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Nintendo's Project Butterfly - One system for life.

If you haven't read/heard it yet, here's the complete quotation from NGamer magazine that posted on their website today:

"At GDC, we heard reference to Nintendo's "Project Butterfly", the intended succesor to the Wii. No specs were given, though the hardware is designed to be physically upgraded over time. As it was explained to us, by plugging in new parts it 'becomes' a new machine. It will be marketed as the antidote to Apple's yearly redesigns. One machine, for life." -Ngamer, issue 61, page 7.

The authenticity of this quote remains the question, but if its true you can be sure that this is the future of gaming we're looking at right now. Just imagine: a system for life. No more must we buy expensive consoles in order to play new gen games; instead, we buy "parts" to connect to our systems to make them updated. As a gamer who's always last gen behind, being able to buy new upgradable parts that would be extremely cheaper than buying a whole new console would be a dream to me.

But wait a minute...this sounds vaguely familiar doesn't it? Where have I seen this- oh yeah...

sega lock-on

Oh yes, the SEGA lock-on technology. The wonderful days of connecting two systems together, temporarily upgrading it to a new "system" only to learn that you have to buy another upgrade a few years later. It was dorky, it wasn't all that popular, and it ended up costing SEGA more money than they gained from it. Probably the reason why they didn't even bother upgrading the Dreamcast when the PS2 loomed over its shoulder with a built-in DVD player and said "Hello, I'm going to kick your butt".

But could Nintendo pull this off the right way? The technology is there, but its limited. Even if they upgraded the system every 5 years it would still look HUGE with "parts" on every inch of the system by the year 2040. And internally the graphics engine would have to be replaced every 5 years anyway, which means if you don't like to look at outdated last gen graphics for years to come then you'd have to buy a whole new system - not an add-on. If they gradually updated the graphics little by little per "part" then maybe it could work, but it wouldn't be too extremely noticable and you'd end up with a console that keeps getting bigger and bigger until it becomes that poor soul up there.

But skepticism aside, I think Nintendo could pull it off. They're still the pioneers in innovation, so I wouldn't doubt seeing something like this revealed at this year's E3. With that said, I'm ecstatic for this year's E3.


Sega = wtf

If you have been following the new Sonic 20th anniversary game for some time now then you've probably already watched this video:

Modern Sonic and Pot Belly 90's Sonic TOGETHER?!!?!?! Blasphemy!

Though I was hyped. Its going to be a collection of stages between the original Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Advneture 2 - in HD! Wait a minute... Yep, HD. You know what that means?

Its not coming to the Wii.


Of all times to not multi release a Sonic game and they choose to do it now...smooth move, SEGA. Yeah...because Sonic Unleashed/06 sold so well on the PS3/Xbox 360 for having HD graphics....right. You know I'm sick of third party exclusives. They make no sense. Wouldn't it be smarter to release them on EVERY system? Okay, some exclusives are alright, but why release a game on all systems except ONE?

Its not like exclusives are pernament anyway. I mean look at all the once exclusive third party games that have been ported to other systems:

No More Heroes- once Wii exclusive, now ported to PS3.

No Moire Heroes 2 - once Wii exclusive, now ported to Xbox360

De Blob 2 - once Wii exclusive, multi console game now.

Shattered Memories - once Wii exclusive, ported to PSP (WTF?!).

China Town Wars - DS exclusive, ported to PSP.

Okami - ported to Wii.

And the list goes on and on and SEGA is bluffing for not releasing this on the Wii just for the sake of graphics looking good. Because you know, that expensive HD Sonic Engine they made for Sonic Unleashed did a lot of good to the PS3/Xbox 360 ports of the game....right.

"But no!", you say "Wii got Sonic Colors! It seems fair that they get Sonic Generations!"


O RLY? *remembers all the PS3/360 games not being released on the Wii*

For once I would like to be hyped over a game that I can actually get on a system I own without having to wait years for another system to get cheaper just to get that one freakin' game I've been wanting forever. *glares at the Kingdom Hearts sequels*

Oh, and not to mention the SEGA game that Wii gamers getting this year: another f***in' Mario and Sonic mini-game compilation. Because that's why we waited 15 years for a crossover!

Oh well, guess this gives me another excuse to buy Sonic Colors when it gets cheaper.

Guess I'll just sit back, and laugh my head off when Sonic Generations does poorly in sales.


200 blogs later...

Yep, 2 and a half years ago I started one of the hip crazes of the internet: SuperfastSonic's blog. 200 blogs of Ask a Ninja knock-offs, humor blogs, shunned editorials, pregnant yu-gi-oh! cards (10 Sonic points for anyone that remembers that), rants, Top 5's, and plenty of grumbling. Yep, it was simply unpredicable and in the end its right, I hope you had the time of your life.

And to think it all started out of nothing. Back then I only had a few friends: GuitarAmp46, whom I haven't seen since; benleslie5, PrincessMorte, and bloodog6. 200 blogs later...I'm a superstar! Well not really, I'm just a nerd that uses his parent's computer to talk to more nerds...but still. Going from 0 to 1 comments to an average 20-30 comments is pretty good. And I owe it to all the members that have read my blog regurally/just read it to poke fun of my typos/forced themselves to read it once only to be nice. I don't know what to say. First I'm a lonely old hermit crab who pinches everyone, and the next thing I know I'm a happy hermit crab that still pinches everyone...wait, that sounds wrong...

Er, well I was going to compile a list of my favorite friends on gamepot, but well I really don't have time for that and I know if I leave out one person...heaven forbid my existence! :roll: I don't see them adding me to their favoirtes list but they apparently they think I should. -_-

So I'll do this the easy way, since I think picking favorites is unfair and degrades people that are not on the list and no human is better than the rest. *shoots Aidan before he can add his two cents worth about how great he is*

So here it is: my favorite gamespot member issssssss.....

1. (enter username here)

There, now you cannot sue me, flame me, spam me, e-kill me, and call me names BECAUSE YOU CAN'T DO IT. You've all been friends to me, helped me out of depression, and gave me a broader picture of opinions. I'm not leaving no how, so I hope you'll enjoy my future blogs to come.


The Big 5 - Ribbit! Mew! Pffft!

See what I did there? I made random animal sounds just so you'd think WTF and come down to my blog to investigate, only to find out that it has a logical explanation behind it...well, it doesn't. Do you think I'd be wasting my time writing a blog about frogs? Riiiiiight.

Any who, since you're all still here you'll notice (or will yet to notice) that I have yet again changed my avy. It is now Amaterasu. Which is the wolf god from Okami. "Oh! This means you've played the game!" you ask....NO. I just thought he looked cool. That is all. Like the time I changed my avy to Neku from TWEY and that blob from Locoroco - I never played either, I just thought it would be cool to have them as avatars. I find it funny that everytime I change my avy, every fanboy with a similar avaars tracks me...DAILY. I kinda feel like an undeserving fan for I only changed my avy to something in a game I don't even own, but eh, I get over it.

I am at a struggle right now to decide which game I want, because I can only get $20 max in the next months ahead so I can only buy one used game, or two if I'm lucky. So I can only get Pokemon Black, or Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, TWEWY, Sonic Colors, or Okami this year for my birthday, so as you can imagine I'm planing ahead and thinking everyday of what game I should get - and its not going well of course.


...You do???? :o


I kid. Here's the my Top 5 of the week.

5. Twitter turns 5 years old - the same amount of years that you've just wasted. Congratulations!


Well all those Twits, er I mean Twitters out there have something new to talk about - Twitter turned 5 years old last week. Do we really care? Not really. No, that was a lie - we do care...that's why I dislike the site. Course, serial killer wannabe's LOVE IT. You can pretty much stalk people based on their Tweets - its that pathetic. So happy 5th birthday, you worst 10 seconds of my life!

4. Pet Profile - Luigi and Hedwig.


Types: Normal/Flying, Ice/Flying.

Abilty: Chatter.

Age: 4 to 2 years.

Likes: To eat plants that get their leaves stuck between the cage bars without us noticing.

Dislikes: The inability to detach the little bells on the swing...I swear, Hedwig attempts that 24/7. :roll:

3. Avatar 2 in the making. Slated for Winter 2012 release. I am skeptical.


Yep, the 2009 blockbuster hit is getting a sequel. Not only that, James Cameron announced that its going to be a trilogy! The last film will be released in late 2014. Though it was the biggest box office hit EVER and one of my favorite movies, I can't see how they can make this into a trilogy let alone a sequel. In the last movie all the rival tribes died while in battle and all the humans went back to earth - how can they make a new plot out of thin air? I really liked Avatar, but I wished it just had ended with 1. Yeah, yeah, shake your fist at me all you want fanboys, but don't cry to me when Avatar 2's plot line is bad. (The first movie was pretty much a Fern Gully knock-off to begin with.)

2. My web pic pick of the week.


WeeGee can stare into your puppies! Kinda...

1. Ribbit.


Speaking o staring into your's your "Ribbit".

SFS's song pick of the week:

Puttin' on the Ritz - Irving Berlin


Why Graphics Analysis/Comparsion is Absolutely Pointless

If you been to any gaming forum site around the web this past week, then you probably already know about all the complaints about the 3DS system. From the obviously moronic headache complaints that are easily fixed by turning the 3D slider to OFF, to the common "It doesn't have good launch titles!" complaints, you've probably heard it all…until you get to the most recent, the most absolutely moronic complaint that you'll ever read on the internet: "3DS doesn't have PS3-like graphics!" Yes, people are comparing the 3DS with a Playstation 3. Even this CNN journalist review of the 3DS quotes: "Don't expect PS3-like graphics…"

The journalist even goes on to compare the 3DS with an iphone saying how the 3DS is a bad deal because it costs more than an iphone, and if you turn everything on at full force (the back light to full, the 3D to max level, the sound cranked to full volume) then you'll only get 3 hours of play max. Um…duh? (Oh, and last time I checked the iphone doesn't have PS3 quality graphics, so your statement about the 3DS not having console graphics is like complaining that air is invisible.)

Why are people comparing a home console and a phone with a portable system? How are they remotely the same that we can say that one is better than the other? Is it because we've simply became so attached to pixel perfect graphics that we'd bomb a portable system for having one less of a pixel? Or is it because, oh dare I say it, that you believe that the NGP will be the superior system simply because it has comparable graphics to a home console and you believe it to be PS3 quality? I'm here to break your heart: it won't. Read this and weep:

"Some people in the press have said 'Wow, this thing could be as powerful as a PS3.', well, it's not going to run at 2 GHz because the battery would last five minutes... and it would probably set fire to your pants." - David Coombes

This is what we've become. We're HD Nazi extremists that are willing to set our pants on fire for the sake of games looking good. The "It's a new age of games, baby!" attitude results in biased gamers that play only Call of Duty games, are cartoonishly racist 6-year olds that scream (and sing) offensive comments at others on-line, and bash the Wii for having "baby" games. Look at how many haters Skyward Swords is getting just because it's cel shaded graphics apparently make it look like a casual game - and no one has even played it yet. Heaven forbid a game that has more than two colors! It must be the devil's doing!


It's hideous!

We're not looking at the bigger picture here. Let's stop and think for a moment: have you ever played a game and thought, "The bad graphics makes this game's gameplay feel boring!"? The correct answer is: NO. Graphics add nothing to the gameplay. They don't make it worse, and they don't make it better. They are only there to make the game look good. THAT'S IT. It's not the end of the world of gaming as we know it, so get over it.

I don't know how much more I can stand reading Wii reviews that regularly comment on the game's looks. Like the Mario Kart Wii reviews for instance by Gamepro, that say things like "The game is fun, but the graphics aren't memorable." So Wii games aren't HD perfect - so what? I don't have to be reminded every damn time I want to read a user review. Then on the opposite spectrum you have the Final Fantasy XIV On-Line reviews saying things like, "This game is awful, but the graphics are AMAZING!" Who cares about the graphics if the game is bad? And if the gameplay is good, then why does the graphics even matter?

The main factor why graphics analysis is absolutely pointless is the simple fact that graphics are always improving. Oogle and aw at Final Fantasy XIV On-line all you want, because down the road we'll be looking at it like we're looking at Final Fantasy VII now - what was once breath taking graphics is now Lego Land with giant pixilated swords. All your review comments on Final Fantasy XIV On-line's pretty graphics will be invalid 4 to 5 years from now as SHD (Super High Definition) or UHD (Ultra High Definition) makes its move, and HD will be considered so last Gen. Why is graphics even a factor of judging games anyway? It's not like all the Dreamcast reviews revolved around just idoling the great graphics the system produced at the time.


OMG, you can see all his facial features and everything!

No matter how you look at it, graphics in the long run contributes NOTHING to the overall game experience. You'll admire it at first, but then you'll be too busy saving the world from an alien race or zombies to care about what the game looks like. Think addiction: what makes you keep coming back to the game? Its certainly not the pretty graphics. You don't play a game just because it looks good, you play it because its entertaining.

Oh, but gamers would disagree - "Games have to be realistic, not cartoony and gay Those stuff are for babies!" My answer: I dare you to complete Yoshi's Island to 100%. I DARE YOU.

Graphics that mimic realism are pointless anyway, as they defeat the purpose of why we play video games in the first place: to escape reality.



But what does this mean for Nintendo consoles? Anything that is below average in graphics quality is considered trash, so yes, the Nintendo Wii, DS, and now the 3DS have their fair share of pointless criticism. Oh how I miss the good ol' days when every system had comparable graphics, and the only thing we'd have to worry about is what system to buy: a SNES with Mario, or a Genesis with a blue hedgehog. Now we have to hear how every Nintendo system that comes out is bad. The Gamecube was for gamers who apparently didn't know any better, the DS was inferior to the PSP (and look who became something), the Wii is for babies, and the 3DS is inferior to everything regardless of innovating the portable gaming world as we know it… all because its graphics aren't f***ing pixel perfect.

It all leads back to the pointless criticism and the pointless rants over a game's looks, and don't expect it to end with the Wii HD, Wii 2, or whatever it will be called - the Xbox 720 and PS4 will have their pretty SHD graphics and the whole pointless fiasco of "what system looks better" will start all over again. Still want an HD Wii? Then here you go, but don't say I didn't warn you…


Ewww, you can see all his facial features and everything...

I don't oppose great graphics, I just think of them as the cherry on top; it's there, it looks appealing, but in comparison to the rest of the pie, its gone in an instant. Sure it was a good cherry, but you'll remember the pie for years to come.


Won't be on GS that much any more...

First, I would like to say that I felt I have written a very disappointing blog yesterday. I felt that I was unfairly bashing mainstream gaming and writting upon my own opinions and not on fact. The blog wasn't a great editorial and I felt stupid writing it. I was a bit depressed that day and I took it out on Ubi-Soft. I might not like their games, but others do, so I apologize to the fans. It was just yet another attempt at getting the soapbox emblem, and I should've put my information together better and not run around and blame compaines and gamers. I guess I was just angry that gamers would buy the same thing over and over, and overlook games like Elite Beat Agents and Drill Dozer - two of my favorite games ever that probably won't get a sequel - and wrote a blog out of anger. Editorials take too much out of my time, so if I ever do write any more they will be much shorter - and more to the point.

Since I've already started yakking, I'll come to the reason why I wrote this blog: I won't be on GS that much any more...I feel that Its time to move on. I'm not leaving for good, no, I'm just going through a sad mental stage where nothing makes sense. I guess receiving no comments on DeviantArt, being shunned by family members on FaceBook, and being called a retard on Destructoid a couple years ago just because you were new to the internet comes back to bite you after awhile... Though I am NOT blaming any of you. I've met a lot of nice people on GS; the people who respect my opinions and acknowledge me, those fellow gamers that correct me without getting all raged and call me names. Those that did...I finally realized they were just joking, but back then I was extremely offended. After being called "fat boy" all the time in real life, I guess I just thought that no one liked me. So I apologize for trolling and starting meaningless fights, that is NOT the kind of person I am. I was just new to the internet, I was obnoxious, and I just trolled to protect myself - from something silly as that. :(

I've been hiding these feelings forever...but now I can finally get it off my chest. I am not letting those trolls at bring me down - those jerks that made me think of killing myself. It was terrible, but its over with. I am no more taking insults: I'll just walk away and say nothing. Haters gonna' hate.

Probably my greatest sin was envy...I was jealous constantly. I'm jealous that some of you have friends because I have none, and I am jealous that some of you can walk into a store and get a game when it first comes out - when I have to wait months to get it. That was absolute foolishness. I should be happy for what I have. I have so much to live for and some game that comes out and makes me jealous? I was a fool...but I guess we can't all be saints. Please don't think of this blog as a ticket to get attention - I am merely writing it because I've been holding these feelings for far too long.

In conclusion, I do not ask for symphony - only words of advice to keep me going. For all those at the unions that I know - if I ever offended you, I am terribly sorry. I am going to change. If I feel better I might come back on GS more often, but right now though, I have to think about it. I was thinking of leaving GS for good...but that would be very immature of me.

For those that are waiting for the second part to the SASS fanfic I will post it when I have time. But right now, I haven;t written the whole thing.

I thank you for reading this blog. God Bless.


Mainstream gaming is killing originals.

I used to enjoy reading the latest gaming news. I would sit 8 inches from the computer screen every day, check the live stream, and become overly excited with everyone else when a new game is announced or screenshots from a whole new game are released. Its that "wow factor" that always keeps me coming back. But now, things are changing. The gaming world is changing. And it seems I am not as overly hyped over the news threads as I was before, and my "wow factor" is always on low. Why? Because every game looks the same.


Dance Central: wasn't the first rhythm game, won't be the last.

All I see are copycats, knock-offs, and the "Me-Too" shovelware that plague every system available. The Wii is overflowing with casual party games, the DS is plagued by Ubi-Soft Nintendog knock-offs, and the Xbox 360 has so many FPSes it would make you vomit. I can see why developers want to copy good ideas, but instead of improving upon the original they would rather copy it as is, slap a price tag on it, and call it original. By greed, third party developers are literally overmilking the cow by chugging out the same game over and over and over again until the cow dies, then they lay off the development team, come up with another generic idea, and then murder the next cow until gamers get sick of it yet again. What we end up with is not only "Me-Too" games, but "Me-three", "Me-four", and soon every third party developer is at a war in who's generic game is better. Instead of getting games that could've been decent we get instead the same old shovelware that would be lost in the gaming black hole by a week. Just look at all the Guitar Hero, DDR, Fitness, Wii Sports, Pokemon, and Let's Dance look-a-likes that line store shelves.

And the cattle mutilation is just beginning. As if Ubi-soft is completely oblivious to the Guitar Hero/Rock Band fiasco, they boldly announced RockSmith earlier this month, which is basically their answer for the dead genre. Knowing that Ubi-Soft literally ruined every good genre in existence I can planly say that this will fail. The ability to play a real guitar is pointless, since no one wants to go through a overly long tutorial just to play a video game.


Soon, even real guitars will become boring.

Saturation of genres isn't all that bad. It gives options to the gamer, so he/she has a good amount of games to pick from. The Neogeo was heaven for the fighting genre fan, as the Xbox 360 is to FPS fans. But now, a major comparison can be made from those timelines: games are now becoming more linear and shorter. Third party developers are more concerned about quantity than anything, so quality is practically thrown into the trash, and mainstream games keep getting worse and worse. And since gamers are getting more mainstream every year, original titles will be a dying breed as developers wouldn't even bother with a new game that wouldn't sell.

But let's face it: do we really need two to three Pokemon games, fifteen FPS's and rhythm games, and countless numbers of party games a year? The Kinect is especially disappointing, because instead of utilizing the technology for more original and different games, Microsoft forced Rare into making Wii Sports knock-offs that we've already seen countless of times.

The Playstation Move at least tried to be original, but changing Heroes on the Move to a casual mini-game compilation at the last second was a lame move (no pun intended) on thier part. Ubi-soft did a similar move to the overhyped Rayman Raving Rabbids when it was shown in previews to be an adventure game only to be revealed as a mini-game compilation when gamer's actually played it firsthand. It was too late. Ubi-soft recognized the sucess of the title and soon began cranking out sequels - as with other similar bad mini-game compilations.


The awesome adventure game that you've never played.

So what have we learned?

A. Its all Ubi-Soft's fault.

B. Its all Activision's fault.

C. Its our fault.

D. None of the above.

No matter what you pick the truth will always be the same: variety is dying. Gaming fads are killing originals, because no one wants to play them and developers don't want to improve from them. Developers will continually overkill a genre until its not fun any more and will continually do it over and over until an original title comes out and saves the gaming world yet again, as Mario did when the infamous E.T. video game literally deleted all hope for future games.

In conclusion: Developer's shouldn't copy games, they should improve games.

Right now - "wow" isn't in my vocabulary.


What happened to Player's Choice?

It's a fact: video games will always get cheaper. They may be $40-$60 at release, but they always get cheaper eventually. And they should. It's a tough economy, people are losing jobs, and let's face it: we're not all made out of money. No, cheap gamer is not a dirty word - in fact, in my vocabulary, I consider it as "smart gamer" - we may be late on the new game fads, but waiting for a game to get cheaper is always worth the wait. And now games are getting cheaper faster than ever. For example, I can get a new PSP title that only came out a few months ago for only $20 - that's new, not used. And that's just a portable title; PS3 and Xbox 360 games are getting into the lower priced range as well via Greatest Hits and Platinum Hits respectively.

If games on those systems are getting that cheap - then why can't I get a Nintendo game in that price range? Why are Wii and DS games still full priced? Some of these games have been out for over 5 years and have never had a price reduction. For example: DS games Super Mario 64 DS , Mario Kart DS, and New Super Mario Bros. are still $35; while Wii games New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, and Mario Kart Wii are still in the $50 price range! What the heck, Nintendo? What happened to Player's Choice?


The NEW president of Nintendo.

Why you should care: You can say that I'm overreacting and that you don't really care about costs, but I do, and so do all the other bargain hunter gamers. Make note that I'm not slamming Nintendo, I'm just simply fed up with the high prices. I've been very patient for price reductions for Nintendo games, but it just seems to never happen. Yes, I agree that it's the publisher's right to sell games at any price they want, and yes, I agree that they have full rights to decide whether to reduce or not to reduce the prices of their games at will - but it's been 5 years I waited for Player's Choice to make a comeback. FIVE. YEARS.

I always looked at Nintendo as a good way to stretch my dollar. I could always count on Player's Choice to offer great Gamecube and GBA games at a budget price - $20 each. Now I can't even get Mario Kart Wii under $50. What's the deal with that? Some can easily say that as long as the gamers buy the same game over and over Nintendo will continually sell that game at full retail price. But these games have already reached the minimum sale of over 1,000,000 units to become a Player's Choice title - years ago. The only people that haven't bought these games yet are the bargain hunters like me, so it seems unfair that they're still full priced.

And then there are the games that seem like a scam at full price: Wii Music is more of a toy than a game, so it should've been $30-$20 to start out with; Pokemon Pearl/Diamond version have been outdated since Pokemon Platinum version's release, which had more features than the two prior versions combined, so they should've got a price reduction right when Platinum was released; Mario Galaxy is $50 despite having a sequel and being released four years ago. Probably the biggest rip-off of all is the $50 Gamecube version of Twilight Princess. Yes, I said Gamecube, not Wii. Last gen greedy much?

In comparison, Wii and DS games seem more expensive in the long run. Metal Gear Solid 4 for the PS3 is in the $20-$10 retail price range, while Mass Effect 2, which came out just last year, is only $20 for the Xbox 360! Third party developers are also following Nintendo's money run by not reducing prices on the DS as well. Look how Ubi-Soft and EA over price their shovelware on the system. "Its just shovelware" you might say, but what does mean for the 3DS? Will we be paying full priced games on that system for years too, while Wii and DS games are still the same prices as they are now? This has got to stop somewhere.

Why Nintendo should care: Illegal downloads on R4 cards have sky rocketed. Pokemon Platinum was illegally downloaded 2,071,006 times, followed by Pokemon Diamond, which was illegally downloaded 1,862,899 times. Mario Part DS totaled 1,470,231 downloads; Mario Kart DS got 1,447,781 illegal downloads; Pokemon SoulSilver was downloaded 1,129,469 times...and the list goes on to total 19,347,668 illegal downloads worth 86 billion yen ($941 million) in damages. And mind you that this list was from June 2009 - who knows what the damage is now. "But is this Nintendo's fault?" you ask? Surely, the pirates are to blame, right? For one, don't call me Sirley. And two, yes Nintendo can't control a hacker's actions, so it's not their fault. Or is it? Are gamers simpley fed up with the full priced games and are simply hacking because they cannot afford the games? Some people hack just because they can, but there has be some hackers in that 19 million that wanted lower priced games and are not getting them - yes, the veteran bargain hunters.

And some how, some way, the R4 hackers have done it again. Here's the sad little update they posted on their website. Nintendo isn't out of the woods yet - expect illegal downloads to pursue onto the once-thought-to-be-hacker-proof 3DS as its released this month. I will not be getting one as the price is always the biggest factor for me.

In conclusion I bring back the fact that games always get cheaper sometime or another. I am not asking much, Nintendo - just please bring back the Player's Choice so I can actually enjoy all your games again.


Discuss your opinions on this matter.

The Big 5 - What...this isn't Spring!

Update: The SSAS Act 2 will take a little longer. I am currently researching SEGA characters and their moves closely to avoid mistakes. Some characters will have made up moves, so don't complain too much.


5. It's Spring!


No not that spring...this spring...

It snowed yesterday. :x ...and then it melted! :D Then it snowed again! :x Guess that's what you get for living in Wisconsin...expect a Summer blog from me complaining how freakin' hot it is outside.

4. Sneak peak of my next Web Comic entry...


And then she was all like like ah-ha! And then I said, 'sister, you don't know what you say!' But then she was all like like ew, Rodney is so nerdy! ...I'll shut up now.

(FYI - those are likelikes from the Legend of Zelda if you still don't get it)

3. Boy comes back from near-death experience and says he had seen heaven...Hoax?


Weeeeeeeee're off to see the Wizard! The wonderful wizard of Oz!

With so many stories of doom and gloom and disasters, it's great to finally have a brighter story appear on the news. If you haven't heard about this yet here's the scope: this kid (when he was 4 years old) a burst appendix that poisoned his system. Doctors said he would never make it. And as if it were a miracle the kid woke up from surgery, and told his parents that he had seen his GREAT grandparent and his unborn sister. The parents had NEVER told him about his sister's death, so they were absolutely shocked. The boy had written a book about his experience and was on almost every TV broadcast. Hoax? You could easily say yes, but how can you expalin that a person would know of such things if he had NEVER been told anything of the sort? Either way this is an amazing story.

2. Finally got back to playing Final Fantasy III and Tactics.


Took me FOREVER to get passed the roadblocks in both these games. In Tactics I got stuck in the Yo...the yo...the yo-something woods, and in FFIII I had to deal with that blasted Barney the Dinosuar fire fiend that attacked 2 times each turn and kept killing my Black Mage. :x Several Blizzaras in I finally beat the son of a pitch on the 5th try and nearly went nuts. "I beat him!!! I beat him!! Mha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!" :twisted: How was more evil: the dinosuar or me? I'm not sure myself.

1. Pokemon Everywhere!


This is a partial piece of the Nintendo ad in a European newspaper sponsering Pokemon Black/White, which contains photoshopped Pokemon around Tokyo. In pure coincidence the earthquake news and the Pokemon ad were shown TOGETHER at once. You end up with this...

To see the full thing, go here.

SFS's song pick of the week:

Don't Download this song - "Weird Al" Yankovic

In conclusion...


It's bleepin' Spring!!!!!! :x

~SuperspringSonic is GOOOOOOO!!!