mixed bag. The boss was not very hard but had some very unique attacks which I thought were neat and fit the atmosphere of the game well. The boss's personality was great , I laughed and or smiled at a quite of few punch lines. So far I am enjoying this game. I know some people have been on the fence with this game so I hoped this helped. If requested I can continue posting my impressions. I plan on doing a review once I have finished the game. Swan

First Pre-Order This Gen

Yesterday I pre-ordered my first game of this generation of gaming. Now with yesterday being the first day of E3 some of you may be thinking the game I pre-ordered was one from E3, that is not the cause. I pre-ordered Lollipop Chainsaw. Now I haven't bought any games this gen for the original retail price of 60 dollars, that is too much for a game in my eyes. This game caught my attention a few months ago and after learning more about the game I thought I would buy it at some point. Then I saw a local entertainment store had the game advertised for pre-order. Now normally this local store sells new games for about 53 or 54 dollars, cheaper then the price of what most stores charge for new games. The price of the game on pre-order was 49.97, I could not pass that up. That was the asking price of new PS2 games last gen, so I went ahead and placed my order. I am excited for Lollipop Chainsaw, it looks like a ton of fun. I will make sure to post my impressions of the game once I start playing. Swan

4 Year Anniversary

Today marks my 4th year on gamespot. I still enjoy coming here a lot. However I find myself more busy in real life so I don't visit here as much as I do before. Nor do I feel the need to post as often. So I lurk more than post. I am currently reading A Clash of Kings and trying to get 100% on DKC 3 for the SNES. I am about halfway there. That's all for now. Swan

Second Job

Yesterday I job shadowed for my second job. I liked it a lot and I am looking forward to my two days of orientation next week. This job will be on the weekends only and I will work my other job during the week. Outside of work I have been biking, reading, and gaming. Haven't biked in the last two days do to work and the weather. I am now half way through Book 1 in the Song of Fire and Ice series. Hope to have it done by the first week of June. Gaming wise I just started Donkey Kong Country 3 for the SNES. I may write a review for earthworm jim in the the next day or two. Swan

Earthworm Jim Complete

A game that I rented multiple times as a kid. I could never get passed the second level but I remembered the game and characters oh so well. I found at for the SNES at a local videogame store months ago. Once I beat Super Mario World 2 and Silent Hill this EWJ was the next on my list to beat. It took me a couple of weeks to complete it. I had trouble with the Tube Race level (until I knew the very long course), What the Snot (Round 3 mainly), and the last level. I found Butville to be one of the more challenging last levels I have faced in a game in a long time. It's refreshing but also frustrating because I am use to beating games rather quickly. This escaping me was nice looking back now but frustrating at the time. Not sure what game I am going to start on next. All for now. Swan

Job Interview

I had a job interview for that second job I have been talking about. It went well, I have to call them back tomorrow to schedule a second interview with them. Having a second interview is always a good it sign. Looks like I may be able to work there every weekend if I get the job. While still being able to work my current job during the week. A win win if you ask me. Lets hope I get it!

Phone Tag

Since I got home for the summer I applied for a CNA spot at a local hospice house. Within in a few days I got a call basically offering the position to me. However the call was a voice mail since I was at work. I've called back twice and to leave a message. I called a third time today and got no one. It's a little frustrating since I want the job but no one has called me back. In other news it has been raining here the last two days and is suppose to rain the rest of the week. Making it hard for me to bike at all. :( That's all for now. Swan