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Want to appear in my Warriors Fan Fiction?

I've decied to write a DevArt/GS fan fiction themed from Erin Hunter's Warriors. The twist: you are the cats.

It's a more light hearted goofy take on the series with a lot of internet ememes and Lady Gaga jokes. All you need to do is tell me is what you want to be named in the story and what type of cat you'd like to be. There will be four Clans:

RocketClan, SEGAClan, FlowerClan, and LOLClan. Chose one you'd like to be in.

The first person to post gets to chose what Clan he'd like to be a leader in. If you like you can a medicine cat in teh fanfic, but there's a limit of one per clan. The rest will be Warriors in the story. If there isn;t enough cats, I'll make up a few characters to go with the story.

NOTE: I did say I will be leaving GS, but I really want to make this, so I might be posting it here on my blog once in awhile along with DevArt. Though that's all I'll do here, since I don't have time to visit unions. Pasting a fanfic is all I can do. :/You're all probably thinking "Darn! I'd wish he'd just leave already!" :P If it's not popular than I'll just quit the whole thing and just not visit here. *cough, cough*

How's that sound? Good? GOOD???? Good. :P


P.S. I'm Sonicfur.