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My Top 5 Most Dissapointing DS Games

As usual, note that this is MY opinion and MY opinion only. If you do not agree with the following then that is your own decision.

Here are my top 5 DS games that really let me down.

5. Spectrobes


I heard good things about this game so that soley judged my decision into buying it. I have no idea what Disney was trying to do with this game: on one hand, it appears to be a Pokemon knock-off that's trying way too hard not being a knock-off, while on the other hand it has so little content to sink into compared to Pokemon that it feels more like a bad atempt at making a new franchise than copying some other better franchise. On the outset Spectrobe's surprisingly good action time based battles are really fun, but the lack of Spectrobes to get in the game (30 or so, including evolutions and secret exclusive Spectrobes) makes the experience seem so lacking it makes the good parts f the game feel shallow. The game is also on the short side and throughout the adventure you end digging up the same Spectrobe over and over and over and over and over... Until the once slightly fun digging mini-game also becomes a boring chore. And the graphics are so bad out of battle that you can acually walk through people!

4. LOZ: Spirit Tracks


I used to be a BIG fan of the Zelda games. I even liked the infamous Zelda II and Majora's Mask. And I LOVE Wind Waker. The DS Zelda, Phantom Hourglass was also a good favorite of mine. But its sequel...shudders...was an infuriating game to say the least. Now some of you may remember me complaining waaaaaaay back in 2008 about this game being announced, because I thought it looked too same-y in comparison to PH. Well I grew past that as this game was previewed more, and began to become excited to play it - that is, before I played it. Spirit Tracks was more frustrating than it was fun: the train was too slow, the game was way too linear, and the tasks you had to perform were hampered down by inconcisive controls. Probably the worst of all were those blasted music stages that made you play a song PERFECTLY in order to proceed. I myself struggled through this area and I play Vivaldi concertos on my violin!!!! Nintendo probably thought this was hilarious. Shigeru: "Hey you know what would be really funny?"

3. Pokemon Pearl


NOW I don't want any whiny excuses like "You're wrong Sonic! Pokemon Pearl is good because it has this-this-and-this Pokemon!" Yes, I do find SOME of the Sinnoh Pokemon (mainly Piplup, Lucario, Pachirisu, Shinix, Palkia) charming, but that's not the point. The game as a whole felt so recycled from the last gen Pokemon to the same-y looking locales that it barely set it itself apart from the other regions. For new comers it might not be a problem, but I didn't see Ruby/Sapphire acting all "We have to cut out all the interesting things for new gamers!" And the Sinnoh region itself was just bug UGLY. Seriously, this game looks fan made! And the game had waaaaay too many HM's. What the f***'s the deal with Rock Climb?! Couldn't they just offered a Mountain bike or something? Granted, the game does offer some new twists here and there, but the game doesn't push them to their limits. Pokemon Pearl/Diamond isn't absolute trash, but its just not that great either.

2. Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia


Pokemon Ranger takes FOREVER to actually become something enjoyable. The first part of the game forces you to do boring tasks and saving Pokemon from a boring looking locale and using your spinner to spin circles around the Pokemon tediously to capture it - then everyone is happy and get to hear a boring story about an evil boring team....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Seriously, Shadows of Almia is boring. There might be some tougher portions of the game later on, but the first section of the game will most likely make you put down your DS. The puzzles are more annoying than interesting, since you have to catch a certain Pokemon each time to clear a road block. And then after you do that what does the Pokemon do? IT RUNS AWAY!!! And then, oh look, another road block! FFFFUUUUUUUUU...

1. Mega Man ZX Advent


I had HIGH hopes for Advent. It was connected to the Mega Man Zero series; I liked the Zero series, so I had to like this one right? Advent proved wrong on all fronts. Take the A-transformations for example. The Maverick boss transformation, which sounds cool on paper, turns out pointless in-game, since the boss forms are way too big and get easily, and they have no apparent use in the game whatsoever. Why transform into something so big and useless in battle when you can just slice-n-dice better with a normal suit? And WHY does the game force you to change back to your WEAKEST form every time you talk to somebody?!?! The levels are also dissapointing, since they're all way too short to make you feel any achievement - all you have to worry about is the idiot AI bosses at the end of the stages. The diffilculty is also out of wack; its either waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy (I'm not kidding) or so cheap as you take too much damage from a single hit in Hard mode. And the hideous cherry on top is undoubtably the AWFUL writing and voice acting. The voice acting is so same-y and so annoying its incredible, and add that to the terrible storyline of Ashe where he has to find his "Destiny" and you got yourself a reason to turn off the sound and hopefully play something else. This game's "Destiny" belongs in the trash.

SFS's song pick of the week:

Smells like Teen Spirit - Nirvana

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Bringing back my unfinsihed fanfic: SEGA All-Stars Smash!!

Remember way back when I first started a fanfic called "SEGA All-Stars smash!!"? If you don't remember here's a refresh. Its amazing I was so inactive back then: 3000 posts over a 1.5 year :P And look at the date! Its been exactly one year since I left it! :o *X files theme plays*

Anyway, I'm allowing feedback of characters you'd want in the fanfic. I will consider any SEGA character and/or locales.

So far, the list is as follows. If I remember correctly, the stanzas represent a character in which I still haven't decided the move set for.

1. Sonic
2. Tails
3. Knuckles
4. Dr. Eggman
5. Ryo(Shenmue)
6. Ristar
7. Nights
8. Metal Robot Sonic
9. Ulala
10. Shadow
11. Vectorman
12. Blaze the Cat
13. Gunstar hero (Red)*
14. Gunstar hero (Blue)*
15. Beat*
16. AiAi
17. Samba de Amigo*
18. Gilius*
19. Phantasy Star character*
20. Some other Phantasy Star character*
21. Alex Kidd*
22. Amy
23. ?
24. ?
25. ?

The ? represents secret characters, btw.

Feedback on move sets would be nice too.

~SuperfanficSonic is GOOOOO!!

My Top 5 favorite animated furry animals from pop culture.

Let's cut it to the chase: I don't have either one of the new Pokemon games, so to avoid any spoilers I will not be reading any blogs with Pokemon in its title. Sorry, but it really ruined my experience with Pearl when I read too many blogs about the game and expected it to be perfect - which it was not. and then there was heartgold/soulsilver, which I skipped because I was so sick of hearing the word "Pokemon" I nearly tore my hair out. I do not hate Pokemon its just the fans that bug me once and awhile. :P

So anyway, out of boredom I composed a list of my top 5 favorite furries from the known universe of pop culture.

5. Ryo-Ohki (Tenchi)


Though my life I've only seen a couple anime shows, let alone watched one from start to finish. I have no idea if I watched every single episode of Tenchi (I read and OWN the manga though if that counts), but I remember Ryo-Ohki quite fondly. Like at those ears! They're ginormous! and coolest of all Ryo-ohki can turn into a UFO! If only my cat could do that...

4. Pikachu (Pokemon)


Who doesn't like Pikachu? Its adorable, its squeeky, and its one of the best Pokemon you can catch at the beginning of the game. Pikachu didn't get me into the Pokemon craze (It was Charmander), but I still love the little mouse.

3. Simba (Lion King)


Okay, I'll come clean...I changed this from Kovu to Simba at the last sue me. :P But I always found Simba cuter/cooler looking anyway. I always loved the Lion King design of the animals with the desiguished ring around the eyes and unique color palate scheme. I liked the first Lion King better than the second actually. But that's just the Disney fanboy inside me that hates any original getting sequels, though LK2 wasn't bad at all.

2. Mickey Mouse (do you really need a reference?!)


I'm REALLY surprised how hard this list was to pull together considering that my mind was at a complete blank when I started it and I only thought up of Pokemon. Mickey Mouse came to my mind at the last second. That's odd since I have a small shrine of Mickey Mouse merchandise in my room. How could I forget Mickey?! Well, Pikachu aside this is my favorite mouse character of all time. He was also my favorite main Disney character in Kingdom Hearts. Oh how I used to love that series before it traveled on every blasted console in the known universe that I do not own...

1. Gatomon (Digimon)


Oh how I loved Digimon back in my childhood. Instead of cramming Pikachu and Team Rocket into our mouths like every single darn episode of Pokemon did, Digimon took a different route and actually added a plot line that made things interesting (a plot line for a kid's show?! gasp!). Names of Digimon have come and gone from my brain like air and I barely remember a lot of the show, but one Digimon I will always remember: Gatomon. I absolutely WANT one. I always felt sorry for Gatomon as she never really got the full attention she deserved. But that's why I loved this Digimon so much - I could relate with it. Heck, I even considered naming my cat Gatomon, but that didn't fair too well with everyone else of course. Favorite characters come and pass, but Gatomon is forever.

Which ironicly, that last sentence I wrote was actually an internet Pokemon quote saying, "Pikachu is forever" but whatever. :lol:

Characters that didn't make the cut and made me facepalm for not including them:





Seriously, I forgot SONIC?!?!?! O_o

~SuperheadeskingSonic is....head desking....

The Big 5 - 1000 iPads later...

Well its finally back - the big 5 blog. My Top 5 opinions, or two cents worth if you like to call it, about everything to games to...whatever. Because everything I find excited happens at once. -_-

5. Bambi rereleased on Blu-ray.


I shouldn't explain what this is to you, since you SHOULD know what this is if you weren't born yesterday. Yes its Bambi, and yes its rereleased on Blu-ray, got that memorized? I won't be buying it because 1. I am broke, and 2. I don't buy DVD's, or Blu-ray's. It wasn't my favorite favorite Disney movie ever, but its still fun to watch.

4. Super Mario 3DS revealed.


An argument has been going around over whether this game looks more like a SMB3 remake or Mario Galaxy. Oh stop this silly nonsense, its Super Mario Galaxy with a Tanooki suit! There. Problem solved.

*crosses fingers for Smash Bros. 3DS*

3. NGP getting AR cards


Sony fanboy: This looks amazing! The 3DS is going to lose!

Nintendo fanboy: No its not! Sony is just copying Nintendo! 3DS ftw! *gets 100 thumbs down*

Sony fanboy: You're just a whiny fanboy! The NGP will defeat the 3DS! *gets 200 thumbs up*

Nintendo fanboy: Sony has been copying Nintendo for years! This is stupid!

ALL RIGHT! You know what I think?

1. You're all whiny fanboys, so shut up.

2. Sony DOES imitate. The Move is a prime example.

3. If you're a Nintendo fanboy then what the heck are you doing in a NGP news thread, you troll?!?!

That's it, for my birthday I'm getting a troll killing arrow set...and TWEWY. Can't forget that.

2. Pokemon Black got a 7.5.


Why? Because: It's the same Pokemon formula you've seen before. Dang it, of course its the same formula as before its a freakin' sequel!!!! Its got triple battles, better wi-fi options (though I can care less about that), a brand new storyline thats not same-y, so how can it get a lower score than Pearl/Diamond, which were mixed bags of socks to begin with?! More than anything that statement really bugged me. What the heck were they expecting - a Pokemon FPS?! Speaking of which, I don't see them docking points to same-y FPSes for being same-y. And I don't see those games contributing something other than shooting another player on-line and listening to 5 year olds swear. It's because Pokemon isn't ugly grey isn't it?! :x

1. The iPad 2 is revealed - and everyone is angry????


Well Steve Jobs, our best friend, has revealed the new iPad 2 early this month. Shockingly, people are angry! "Oh no, they released a new glitchy Apple product which makes my older one outdated! Now I have to go buy this new one!" Okay, let me get this straight: you're mad over something that you knew was going to happen? I can't believe this. We're in a growing inflation yet people will still go out and pay $400 for a product that's not at all vastly different than their last eletronic and then complain a month later when its outdated for the f***in' 8th time. Are you that dumb?!?!?!

I am SICK of going through the internet and reading "There won't be an iphone 5." or "There will not be a 3DS lite. Nintendo has no plans for one." This is the PORTABLE MARKET, there WILL be a 3DS iteration, and there will always be a new iPhone, because people will keep buying them. Technology is not at maximum capacity - they'll just keep chugging along with something new as long as we keep buying the same old crap over and over.

But there is a way to stop this: If you don't need an upgrade to your handheld - DON'T. BUY. IT! Oh and btw, that iPhone 5 you said they won't be making, well they're going to reveal it this coming April. And during the show they will announce a new Mac computer, a minute later the iPad 3 will be revealed, a new Mac laptop, a iPhone 6 10 seconds later, a new Mac computer, and a iPad 4 will be revealed at the end of the show while Steve Jobs laughs at you.

The Sonic thanks you for reading.

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A made a Web Comic.

Well I finally decided it was about time to make a Web comic, and this week that dream came true. Its called

The first comic was a monster to draw - I couldn't even post it here, so I really hope you guys read it.

Also, here's a little sneak peek of what to expect of the site:

10 super points for anyone that realizes the pc this guy is using has a Animal Crossing logo on it.:P

The website is in its fetul stage right now, but I hope it gets a lot of fans. Please check it out! :D

Oh, and the Links section is empty at the moment, so if you know of any other web comics please send me a link so I can link it in the site. ;)

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My laptop got the red light of death.


But it still works, it just won't charge. The only way I can make it charge correctly (A.K.A. make the light turn orange) I have to pull and hold the cord under the computer while its pressed under my leg...if that makes sense. Sure its an old hand-me-down laptop from like 1998-2000 and two people used it before me, but it has Photoshop, iTunes, Movie clip maker, and several video converters on it so I really don't want to transfer all that stuff unto the home computer, which I'm on only about an hour a day. And since the laptop (which is a Windows XP, btw) is a eletricity guzzler

And to make matters worse: My expensive high quality COBY headphones I got for Christmas a shot! :x It just happened out of the blue too, which makes me mad. And guess what? The only way they work is for me to pull and hold the cord! Great Barnacles, I don't have four hands to hold cords while juggling iTunes and Photoshop!! :x

So that's my ramble for the week.


Just read the Iwata confernce. You know, as much as I like Nintendo conferences they're always so darn vague. "A new Mario game is coming to the 3DS!" Really?! What does it look like?! "Wait until E3!" Then we have "Past games are getting 3D make-overs!" Which ones?! "Wait until E3!" Seriously, why do they even have conferences if they're just going to reveal everything at E3 anyway? Its just dumb teasers, like how Square Enix will tease you with Kingdom Hearts clips for 5 years until the game actually does come out. Lame.

Gaming Update: I'm playing FFX-2 and I'm loving it, so HA HA to you anti-fans! I'm only at 13% since my brother has been hogging the TV playing Mario Galaxy for the second time, but what I did play of FFX-2 was AWESOME! The part where you visited Wakka and Lulu didn't make much sense though - apparently this Lulu lady is pregnant, but she doesn't even look fat at all. :| Proof that Square Enix designers have no girlfriends. :P

Anyway, the game's fun and surprisingly challenging, so I doubt I would be hating it at any time. Speaking of which, I just changed my avy to Yuna, so expect that shortly. :P

Ding-Dong! The wicked GameSpot glitch is dead! :D

But now it takes you back to the first page of the thread! :x

All well...

SFS's song pick of the week:

Disturbia - Rihanna

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5 Ways the Final Fantasy series could evolve.

Tetsuya Normura, producer of Dissidia 012, made a surprising statement this weekend after being asked what Square Enix will do next with the Final Fantasy: Dissidia series: "There is no next. We're thinking about ending this pattern of Dissidia here." he went on to also say, "For the Dissidia series, there is the possibility of it appearing in another form. However, we feel that we've done all we can with the battle base. We had the staff work for years on one-on-one battles, so I'd like them to do another genre." As a big Dissidia fan I was really disappointed that they'll end the series here, but I'm also agreeing with Nomura in that game series do become stale after time if they're over milked too fast and too much. (You reading this Activision?)

But now begs the question of how the series will evolve from here. SE is trying new things with the series and I believe what ever they have in-store will be somewhere along the lines of a new genre as Normura stated.

But whether new genre or no new genre the series will have to evolve some how. What direction will SE go next? I have five predictions in order from least to most probable:

5. Final Fantasy/Square Enix vs. Capcom

lightning vs.Zero

You know you want to play this.

Granted, Normura did say that SE will be experimenting with other genres beside one-on-one fighters, but instead of an nontraditional fighter I'd like to see them try a traditional fighter out for size - especially with Capcom. Just think: Mega Man vs. Squall! Or better yet, instead of just FF they could include the entire Square Enix cast from Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts, and Parasite Eve. If nothing else I think its about time Cloud Strife appeared in a Soul Calibur game.

4. Another Crystal Chronicles: (Add redundant subtitle.)


Quickly scary children, the world needs your help again!

The spin-off Crystal Chronicles series has received both bad and good reviews; on one side gamers enjoy the charm of the mini series, though on the other side critics have hated its battle system and infuriating plat forming segments. Though I never got around to playing one I do agree that SE made way too many. Final Fantasy has always been about crystals, of course, but I want to see them do more with the series than just button mashers.

3. Remakes.


It's been a long time since we've taken down Shinra.

I can hear you groan. Yeah I know you've played every FF game in the known universe, but I haven't. :P You can say that SE is rehashing the same games with updated graphics, but the truth is - well yeah, that is the truth. But who wouldn't want to play FFVII with HD graphics, and with added bonus side-quests? I'm crossing my fingers for a FFV remake myself. (Come on SE, I've waited long enough!)

2. Final Fantasy XV


What would the next FF game look like?

Ask any Final Fantasy fan today of what they feel about the series and you're most likely get an answer like: "The new games suck! All they are is on-line games and bad sequels with gay emo looking protagonists going though a clichéd, linear, and whiny storyline where it doesn't even feel like a real FF game. And you can't even level up!" If I had a dime for every time I heard the phrase "It doesn't fell like a real FF game" I'd be able to buy a 3DS next month and every single launch game available on the system. Yes, I agree that the FF series has had its bumps and bruises, but you can't deny how well SE handled the PS2 games, so there's still hope for another true FF down the road. Now quit complaining, because you owe me $10,000.

1. Chocobo Kart Racer.


Take out the gambling, add in more FF characters, and you have yourself a game.

When Tetsuya said SE would be experimenting with different genres, one genre came to my mind instantly: Kart racer. Mario Kart clones aren't always something to be excited about, but after SEGA and Sonic All-Stars came to the scene, it proved that clones can just be as good as the originals, if not better. A FF Kart racer could excel the same experience. Just think of racing down the track, an inspired FF game locale like the Tower of Babil and Shinra, riding a various colored Chocabo while casting magic spells and flinging your giant sword at other racers. Item capsules could vary from Fire, Thunder, Blizzard magic to potions, shuriken, and other FF weapons and items. And who doesn't want to see Sephiroth riding a Chocobo? I thought so.

Whatever Square Enix does next with the Final Fantasy series we'll can only wait and see. Will they continue the main series/spin-offs, or try something completely new? I'm hoping for the latter - and hoping it will be good.


Mr. Ed was not a mister...nor was it a horse.

Behold! You have seen the awesome face, you've seen the troll face, now get ready for the new internet sensation: The wtf face!


Full size:

Be sure to link this as a bookmark and use it in forums everywhere! 8)


So anyway, you might already know that many famous animal stars like Lassie, Benji, and Rin Tin Tin were all played by female animals - I knew that, but I didn't know that the horse Mr. Ed was a she! TV Land lied to me! :x So I looked it up on-line and not only did I find out that it was true....but I also found out that...


Mr. Ed was a Zebra!!!!!!!!!

*faints, gets back up, faints again*

I really don't....what is this...I don't even... :|

So what other famous male animal stars that are not male that I don't know of?! Bambi?! Well...he does hang out with a emo skunk and a rabbit named "Thumper" so you know... :P


I heard an awesome quote on the fifth Doctor Who series last week:

Woman Doctor: We've landed.

Doctor: No we didn't.

Woman Doctor: What? Yes we did!

Doctor: No, It didn't make that RRRROOOO, FFFFRRROOO, sound.

Woman Doctor: The only reason it makes that sound is because you never lock the brakes!

Doctor: ...I like that sound.


Sorry if I confused you nonDoctor Who fans, but that was hilarious. :P

New sig! 8)


I have no idea how that blotchy spot in the middle came from - it just appeared. :| Still, pretty epic am I right? 8)


In other news I have played the Kinect at my local Best Buy, and I must say I'm surprised - it's worse than I thought! Man that thing is unreponsive. You fling your hand once and it takes 1.5 seconds to respond, which is terrible in video game standards if you want to respond quickly when something is shooting at you. And not only was it slow to respond but it was very inaccurate. Sure, it follwed my movement (slowly), but even if my aim was true in the pong ping padel game, the sensor would hit in a completely different different, thus missing the ball. It was so boring that I left it mid-game and went on to play the MvC3 demo, which was AWESOME.

So woe to you Kinect. I wouldn't pay $20 for it even if it were responsive.

Thanks for reading Bazinga-nauts!

~SuperdoctorSonic is GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

What's the deal with console exclusive sequels?

"Oh yay, there's a new Kingdom Hearts game coming out! …What is this?! Its for the 3DS?! Oh pooh, I was very looking forward to this, but now I have to buy yet another system to play it on. What a pity I say!" *sips tea*

There is nothing more annoying than having to buy a whole new system in order to play a sequel in a video game series. Instead of releasing the sequel on the same console as the prior game was released on, some companies would rather opt to the annoying route and release the sequel on a console you may or may not have. It's stupid and there is no point in it other than to fill the first parties' pockets. Oh look, I have to buy console B now in order to play game X2 when game X1 was on console A - does that even make sense?

Let's take a look at why exclusive sequels is a bad idea. First of all, let's use Blue Dragon on the Xbox 360 as a model; reviews of the game vary but there are still plenty of fans of this series. Now the reviews of Blue Dragon Plus, the sequel of Blue Dragon, for the DS were very varied, because reviewers (in Nintendo site reviews I might add, not user reviews) had no idea about the plotline, since half of them never played the first game. Remember that word: plotline. Square Enix apparently assumed that if you own an Xbox 360 then you own a DS and vice-versa, and will be able to play the sequel with no trouble, since we're also all apparently rich gamers.

Because of exclusive sequels I have yet to play a Tales game, because almost every game in the series is on a different system. Granted, some of them aren't connected story-wise, but I know if I try one and like it I'm going to go all fandom fare crazy and want to TRY. THEM. ALL. After Tales 3DS was announced, I doubt I would want to be a die-hard fan of a series I can't keep up with.

Speaking of which…


Okay Square Enix, I've been a loyal fan to your Kingdom Hearts series. I've played practically every game in the franchise save for two fillers. I have the consoles, I bought the games with my hard earned allowance, and now you're telling me I have to buy another console worth $250 just to know what happens after KH2? Why do you dislike me so?

Now let's think back to that one word I mentioned: plotline. As with Blue Dragon Plus, Square Enix just assumes that gamers have played the other games in the series and will know what's going on plot-wise when they play 358/2 Days, RE:Coded, and Birth by Sleep. Casual gamers will buy the games just because Mickey/Donald and Goofy are on the cover, but they probably wouldn't even care about the storyline. Basically speaking: Square Enix is just releasing Kingdom Hearts games on every single console in the universe just to make an extra dollar. And look! Fan's 5th most wanted game on the NGP is Kingdom Hearts! Yay for fandom.

In conclusion, console exclusive sequels are ridiculous poppy-cock. Sequels should stay on the same console as their prior iterations were - period. Until the day where we only have to buy one console for all our games, we just have to dig a bit deeper into our wallet.


I bought FFX-2 because I'm weird.

To make a long story short: I went to GameStop in the mall on Saturday, thought of getting Rachet and Clank for $6, but ultimately decided to buy FFX-2....yes, FFX-2. They had FFX, but that was $15 and I had only $13...stupid wallet. The game I really wanted to buy was TWEWY, but that was $20, so I randomly picked up FFX-2 and bought that. I think I made a good decision though, because its really a cool game. Its like a cross between Chrono Trigger and Kingdom Hearts, pretty sweet. Though I was bummed after I bought it because I saw Princess Debut for the DS on the shelf right before I left the store. I've been holding out on that game for sooooo long!!! :cry: Er...not that I would buy- :|

OH, and when I was at Gamestop they had Elite Beat Agents for...$3.99!!!!!! Please, I beg you: go to your nearest used game store and buy this game! If it gets a good fan out put then Nintendo will have to make a sequel! Spare your 4 stinkin' dollars and maybe I'll actually listen to you and get TWEWY for my birthday. Fair? Square? Now stop plaguing me about getting TWEWY every month!

And now to end this blog with a bit of news: Behold! The new Sports Illustrated girl!


Who didn't see this coming?

~SuperweirdSonic is GOOOOO!!!!!!