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Sad news. Then again, he was 71. That show will alway be a part of my childhood memories, as will the theme song.

@Randolph said:

I was a huge fan of that show, and I admit it, I did the Mario. (...swing your arms from side to side, come on it's time to go! Do the Mario!)

Ugh... Thanks Randolph, that's going to stick in my head for at least another day or two now.

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nothing to see here. Move on people...

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Anyone else feel like they just woke up nude in some strange, clynical place? I swear, any minute now I'm expecting to hear GlaDos' voice through my pc speakers welcoming me to the new GS.

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You know, if those circles are clickable trackpads, they can pretty much double as D-pads. Which means they can also emulate 4 face buttons.

I wonder how big the deadzone will be. A stick is easy, it springs back to the center when you let go of it. Your thumb can't miss it when it reconnects with the stick. What happens when you place your thumb on the trackpad, but farther towards the edge? Will your character just go from zero to full throttle like that? Seems like there's a large chance of mistakes happening that way.

One more thing: analogue sticks are convex.  These trackpads look to be flat or concave.  I'm not saying it'll be less ergonomic per definition, but it'll feel awkward at first, like how the first flatscreens looked hollow after years of looking at convex CRT's.

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May he rest in peace.

He might not have loved videogames, or even liked them, but he believed in them and brought us far down the path to where we are now.



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Except for that abomination of a Star Fox game :evil:GodModeEnabled



The GC was a great system if you didn't want a new game every week.  Looking back, I can definitely say that my GC library is much better then my Wii library.  It really stings that Nintendo have stated they won't make sequels to, say, F-zero, because the sales weren't high enough.  It's exactly these kinds of games that made the GC worth having.  It didn't have all the games of the other 2 consoles, but it had a few superb games in every genre.

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I didn't think of Marvelous, but they'd make a good buyer. I don't see Sony, MS or Nintendo buying them really. Their games don't make a big enough of a splash in the console wars, eventhough they have a lot of quality franchises. I'm hoping for some investment group who'll leave Atlus be. Sega or Square wouldn't sit well with me. Capcom, I could see working out.
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I didn't read all the replies, it's 01:00am here and I just stumbled upon this thread.

Some thoughts on the matter I don't know if anyone put forth yet:

  1. They choose not to compete because it's cheaper then making games on a system which would favorably compare to PS4/X1
  2. They choose not to compete with a system which would favorably compare to PS4/X1 because it saves them on R&D and costs to keep all the services up and running.
  3. They might choose not to compete for your money, but there are plenty people out there that did not grow up with Mario in the 80's, but are growing up with Mario now.  They couldn't care less he's been going for about 30 years, his games still rock, and that's all that matters to them.

In the end they are very much competing though.  Iwata said before the Wii launched that they would aim to become everyone's 2nd console.  If they can be different enough to the competition, which is very samey to say the least, they'll sell enough units just by virtue of offering something different.  By doing this and adhering to Gunpei Yokoi's philosophy, they've been very profitable for a very long time.  As a lot of people could tell you, being bigger doesn't always result in making larger profits.

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Basically, they're saying they're not including it to save some money.  No one will use Kinect for chat.  Too much background noise and other interferences.  They pulled a similar stint with the X360 not supporting wifi out of the box.  Hopefully their headsets will be cheaper then their 360 wireless dongles were.

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[QUOTE="Spartan_N7"] The servers very rarely ever go offline, and you cant "lend" games to friends but you can share it. Its basically just lending, they just wont have the disc. Black_Knight_00


What happens if MS get hacked in retaliation over all this? Say XBL goes down for a week or two or even a month. Your fancy new Xbox One can't even play games during that time. At least when Sony got hacked (it can happen to any company not just Sony) you could play games on your PS3.

A couple years ago my internet was down for a whole month. Neither my ISP or the phone company were able to figure out what was wrong. Imagine if that happened to an Xboner: their system and games would have been unusable for a whole month.

I wonder how long MS expects it to take before someone hacks their system and just finds a way to ping the authorization from their own pc.