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It's time to move on...

Yes my friends, I am leaving Gamespot by the end of the month. 3 years is enough. I have thought long and hard about this, but I eventually came back to the same conclusion...I'm just wasting my time here. I got accepted into the Youth Symphony last month and I haven't been practicing much, so I need to do that. I'm also reading the Warriors again, writing a fanfic for DevArt, trying to pass Final Fantasy XII, while trying to help another website with their activity.

I could stay, but it would be pointless for me. Pretty much all the unions I'm in are either dying, or I just can't fit in to any of the active groups. There's other priorities in life that need to be doen, and I'm on the computer more than I want to while on GS. I enjoyed writing Editorials and reviews, but lately it seems I'm doing less and less, and I probably won;t get that Soapbox emblem I've been working to get for years. The site is also full of trolls and people that bash other games for no reason, and it almost made me a troll as well. The more I stay, the less I try to do, and the more depressed I get.

After the end of the month it is a good bye...I will not come back, but that doesn't mean I'm quitting the internet. You can track me at my DevArt account (I'm itching to an art trade, so don't hesitate to ask me) and I'll be at N5S 24/7 mostly. (Please join the site, because we need more activity!)

And don't blame any of yourselves, because this has nothing to do with past posts that offended me or any fights I had on the site; this was my desicion. You've all been great friends and I thank you for all morale boosts you gave me. On a last note, these unions need a new leader by the end of the month:

-The PlayBack Union

-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Union

-Crossover Universe

If you don't want them then that's fine, since they're half-dead anyway...

Just thought I'd tell you instead of running off without warning. This is a great site and I had a great time (mostly), but it's time to leave. Tune in sometime June 26 for my farewell blog.

Thank you. All of you. :)