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Big: The Worst Nyan Cat Ever.

Some comics I whipped up this week. Decided to just post my comics here and some at DevArt, because the custom website I post them on now looks like garbage and their log in system is so glitchy it takes me 5 times to log me in. And they don't even remember me. -_- So until I find a REAL comic hosting website, you'll be treated with my delightful comic WhinyGamer. ;)

For all you Kingdom Hearts fans out there...


Keyblade = key = car keys = car. XD Man, that's a badly drawn car. :|


At first I wanted Gardenia to sneak out of a bush and plant a tree, but I thought this would've been funnier...........It was late and I was tired okay? -_-


For those that didn't get the pun: White and Black = White n' Nerdy. I had fun drawing this. :P

And now to make this blog title make sense...



Well that's all I drew for now. I'll try to sqeeze in some more blogs before the Warriors Fanfic I'm writing. Maybe that third party SSB IV wishlist, and a blog with all my MLP crossovers. (You better comment on that one! :twisted: ) I may not be on here much anymore, but I might stop by once a month and write a short blog and update the fanfic. ;)