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The Big 5 - Dawn of the Canadians

I haven't been able to post much in the past few days, since the evil communist internet provider slowed down my family's internet for using too much bandwidth (FYI 2GB, because the ISP is communist). As I write the page is extremely distorted, but at least I can post some things. Here's all the stuff I missed while I had bad internet - just think of it as a month is review. :P

5. Canada lost a hockey game. Prepare for World War 3.


A few weeks ago the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the NHL hockey game. Let me say that again: HOCKEY. Though you might not care about the sport, Canadian fanboys live and breath this sport - and they lost. See that car on fire? The Canadians have just flipped out and started riots - all because they lost in a f***ing game. Way to go Canada. You can kill Franz Ferdinand in in Austria and start a war - but all you have to do is beat Canada at a game hockey and they'll come back at you like outraged Cuccos. Just wait until we beat them at Curling.

4. Demand for Xenoblade's NA release!


Fans from all over the internet have joined forces to plead for a NA release of Xenoblade. NOA is asking for more requests as of now! E-mail Nintendo and tell them to bring this game overseas! We need more final Wii games to look forward to!

3. Now playing: Final Fantasy X-2


I managed to cap 56% yesterday. So far, I love the game. Don't know why it gets so much hate (in fact, in another site when I mentioned the game someone said GET OUT!), because I enjoy the light hearted story more than the doom and gloom FF titles like Crisis Core and FFVII. The combat system is my favorite time-based system, which soaked me into the FF series in the first place, and the customization options are great. Plus, there's an item to eliminate random encounters and you can skip cut scenes! Though my main gripes with the game is that the DressPheres are pretty much so secret hush-hush I don't even know where to find them, and yes, I'm beginning to dislike Yuna. She's awesome in combat, but she also has a questionablke voice over that doesn't quite fit in some instances.

2. Far Side

far side

Just received the Far Side Gallery 4 as an early birthday present. If you don't know what Far side is, It's an old 90's comic written by Gary Larson depicting comics with ducks, cows, and random puns. An example of random is the comic above, which is funny for just being weird.Try to find a collection at Amazon, because they're histarical.

1. PSN giving away two free games.


To all those PSN members that had to wait for them to get back up and running, PSN is offering 2 free downloadable games as welcome back gifts for the PSP and PS3 systems. After waiting weeks myself, I'll finally get a chance to download them today for my PSP. I'll be getting LBP and ModNation Racers, since I have nothing to do with FPSes and I don't know what Pursuit is...yeah, yeah I'm one of those people that's all anti-grim and gritty but I hate those games for a reason, because they just don't have any sty1e to them.

SFS's song pick:

Amarantine - Enya

Thanks for reading, eh!