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Ahh...This place brings back memories.


You're probably thinking "But ...but...but....YOU LEFT?!?!" right now, and I can't blame you, since I posted a farewell blog 5 months ago and you all held a "funeral" for me. WELL I JUST DROPPED BY TO SAY HI. That's it. Not returning. Just thought ti would be nice to post a little update about what happened after I goes...

Since I left:

-I joined the local Youth Symphony....okay to set this straight I didn't like it at first. It was the first time I've been around people my age (before that I was in nursing homes and my Grandma's house a lot, so I was used to old people...yes my life is boring I GET THE POINT!!!). So anyway right off the bat I made dumbest mistake you could make in rehearsals: I tuned my instrument when it wasn't my turn. Apparently I suffer from desleyxia, short term memory loss, and short attention span...or something. Aaaaaaaaaanyway that aside I started getting into it...and I loved it. Two concerts later and I've improved A LOT. Though hopefully in the next seating auditions I don't get seated with a 13 year-old again...there's only so much you can talk about with someone that doesn't know what X-Files or Doctor Who is. -_-

-And speaking of Symphony...I met a girl there. :oops: YES YOU HEARD RIGHT! SFS has finally opened up his shell and is now talking to girls!...outside the internet! I think she likes me but who knows? :3

-Miss my editorials? Fear not! I am now a contributor to Nintendo 5-Star's blogspot! Here's my latest ed! N5S needs more members AND support. If you don't have time to become a member, you can at least leave anonymous comments in the comment section. I need inspiration!

-My photoshop skills have improved. This one got over 1,000 views and 100 faves on DevART. :P


-Gaming for me has been slow...I haven't played a new game since SASASR. :| Seriously. Though I did play Beyong Good and Evil (which is awesome), Ratchet Deadlocked (it's alright), and Resident Evil 4 (in which my mom walked into the room when the chainsaw guy cut my head off, so I can;t play it as often...but it's freakin' awesome). And no, I have not played the new Pukeymon games. :roll: I'M WAITING FOR GREY SO STOP ASKING ME I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!



-Also, I grew a beard twice and shaved it off both times. :|

Why yes, I ran out of things to say, how did you know?

So yeah, my life's going swell. Thank you all for getting me back on my feat...I admit that I after I left here not everything went out to plan, and I started being depressed all over again...but things are looking up.


(Can you believe it's only 11 more days?!!? O_o )


P.S. to PlayBack Union members: sorry PaperLink13 is forcing you to do Hurt n' Heals every day. :