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I have saved the Kit Kat bar from extinction...well, not that.

If you're thinking "WTF does that blog title mean??" rest assured that it has EVERYTHING to do with this blog post...I'll explain.

Okay, so today I went fishing with my dad down the local riverbed. (I'd rather not say anything about the fishing trip because I lost three hooks by getting tangled up in trees, and finally gave up...not very interesting) So anyway we park our car near the highway and what do I see. Two shivering, cold, hungry, lost, scared...kittens. :| Well we carried on our fishing fiasco (well, I didn't catch anything) and all I thought about were those kittens...though I flinged some mental F-bombs at some trees, but anyway...

We left the cats there....I knew I couldn't do anything to say otherwise because my dad HATED cats, and we already have three at home. The whole ride home I felt awful and didn't say a word, but when we got home I couldn't take it any more and had to tell my mom. I was 100% certain that if we didn't save those cats they would die. And they were in a area where no one could see them without walking out of their car, so who else could rescue them? And they were REALLY tiny. They couldn't have been two weeks old. So I waited and paced until my parents made up their mind of what they going to do, and they finally decided it was best to go and save them.

So long story short...

Meet Kit (left) and Kat (right)! :D

Just our temporary pets for now until they get older. We can't keep them since they're both girls, but at least I know they're in good hands and not on the street corner shivering. They were wet when I rescued them so I imagine someone threw them in the river. :x How can someone do this to helpless animals? If you don't want them give them away! Or at least release them out in the farm area where they have proper shelter, I mean this Wisconsin for crying out loud surely you can find a farm! :roll:

So Kit and Kat are doing well and I wish them more luck when we find them a good home. :)

And that Heartless person that left these animals to die can shove it!

SFS's song pick:

Go your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac


Wii U third party support: Don't be selfish.

Yesterday, EA hinted that they might be bringing Mass Effect to Nintendo's new home console the Wii U in some form of another. Other developers are also jumping the bandwagon, so maybe this time for sure we'll finally have a Nintendo system with games that everyone will truly like. Those who are Nintendo faithful, but don't have the money to buy every system out there to play these games on will certainly enjoy this news.

mass effect

Mass Effect Wii U?

But this has brought more anger than joy from the fellow GS community with comments like:

"I've already played these games before! Why should I buy them again?!"

"Mass Effect is for PS3 and Xbox360 only, not for baby consoles!!!!!!!!"

"I don't want this delayed any longer just so they can put it on a system I don't want!"

Why are we becoming so selfish? We act like we have the divine birth right to say which game a system belongs to and whether or not it deserves to move to a new platform. We only think about ourselves. We don't think of the gamers that didn't get to play these games (like me), because we're not all spoiled rotten and get every game we want by snapping our fingers. We're not all born with the name Richie Rich you know.

Why are we so stuck on the thought that if a third party game gets a reboot on another system that it's now considered tainted? Isn't it good that developers are trying to obtain a broader auidence of fans? It's a good cycle that makes everyone happy: Dev A decides to port Game X that used to be on console 1 and 2 to console 3. Game X gets more fans on console 3, and in return Dev A gets more money and feedback from fans to make an even better game next time around. Everyone wins. Who cares if Resident Evil 4 was ported to the PS2, Okami was ported to the Wii, or No More Heroes was portd to the PS3? If developers want to expand a franchise to make it better then more power to them.

We treat remakes the same way. Look how we bash the Final Fantasy remakes just because we played them before, or how we snear at reboots of Chrono Trigger and Rayman 2 that don't have enough "new" content. We're quick to forget that not everyone was born in 1985 and played every game in existence. Remakes are for those people that missed the c1assics and don't want to pay an arm and a leg for the originals that people sell on-line. If Nintendo wants to improve from the original OoT and make the Water Temple less of a hassle or make it so you don't have to continually open the menu screen to equip items then that's a good thing. And it's not like they're forgetting about you (look at what new games they've been releasing these past years), so stop acting like they just appease to the newer generation of gamers.

You think you're supporting your favorite console by saying the Wii U doesn't deserve quality titles, but in truth you're just ruining it for everyone else. This stuck up selfishness is why gamers missed out on so many good games because they're too busy saying "SEGA does what Nintendon't" and "Nintendoes what SEGA don't" to give a second look to the other side of the fence. But let me refresh your memory: we are NOT on Ninentdo's pay-roll, nor or we on Sony's pay-roll, and we're certainly not on Microsoft's pay-roll. This is not a competition but we act like we make the games.

Every system deserves it's share of third party support. It's only fair. You buy consoles for their first party titles any way: you buy a Microsoft system for Halo and Gears of Wars, you buy a Sony system for Little Big Planet and Uncharted, and you buy a Nintendo system for Mario and Metroid titles. And you can rest assured that these games won't be going multiplatform any time soon.


E3 impressions: Fanboy free edition

Welcome to the fanboy free edition of my E3 impressions. No one is safe. No freebies or pats on the back. EVERYONE IS GONG DOWN!

Microsoft. All I've seen from Microsoft this year was Kinect, some shooter, another shooter, a new shooter with Kinect interface, and more shooters. Seriously, without their FPS fanboys the Xbox360 wouldn't exist. don't you people get tird of this system? without the shooters you'd be stuck with games you can already get on other systems, Kinect shovelware, and take a chance at getting the RROD. And Sesame Street? REALLY? Stop hanging on a dead fad and humilating yourselves with expensive baby games that no one cares about unless you're 5 years old or a GS reviewer that was paid to make the Kinect look like it was the best thing since bottled water. this was the moment that Microsoft had to prove that their technology was the "best" but they failed. The Kinect will never evolve from on-rails junk, because it's impossible unless you want to jog to move in-game - and no one would like that.

Oh but wait, Microsoft has a secret weapon - Halo 4! They're practically forcing this sequel to be made, since from what I heard Halo 3 was the last in the "trilogy" and now they're making a whole new trilogy. It's like if Nintendo released only released Pokemon and Mario games on their systems over and over. Bungie won't be making Halo 4 and the game will feature Kinect interface, so if that's not putting salt into the fan's wounds I don't know what is. If Microsoft keeps this whole Kinect up again next year expect another disappointing conference.

Sony. I was very a fan of the Move from the start, neither was anyone else, so when I heard they showed that Sony showcased the accessary again this E3 I thought "Really, Sony????" Come on, motion controls are OVER. Move on. Stop milking out a failed product that one even uses. And they went on like they invented 3-D and it's the new thing in gaming. Deja Vu or what?

At least they showed games we'd actually want to play. Too bad I still don't own a PS3, because I always wanted to play the Uncharted games fully after playing that awesome demo of Uncharted 2 at Target one time. The announcement of Sly Cooper 4 was cool too. But what really surprised me was the Playstation Vita. I disliked the name (why couldn't they just called it the PSP2?) but from what I've seen it looks pretty impressive. I was utterly shocked to see the price tag being $250. I was joking around an internet forum that the system would be at least $400, so I nearly fell out of my chair of the announcement. If the battery life is longer than the 3DS, then Nintendo has some competition.

Nintendo. I am at a loss of words to say about Nintendo's conference. First they raddle on about Zelda Skyward Swords and OoT remake for who knows how long, and then go iunto vague description over everything. Then...they showed...the Wii U. I admit I was disappointed. After seeing all those terrible fan made Wii 2 crap that circled the internet daily, I thought the system would look A LOT better than what I've been seeing. The system itself looks a DVD player, and the pad is just looks uncomfortable. And after hearing so many vague comments from Nintendo in the earlier months of the year, I ended up scratching my head when Nintendo just raddled on vaguely -again- of what games are coming out. The only game they showed for the system was a Twilight Princess reboot with prettier graphics (a launch title?) and Four Swords was no where to be seen, though it will be coming to the 3DS strangely enough... But I have some faith in the new console and maybe I'll grow on the new desgin out look. And besides, there's a new Smash Bros. game coming out for it! -gasp- AND the 3DS?!?! A portable Smash Bros?!?! This is going to be interesting.

Other than that the Wii announcements were all the games we've seen before, but they're looking better every time I see them. Though no word on the new Pokemon Wii game, which was odd. The DS was absent, which really bummed me out, but seeing Luigi's Mansion 2 made the whole thing worthwhile. At least I have a lot of reasons to get a 3DS now. One thing that really bummed gamers out was the total absence of Pikmin, though today Nintendo paid the favor and said the game will be coming to the Wii's the whole buy-the-3DS-in-order-to-play-sequels-you've-been-waiting-for-years shabang all over again. At least the Wii U will get HD graphics so the trolls can finally shut the f*** up that Nintendo consoles look "baby-ish". You people make me sick. All the innovative ideas this console could do and you care about is the graphics and whether the system will get M-rated games. Ugh, and why are the Rabbids coming back? Ubi-Soft we are not amused by this stupid s*** any more.

So here are the test results:

Microsoft: D

Sony: B

Nintendo: B-

IMO Sony won, but no one dominated.

In conclusion...


This was definitely a weird E3.


Gimmicks do not make Video Games.

Whether you're an avid or part-time gamer, you can play a only game so many times before it becomes stale. Sooner or later you'll be putting doan that controller and wait for the next game in the series. But wait, you've played the last game so many times so would the sequel seem too same-y? That's when developers come up with a genius solution: gimmicks. Gimmicks are the "stuff" that maks you keep coming back for more. It doesn't necessarilly make a game good or bad, but it provides a reason to play a game over and over.


Oh, and breasts.

Look at any sequel today and you'll find various new gimmicks in play: the train in LoZ: Spirit Tracks, the sword in Sonic and the Black Knight, and FFXII's graphics engine are just a few gimmicks that do or don't appeal to the fanbase. But there's a problem with modern day gimmicks: developers think that's the only way to improve from a prior game, and gamers are just eating it up. Look how gamers expect out of every game that comes out these days: graphics. Sure, graphics play of making a game look good, but should that be our number one priority over gameplay? Are we so naive as to judge games solely on how they look? Gentlemen, we are partaking in the game industry's trick into covering up bad gameplay with pretty graphics whether you like it or not.

Now we come back to sequels, whcih has been a long rollercoaster debate around the gaming sites of what makes a sequel good. A longer game? A better battle system? More characters? Better story? Does the game need voice acting? Should they take out this one annoying mini-game from the first game? What makes a sequel a sequel?

The answer: put a 2 in front of it. Now it's a sequel. :P

But in all seriousness sequels are a way to continue from the first game. If you liked the original there's a 50/50 chance you'll like the sequel. A sequel doesn't need gimmicks to be a better experience - it just needs to be agood game. That is it.

Though critics would argue that a series going downhill needs to have gimmicks to stay alive. This reminds me of the new Spyro game announced...


This is not Spyro. This is the devil.

Since the time Insomniac had sold the rights to Spyro the poor dragon has gone through a rough period of bad games. In order to revive the popularity of the dragon dev's have been rebooting the franchise again and again in order to keep things fresh. The results are never as good as they were back when the dragon was king on the PS1. Now he's this lizard thing that growls and hisses. Just look at this gamplay trailer.

No matter how you look at it, they're making a mess with the Spyro games. I remember when Spyro was COOL. You know, when you had to go around and collect treasure and partake in FUN mini-games that didn't rely on trial n' error? Where the story was light hearted and you didn't have to deal with glitches and a bad storyline? THAT is the Spyro I remember. Activision can hire as many talented writers as they want but story and graphics don't make a good game: GAMEPLAY makes a good game. For RPG's I can deal with storyline and cut scenes, because they are the norm, but games like Spyro that were meant to be light hearted and fun - NO.

Look at the Sonic series; did the pretty Sonic engine they developed for Sonic 06 do them any good? Did the story make the game good? No, it was a glitchy game that set off a nuclear bomb of terrible Sonic games, and it took forever for the fans to adjust back to the good Sonic games. Once they brought back the old Sonic gamplay the games became good again. I have to hand it to them though, they ARE trying to make the games better and not become stale like so many other franchises do (Call of Duty) but they try too hard: you don't need fancy gimmicks, a serious storyline, and amazing graphics to make a fresh experience: you just need to EVOLVE from the past, not change it. Look at Final Fanasty. You can barely recognize one any more!

Has changes and gimmicks brought anything good to video games? You can argue that games NEED to change at some point, but you can't ruin nostalgic characters with these gimmick-y changes. Remember when Disney gave tinker Bell a voice? Remember when Michael Bay ruined Transformers with movies set around a dule storyline and unlikable new Transformers that swear? Remember when Cartton Network became Cartoon Network Live? You can't just mess with nostalgia like that and expect everyone to get used to it auotmatically. If the series was good to start out with then don't change it. If it's not broken don't try to fix it.

I am not a fanboy of anything and I don't agree with every idea that game companies produce - I just enjoy the video games that appeal to me. I don't go out and buy every Rock Band or Sonic game just because I liked the other games in the series, but I still and always will enjoy the characters those series brought us for better and for worst.

In conclusion, gimmicks are a way to make sequels appealing and play differntly, but if the series doesn't need them then don't even bother try tacking them on. Graphics, storyline, new controllers...they can never replace why I play video games in the first place - gameplay.


~R.I.P. PS1 Spyro. You'll be in this gamer's heart forever.

The Big 5 - The World Ends with Pooh.

I unglued my face from TWEWY in order to bring you this blog. It was hard to do...I cried once, but I finally managed to... :| *looks out into living room* NO!!! I must write a blog!! :x

This blog brought you by At-At's, Wisconsin's REAL cows!

5. Chrono Tigger...


Got to love obscure fanart.

4. and speaking of which...

winnie the pooh

I knew Disney was working on a new animation movie this year, but this took me for surprise. It's sort of a continuation of the original Winnie the Pooh movies. Glad that they're actually using the license for good and not for that "Playhouse Disney" crap with a scary looking girl that replaced Christopher Robin. (Seriously, play reruns of the original cartoons and stop putting salt in the wound with these NEW shows) Anyway, the movie will be released in theaters sometime this September - scary girl free.

3. Sonic Generations 3DS has...2-D stages...


Oh SEGA, with all the latest technology available at your finger tips you still feel obligued to make a 2-D sonic game on a protable system. Not that I don't like the sonic Rush games, but we already have three of them (counting sonic Colors DS), and besides that the 3DS is totally capable of a 3-D Sonic game. Heck, the system has 3D right in it's freaking name!!! Oh well, just as long as they don't make Retro Sonic do any gimmick-y attacks I'll buy it.

2. Now playing...can you guess?


BEST. RPG. I. Have. EVER. Played. It just keeps getting better the more I play! Joshua is my current ally, but I preferred Shiki more. Joshua SUCKS! :x Though he does have high defense points, so I can't complain. And as tradition would have it I am yet again SuperslowSonic - I thought Ryhme was a dude. :| I really really really really really REALLY thought he was a he, but it turned it he was a she. :| Ryhme doesn't even look remotely like any female!

I'm so Zetta slow! SuperzettaslowSonic!!! :x

1. Weird Al Marluxia.


I drew it in celebration of Weird al Yankovic's return to music after over 5 years! :D BlazikenTails64 thought it was creepy though... :P CD comes out June 21st, 9 days before my birthday!~

My top 5 favorite Weird al Yankovic songs:

5. Amish Paradise

4. E-Bay

3. Jerry Springer (parody of One Week)

2. White n' Nerdy

1. Like a surgeon



After WEEKS of waiting it turned out that $10 TWEWY was a fraud and we received no e-mail verification or anything from the website. Luckilly, we didn't give them our credit card number, so it wasn't a huge loss - though I didn't get the game. So I waited until Thursday, wen to a bunch of used game stores - NOTHING. It's like the game never existed. I told my parents that I DID see the game at GameStop in the mall for $20, but they told me to wait until after the weekend. Which really bummed me out, since I STILL haven't received my newest issue of NP yet either, couldn't play Final Fantasy X-2 because my brother was hogging the TV playing Lego Star Wars, and that I had to wait until next Thursday to get it. It turned out that my dad had to go somewhere today so I tagged along and we stopped at the mall. WELL I went in Gamestop's DS section, checked it twice (was going to find out who's naughty and nice...sorry), and it wasn't there. But low and behold it was behind a glass case, without it's game case, for $20. And...I bought it.

There's a bunch of other hola hoops I had to jump through to get the game, like a little light lie a game manager pulled when he said they had the game in stock and that I would get it in one busy day for $16.16...a day and a half went by, I went back in, and he acted like he didn't know what I was talkjing about! But I really don't care now. I apologize to any gamer living in Wisconsin that has yet to get this game - I'm pretty sure I have the last untouched copy in existence, because I looked EVERYWHERE. So sorry. :/


Oh, but how the wait was worth it. This game is one of the best RPG's I have ever played right next to X-2, KH2, Pokemon Firered, Chrono Trigger, FF VII, and Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. I can't believe I've been holding out on it for who knows how long. The customizing feature is AMAZING. The main reason why I play RPG's in the first place. The only thing I dislike so far is Neku's smartass attitude - I hate those kind of people - but I find the gameplay very challenging (I died four times since I last played it), the character design pretty interesting, and the RPG qualities top notch.

I was dumb for not including this into my DS collection years ago. Hopefully this game will wash away all my bad memories of the irritating FF games I've played lately...

SFS's song pick:

Janie's Got a Gun - Aerosmith

Ruuuuuuuuuun away!!!!!! RRRUUUUUUNNNN AWAY-Y-Y-Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The Expectancy of Realsim: Have we gone too far?

Graphics. The shiny outer covering of a game that make everything a treat to the eye. As gamers we're always raving about how games are looking so good nowadays and how technology got so far as to give us life like characters we can interact with in life like locales. But it's not the end of the world if a game has lackluster graphics, right? Well, to the gamers, IT IS the end of the world.

Before we jump right into the point I'm trying to make I'll make something else quite clear: I do not oppose great graphics. In fact, I'm all for HD graphics. I'm not the kind of guy that raves over a game just because it looks pretty, but if the game is meant to look pretty for the sake of being an art form then it's alright will me. And yes, I still enjoy last gen games and the 8-bit nostalgic treats like Mega Man 9. I don't consider graphics the main reason why I buy games - if the game looks fine, then good, end of story.

NOW, I'll get to my point: graphics are a way to make a game look good and make it so you can play the game without having to figure what what's in front of you every three minutes albeit Final Fantasy VII. Luckily, today's computer animated gimmicks don't effect gameplay like they did in Final Fantasy VII back in the day. No more are you guessing whether the thing in front of you is scalable or not, or is a ladder or a flight of stairs - you're playing as 3-D characters in 3-D worlds instead of playing as 3-D characters in warped 2-D worlds - problem solved! Now we can just lay back and enjoy our games, right?

Problem is, graphics are always getting better, and with that comes another problem: people who want every game to have A++ level graphics. Okay, I just got done saying how I enjoy great graphics two paragraphs back, but COME ON, gamers act like it's the end of the world if a game doesn't look realistic enough. With that said here's a word you'll have to memorize, because you'll be hearing it often in the future: realism. Gamers want realism. They don't want just great graphics, they want their games looking absolutely pixel perfect. Heck, I wouldn't doubt that the word "graphics" will be replaced with the word "realism" in the next 5 years. Shake your head now, but this could very well be the future of gaming we're talking about. As creepy as it may sound they're perfecting realism as we speak...and saying that it's "creepy" does it no justice...

Meet Emily. Created by Image Metrics she's the bridge that crosses the gap to the uncanny valley - and she is fully computer animated. Freaked out yet? Take a good long look, because this may be the future of gaming realism. Even though this video is from 2008 and they had a lot of time to perfect this animation, we probably won't see this technology in a video game any time soon due to high production costs...just not in-game, but probably in cut-scene form. Sooner than you think we'll be playing games that have cut-scenes that look ironically like this:

resident evil

The graphics are amazing!

But what's the point? If I wanted to watch something like this I'd watch a MOVIE. And there's the next problem right there: we treat games like they're movies when they're both completely different forms of media. We also judge video games like movies when we should know that not every game was meant to be an epic, jaw dropping motion picture with a mature plotline and wild scenes of violence. All I see in games, especially in the new Final Fantasies, is an interactive movie where you continually press the A button to move forward through a string of never ending cut-scenes and repeat that process until you beat the game. So this is what RPG's have become? What happened to the addictive gameplay I used to enjoy in the Final Fantasy games? It seems Square Enix is too busy making the game look pretty rather than making it play at it's best. Last I checked, Final Fantasy XIV Online's amazing graphics didn't save it from getting a measly score of 4.0.

We have only ourselves to blame. We practically demand for good looking games and flame other games when they have, oh I can't bare to say it, one less of a pixel! Look at how we're judging Skyward Swords saying it's cel-shaded graphics looks "childish" when Wind Waker (also cel-shaded) before it was arguably one of the greatest Zelda games ever made. Now look at the Playstation Move, which was apparently going to give the Wii a run for it's money by supporting HD graphics with motion controls, and people are barely using it. And look at how gamers are calling the 3DS's graphics "sub par to the PS3" when the two systems aren't even on the same league to be compared! And did the PSP's superior graphics help it conquer over the DS, which was said to be a failure? Nope, the tables literally turned, and the PSP fell flat on it's behind wondering what the heck just happened. Yet after all this we still think we're psychics that know everything?

And we can't have a rant about how gamers judge a game's graphics without mentioning the Xbox360 version of Alan Wake fiasco, in which gamers complained that the game's ratio was only 19:25 when you magnified parts of the game 500 times. I know it's annoying when games have extremely lackluster poor graphics, but this is absolutely whiny nick picking over something you can't even see without magnifying it! Plotline? Characters? Gameplay? Nope, we'd rather worry about a bunch of f***ing squares.

alan wake

Whoa, look at the lighting effects and facial- AH LOOK AT THAT UGLY ROLL CAGE!! FLAME!! FLAME!!

Sadly, we just keep whining over the looks of every little thing that comes out. Look at how we're speculating the new Nintendo console. The only thing people care about are the specs - not the games, not the controller, just the damn specs. Sure, better specs equals more third party support, but the only reason that this is true is because gamers just won't buy multi-console release titles on Nintendo systems...yet these are the same people who beg for FPSes on the Wii and don't buy them because, wait for it, the games' graphics are bad! It's like ordering a sandwich and then leaving the building without the sandwich when it's made.

In conclusion, the future of video games and realism anger me, and at the same time scares the s*** out of me. Realism defeats the whole purpose of playing video games in the first place: escaping life. I don't need to see every small detail to enjoy a game. If I wanted to see some amazing realistic graphics - the closest place would be outside my door. Now go get some fresh air.


What have they done to Transformers?!

Now that we're passed all the bull crap about the world ending, it's time to make plans for Summer. What do we do in the Summer? Watch movies of course! I won't go to see Pirates 4, so my only option really is to go see the new Transformers movie in July. But you know what? I'M NOT GOING TO SEE IT!!!!

Here's the trailer:

You may think this looks cool, but to me - a person who has collected the toys, seen the animated movie, and watched the Beast Wars, Robots in Disguise, and Armada EVER DAY - this trailer angers me. Where's Red Alert??? Where's Hot Shot???? Where's...anyone?!!?! All I see is a bad "It's the end of the world" movie that uses the same main characters from the last two movies and adds only NEW Transformers that look like they came from the Terminator movies. Where is the nostalgia?! There is none. This movie is just another bad Disaster movie to appease the "fans" that will gobble anything up with the Transformers logo on it and pretend it's a good movie because it has explosions and big robots. "But oh no!" you say, "I'm just a whiny fan that doesn't appreciate good graphics! This movie will be awesome in 3D!"

3D?!! A 3D?!?! Next thing you know they'll invent pre-sliced bread!!!!! :roll:

If you thought Revenge of the Fallen was good, then you must have a lot of patience to sit through a movie that consists of giant robots beating eachother up for 2 and a half hours only to get a half-arse unsatisfying ending. And Transformers 3 will be even worse. It may look all pretty and nice, but come on! You're being attempted like a fish is to a worm bait: before you know it, you wasted a good portion of your money on something you've seen a hundred times before. Disaster movies SUCK. 2012 made me fall asleep, and War of the Worlds had bad acting, though I admit it was half entertaining for what it was worth. I can already predict the outcome of this movie: aliens attacks earth, the hero miraculously escapes unharmed, and in the end the aliens die and all the humans look into the sun set of their tarnashed city before the credits roll. That's the cue for you to wake up and demand your money back.

And what has the Michael Bay films done that consists of nostalgia? Aside from the first movie, the sequel offered nothing but a few cameos, a dead race of the Fallen that nobody cared about, and a couple of buck toothed Transformers that say "ass" every 10 minutes. Oh, but people loved it because it had that Megan Fox, who I think is NOT sexy at all, and the movie had explosions!!!'s as if they never seen explosions before! In all seriousness, the only reason they keep making these movies is because people keep wanting more. The Resident Evil fans hate the Resident Evil movies Hollywood makes, but yet they keep going to see them. Who's the dumb one here: Hollywood, that tries to appease the fans that don't give a crap, or the fans who keep going to the theaters to watch the movies that continually get worse?

As if Michael Bay is mocking me, Dark of the Moon is coming out ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!! Oh the terrible irony of the whole thing!

The toys have also recived a critical blow from this movie. Seriously, RPMs???? Transformers that don't Transform?!!? Who's bright idea was that?!?! And then there was transformers that transformed BY THEMSELVES, because, you know, kids are too dumb and lazy to turn a couple of legs and arms to make a robot? Mattel had to be drunk to think up these bad ideas!!

So now here is the checklist of things that have become dead to me this year:


The new Final Fanatsy games and their stupid cut scenes.

Kingdom Hearts: a series that takes a million years to get one game released and is ALWAYS on a system I don't have.

Michael Bay.

Happy New Year to me!!!

Note: This is all PERSONAL OPINION. Everyone has likes and dislikes, so we're not all the same and thus have different opinions. If you want to go see the new Transformers movie then so be it, but don't try and find me in the theater, because I won't be there.


It's the end of the world as we know it...but I feel fine!

Scene from New York city:

IT's the ultimate showdown!!! Of ultimate destiny! Only one will survive I wonder who it will be?!

Well a 89 year-old priest who has apparently "broken the code of the Bible" (because people haven't down that before?) said that the world will end on this day at 6:06 P.M. Well nothing really happened was just a normal day where I live - even went out side to go fishing. It was all hot air...though the priest DID predict something right: it did rain at 6:06 P.M. New York time. :P

Now they can all get a life that doesn't invlove predicitng something that the Bible clearly says cannot be predicted by any man (Did they skip that part while decoding the Bible?) and stop scaring people with lies. Seriously, why are people believing this? People have been predicitng the end of time since the Bible was translated! End of story.

Now goodnight everyone.

You can keep your Zombie Apocolypse kit hidden for now, or heck, just throw it, because you won't be needing it...EVER.


5 Disney Worlds I'd like to see in the next Kingdom Hearts.

Since news of the next Kingdom Hearts game has been as common as legit Big Foot sightings, I guess it wouldn't hurt to put in my opinions of what Worlds I'd like to see in KH 3DS or KH3 (though I doubt that will ever come out). Here's my top 5 picks:

5. Pocahantos.


Just think how much they could do with this world! You could attack Heartless while surfing on a kayak (a freakin' kayak!!!), explore the Settler's ship, paint colors with the wind...ah, you get the point. John smith would have to be the ally character because Pocahantos is a tree hunging hippy, but John Smith is awesome anyway. And the key blade you'd get in the world would be called Colors of the Wind, nuff said.

Oh no, thinking of Pocahantos has brought back- In sixteen hundred seven! :D NO!!! Shut up!!! :x We sailed the open seas!!!!... :D :|

4. Hocus Pocus.

hocus pocus

The cook book of death!!!!!!

Why would I pick Hocus Pocus out of the other live action movies? Because A: The others would be weird, and B: this movie is one of my favorite Halloween movies EVER. I can just hear the theme of the world being "Come Little Children" while you beat witch Heartless and have to find X who stole the witch's that would be bada**.

3. Bambi


Yes. Bambi. Got a problem with that? The storyline up to this point would be perfect! Sora could turn into a deer, Goofy in a turtle, and donald can be a...quail or something. :P Bambi would have to be older and stronger at that point, so he'd be an ally. And you'd have to battle a fire breathing Heartless that's burining down the forest! I win a million awesome points!

2. Emperor's New Groove.

emperor's new groove

Sora and friends appear in the empoeror's castle, throw off his groove, and get sent flying out the window. That would be hilarious!!! :lol: One event leads to another and they have to team up with Kuzco to beat Yzma. Oh, and Sora and friends get turned into animals in the final battle! This would be so Kingdom Hearts-esque it isn't funny...oh wait, it would be! :lol:

1. Toy Story.

toy story

Come on, Square Enix where's the love for Pixar movies? The Toy Story would be perfect: perfect locales (Pizza Planet, Andy's room, Cid's room), perfect allies (Woody, Buzz Lightyear), and perfect bosses (Cid's dog, Buster...THE CLAW!!!!!!!), so why hasn't it been in a KH game yet? I would shed a tear of nostalgia if they put this world in KH - this movie meant a lot to me.

Other worlds and changes I'd like to see:

Wall-E (Auto would be a fine final boss)

Cave of the Forty Thieves in Agrabah (If you're not going to turn into a snake this ime around, Jafar, then just go)

Mount Olympus in Olympus Colosseum (I want to beat more than just the Ice and Rock Titan)

Bug's Life

Findng Nemo (Good Atlantica alternative)

Atlantis (Think of the bosses!! :shock: )

Lion King 2 (maybe)

Jungle Book

Prince of Persia (Good Agrabah alternative, and Disney does own the license to the movie FYI, even though it wasn't that great IMO)

And I wouldn't mind seeing Chrono Trigger or TWEWY characters appearing as cameos.

Also, if you're reading my KH fanfic on Devart, here is the next chapter.

If you got bored reading this if you're not a KH fan here's a video I made that will make you laugh sort of. :P Sonic fans will get a special kick out of it.

Well that was weird...I pushed the sign In button on YouTube and it sign me in as a differnet person's name. :?

Well anyway...

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