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I turn 18 today...


It's my 18th birthday! Woot!

I'm sweating while writing this, because it's freakin' 95 degrees here. -_-

So far my gifts are Final Fantasy XII, and Ratchet and Clank for the PS2. can;t wait to see what else I get. :D

Downloaded Little Big Planet to my PSP a few days ago, and I really enjoy it, though I was disappointed with the bland stages that I downloaded from the on-line community. Even the "Kill Justin Bieber" stages weren't really good. But the stage editor is fantastic (though a bit overwhelming) so I might have to make my own stages. My SD card couldn't fit any more games after the download however, so I couldn't get my second free game if I wanted to.

And woot, my internet is back up to speed, so I'll be here more often. ;)

On a last note, the Pokemon B/W white union has been changed to the Crossover Universe Union, so I hope you check it out. A lot of you are already in it, so there's no excuses. :P P.S. I'm the Leader. XD

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee!! *moonwalks*