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The Big 5 - SuperFinalXenoMario Hero DS Edition

First off I'd like to thank everyone that commented on my birthday blog. 45 comments, not counting double posts! :o A world record! :D

In other news...

5. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy


When Square Enix was planning a new genre based upon FF, I 100% sure it was going to be a racing game. Well...I was's going to be a rhythm game. :| I kid you not. I guess it would be kinda cool: turn based RPG meets Rhythm game, that could be fun. Music will be base upon FF song tracks. (I smell X-2 in there somewhere)

4. Bill s.978 - the death of the internet.


Congress that came up with the bill.

Well congress has apparently nothing else better to do than to make all and any copyrighted material on the internet ILLEGAL. What will this mean for the internet? Game sites will crash, deviantArt won't be exciting any more, and YouTube would die in an instant. Because we could be aiding research in curing for cancer, stop gay marriage, and end abortion, but it's a life and death situation when you know that some kid from Colorado is uplodaing a Pikachu picture he drew up as we speak. Sometimes I dislike my government. -_-

3. The PS4 will have motion controls?


Read it and weep:****motion-controls

Well you can't accuse Nintendo of being late on the HD front, because look how far behind sony and M$ are on their motion control shabang and they're trying to get it right. Funny how Nintendo is going with a more traditional sit down theme this time around. *cue Reggie doing the troll face*

2. Europe is getting ALL three Nintendo titles...NOA gets zip.


The boycott has been going on for awhile now, but this is just adding to the rage. All three games have been translated, the Amazon pre-orders for Xenoblade is through the roff, and yet Nintendo still refuses to bring these titles overseas. but NA gamers are getting something: Mario Party 9. Yeah...another mini-game compilation I've played before...just what I wanted! Come on, Nintendo, stop bringing up excuses and give the gamers what they want!

1. I a-got a-Mario a-plushie!


Obtained from my Borders gift card I got for my birthday. The only thing I could find for $10...they over charge everything else. Seriously, $8 for a Bleach that's been out for over 5 years? Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within for $15?! I could buy that for $3 in a Wal-Mart DVD bin! -_- No wonder the company almost went bankrupt. Oh, and apparently I'm REALLY behind on the Warriors saga, because I've noticed that there were at least 20 new books. :P I didn;t buy one, because I'm still on book 3 of the original Firestar series...

I think I made a good desision though, because this is the first vidoe game themed plushie I ever got. I need to get a Yoshi pushie to accompany him! :D

SFS's song pic,

Final Fantasy XII battle theme.