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Guilty pleasure games

Happy New Year everyone! This month I would like to ask you a question. What guilty pleasure games do you play that you would never dare to share with friends. My 2 games would have to be Spyro shadow legacy and Chibi Robo park patrol. Go on,you can trust me(I have no friends anyway).

Hello I'm SuperfastSonic

Hello everyone! My name is SuperfastSonic. Sorry I didn't tell you guys sooner(I was VERY busy) but I'm finally introduceing myself. I have 3 things in my life that I absolutely love:video games,bicycleing,and cookies. My favorite games ever are:Wind Waker,Metroid Prime,Mega Man Zero 2,Mario Kart DS,and Elite Beat Agents! I will write reviews for some of these games when I have time. I will try to write my blog each month,but I'm not holding promises. Last of all,I will happilly proclaim that I love Kingdom Hearts and just can't wait for 358/2 days to come out! See you all next month!