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SuperfastSonic Blog

Ahh...This place brings back memories.


You're probably thinking "But ...but...but....YOU LEFT?!?!" right now, and I can't blame you, since I posted a farewell blog 5 months ago and you all held a "funeral" for me. WELL I JUST DROPPED BY TO SAY HI. That's it. Not returning. Just thought ti would be nice to post a little update about what happened after I goes...

Since I left:

-I joined the local Youth Symphony....okay to set this straight I didn't like it at first. It was the first time I've been around people my age (before that I was in nursing homes and my Grandma's house a lot, so I was used to old people...yes my life is boring I GET THE POINT!!!). So anyway right off the bat I made dumbest mistake you could make in rehearsals: I tuned my instrument when it wasn't my turn. Apparently I suffer from desleyxia, short term memory loss, and short attention span...or something. Aaaaaaaaaanyway that aside I started getting into it...and I loved it. Two concerts later and I've improved A LOT. Though hopefully in the next seating auditions I don't get seated with a 13 year-old again...there's only so much you can talk about with someone that doesn't know what X-Files or Doctor Who is. -_-

-And speaking of Symphony...I met a girl there. :oops: YES YOU HEARD RIGHT! SFS has finally opened up his shell and is now talking to girls!...outside the internet! I think she likes me but who knows? :3

-Miss my editorials? Fear not! I am now a contributor to Nintendo 5-Star's blogspot! Here's my latest ed! N5S needs more members AND support. If you don't have time to become a member, you can at least leave anonymous comments in the comment section. I need inspiration!

-My photoshop skills have improved. This one got over 1,000 views and 100 faves on DevART. :P


-Gaming for me has been slow...I haven't played a new game since SASASR. :| Seriously. Though I did play Beyong Good and Evil (which is awesome), Ratchet Deadlocked (it's alright), and Resident Evil 4 (in which my mom walked into the room when the chainsaw guy cut my head off, so I can;t play it as often...but it's freakin' awesome). And no, I have not played the new Pukeymon games. :roll: I'M WAITING FOR GREY SO STOP ASKING ME I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!



-Also, I grew a beard twice and shaved it off both times. :|

Why yes, I ran out of things to say, how did you know?

So yeah, my life's going swell. Thank you all for getting me back on my feat...I admit that I after I left here not everything went out to plan, and I started being depressed all over again...but things are looking up.


(Can you believe it's only 11 more days?!!? O_o )


P.S. to PlayBack Union members: sorry PaperLink13 is forcing you to do Hurt n' Heals every day. :

3 Years in Gamespot...A Farewell Blog.

(First off, I am sad to say that I will not be posting my Warriors FanFic here at Gamespot. I might be cancelling it altogheter. :( My Fanfictions aren;t very popular here, and it's dumb to waste my time on something that will only get 4 comments. As of now I am writing a series of novel, so a fanfic is out of the picture. I'm sorry to get your hopes up, but if my novel gets published once it's done I hope you'll get a chance to read it. ;) Yes, this is my final blog...I will not be coming back on GS after this. But that doesn;t mean I'm leaving the internet entirely. I've been a member in Nintendo 5 Star for sometime now, so I'll be there almost every day. Please join, as we need more members! Since they have a chat box, we'll be able to talk to one another there. )

Whoa...I've been here for 3 years. :| It seemed like yesterday that was surfing the internet for cheat codes (of all things) just minding my own business, and then I found GameSpot. I thought WOW, their cheat code database is amazng! So I joined. :P Then I had to decide on a username...Sonic? He's Super and fast....I'll name myself that! ...ah, I don't remember how I decided on that name! :P And FYI, I actually almost left GS after I signed up...because the sign up page told me my password was wrong even though it was in the Caps and everything. -_- So I ended up changing my password over and over to nonsense verbal senteneces and slammed the Enter button over and over until I finally gave I was surprised when they sent me a confirmaqtion e-mail. :|

If there's one thing I will not miss about GameSpot is their stupid glitches. :roll:

So after the signing up fiasco was over I chose a Samus Aran avatar (because that was totally revevant to my username) and threst is history. I met a couple of friends in the forums...randomly tracked some members...and wrote some nooby blogs that screamed "I BELONG IN A FORUM!" I got no comments back then of course. :P But things began to look up for me and I continually got more friends... that were tracking me! Heck, while I was writing this blog I got an inbox messga ethat a GS user was just tracking me. :| what's with you people...I'm not famous or anything... :P But I did try to get the form of unumerable editorials. Every time I posted one I always thought "This is it! I'm going to get the soapbox emblem for sure this time!" But it never happened. :cry: Nah, it was fun writing them whether they were biased or just plain badly written to begin with. :P

Yeah I written some nooby blogs. Remember the one about the dangers of Internet corn? XD


Or the countless blogs of my custom made Yu-Gi-Oh! cards like this one?


:lol: I was afriad I would've got banned from the site, but a couple mods thought it was funny, so I was okay. mods were a different story.... :|

And you all know of my PEZ container obsession...


And this NOTHING! My collection now totals 85 PEZ dispensers! This is only half my collection. :P I'd have a heart attack if they came out MLP PEZ... :shock: I'll have to stop there, because my body is having a nerd seizure just thinking about it! :P

And I wouldn't blog if I didn't have so many great friends to read it. It's impossible to make a list of my favorite friends, because you've all been such good a person who doesn't have friedsn to hang out with I am grateful and shocked to have so many that care about me. Special thanks goes to benleslie5 who was my friend from the very beginning from good to bad times. And to PrincessMorte, NintendKid, bloodog16, and GuitarAmp who were there too, but don't have the time to go on GS any more. :( And thomasmash...where ever you are I hope that one day you can show me that bikini picture of Psyme. XD We have hormone issues. :P Thanks to ktulu007 mariostar0001 for kicking me in the butt and making me mind my manners. To Courtney 817 and everyone else who put a smile on my face during my depressive state of mind. :) To Aidan for making an awsome banner for my union. To BlazikenTails... :| To mac_rules, soulless4now, and to everyone that took their time to read my blogs from beginning to must have some guts. :P To my e-wife Little Greendog...this is embarassing but I always thought you were very pretty. :oops: Though to tell you the truth I'm not very charming. :lol: And thanks to anyone I missed, because I know I probably missed about a thousand of you.

Thank you all for being my friend.

Another turning point;
a fork stuck in the road.

Time grabs you by the wrist;
directs you where to go.

So make the best of this test
and don't ask why.

It's not a question
but a lesson learned in time.

It's something unpredictable
but in the end it's right.
I hope you had the time of your life.



Big: The Worst Nyan Cat Ever.

Some comics I whipped up this week. Decided to just post my comics here and some at DevArt, because the custom website I post them on now looks like garbage and their log in system is so glitchy it takes me 5 times to log me in. And they don't even remember me. -_- So until I find a REAL comic hosting website, you'll be treated with my delightful comic WhinyGamer. ;)

For all you Kingdom Hearts fans out there...


Keyblade = key = car keys = car. XD Man, that's a badly drawn car. :|


At first I wanted Gardenia to sneak out of a bush and plant a tree, but I thought this would've been funnier...........It was late and I was tired okay? -_-


For those that didn't get the pun: White and Black = White n' Nerdy. I had fun drawing this. :P

And now to make this blog title make sense...



Well that's all I drew for now. I'll try to sqeeze in some more blogs before the Warriors Fanfic I'm writing. Maybe that third party SSB IV wishlist, and a blog with all my MLP crossovers. (You better comment on that one! :twisted: ) I may not be on here much anymore, but I might stop by once a month and write a short blog and update the fanfic. ;)


Want to appear in my Warriors Fan Fiction?

I've decied to write a DevArt/GS fan fiction themed from Erin Hunter's Warriors. The twist: you are the cats.

It's a more light hearted goofy take on the series with a lot of internet ememes and Lady Gaga jokes. All you need to do is tell me is what you want to be named in the story and what type of cat you'd like to be. There will be four Clans:

RocketClan, SEGAClan, FlowerClan, and LOLClan. Chose one you'd like to be in.

The first person to post gets to chose what Clan he'd like to be a leader in. If you like you can a medicine cat in teh fanfic, but there's a limit of one per clan. The rest will be Warriors in the story. If there isn;t enough cats, I'll make up a few characters to go with the story.

NOTE: I did say I will be leaving GS, but I really want to make this, so I might be posting it here on my blog once in awhile along with DevArt. Though that's all I'll do here, since I don't have time to visit unions. Pasting a fanfic is all I can do. :/You're all probably thinking "Darn! I'd wish he'd just leave already!" :P If it's not popular than I'll just quit the whole thing and just not visit here. *cough, cough*

How's that sound? Good? GOOD???? Good. :P


P.S. I'm Sonicfur.


Guys...The Ponies got to me.

I'll put this out in the open now: I. LOVE. My Little Ponies.

When I was a kid a played with three toys: Beast Wars, army men, and My Little Ponies. I kid you not. well it's been years since I've played with them and I was never a "die hard" fan, so I past that phase. Then...I saw the internet memes. At first I didn't get it, until someone informed me it was a TV show. I don't have Cable so I couldn't watch, but I heard it was on youTube, so I could watch it there. an hour ago I watched it...

at first I was like...


And then I was like...


This...this is...this is...IT'S SO FLUFFY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I watched 2 episodes and I am an addicted fanboy. Yes - BOY. It's so freaking adorable!!!!!

If you have good internet, WATCH IT NOW!!!!!!!!

OMG I can't put it into words.I love it morethan nyan cat.I love it morethan Harry Potter.I love it morethan the Warriors.I love it betterthan Bleach. IT'S INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!! If this ever comes on DVD...if they ever release a toy line...I will freak. I will salivateon the ground. I don't care what anyone says, because this is unbelievably fantastic.

Screw you HughesNet, because I'm running that 2GB's to the dirt!!!...well, to an extent at least.





So I am not only leaving GS, but life all watch this show.

Ponies. Ponies. Ponies.





It's time to move on...

Yes my friends, I am leaving Gamespot by the end of the month. 3 years is enough. I have thought long and hard about this, but I eventually came back to the same conclusion...I'm just wasting my time here. I got accepted into the Youth Symphony last month and I haven't been practicing much, so I need to do that. I'm also reading the Warriors again, writing a fanfic for DevArt, trying to pass Final Fantasy XII, while trying to help another website with their activity.

I could stay, but it would be pointless for me. Pretty much all the unions I'm in are either dying, or I just can't fit in to any of the active groups. There's other priorities in life that need to be doen, and I'm on the computer more than I want to while on GS. I enjoyed writing Editorials and reviews, but lately it seems I'm doing less and less, and I probably won;t get that Soapbox emblem I've been working to get for years. The site is also full of trolls and people that bash other games for no reason, and it almost made me a troll as well. The more I stay, the less I try to do, and the more depressed I get.

After the end of the month it is a good bye...I will not come back, but that doesn't mean I'm quitting the internet. You can track me at my DevArt account (I'm itching to an art trade, so don't hesitate to ask me) and I'll be at N5S 24/7 mostly. (Please join the site, because we need more activity!)

And don't blame any of yourselves, because this has nothing to do with past posts that offended me or any fights I had on the site; this was my desicion. You've all been great friends and I thank you for all morale boosts you gave me. On a last note, these unions need a new leader by the end of the month:

-The PlayBack Union

-Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Union

-Crossover Universe

If you don't want them then that's fine, since they're half-dead anyway...

Just thought I'd tell you instead of running off without warning. This is a great site and I had a great time (mostly), but it's time to leave. Tune in sometime June 26 for my farewell blog.

Thank you. All of you. :)


The Big 5 - SuperFinalXenoMario Hero DS Edition

First off I'd like to thank everyone that commented on my birthday blog. 45 comments, not counting double posts! :o A world record! :D

In other news...

5. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy


When Square Enix was planning a new genre based upon FF, I 100% sure it was going to be a racing game. Well...I was's going to be a rhythm game. :| I kid you not. I guess it would be kinda cool: turn based RPG meets Rhythm game, that could be fun. Music will be base upon FF song tracks. (I smell X-2 in there somewhere)

4. Bill s.978 - the death of the internet.


Congress that came up with the bill.

Well congress has apparently nothing else better to do than to make all and any copyrighted material on the internet ILLEGAL. What will this mean for the internet? Game sites will crash, deviantArt won't be exciting any more, and YouTube would die in an instant. Because we could be aiding research in curing for cancer, stop gay marriage, and end abortion, but it's a life and death situation when you know that some kid from Colorado is uplodaing a Pikachu picture he drew up as we speak. Sometimes I dislike my government. -_-

3. The PS4 will have motion controls?


Read it and weep:****motion-controls

Well you can't accuse Nintendo of being late on the HD front, because look how far behind sony and M$ are on their motion control shabang and they're trying to get it right. Funny how Nintendo is going with a more traditional sit down theme this time around. *cue Reggie doing the troll face*

2. Europe is getting ALL three Nintendo titles...NOA gets zip.


The boycott has been going on for awhile now, but this is just adding to the rage. All three games have been translated, the Amazon pre-orders for Xenoblade is through the roff, and yet Nintendo still refuses to bring these titles overseas. but NA gamers are getting something: Mario Party 9. Yeah...another mini-game compilation I've played before...just what I wanted! Come on, Nintendo, stop bringing up excuses and give the gamers what they want!

1. I a-got a-Mario a-plushie!


Obtained from my Borders gift card I got for my birthday. The only thing I could find for $10...they over charge everything else. Seriously, $8 for a Bleach that's been out for over 5 years? Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within for $15?! I could buy that for $3 in a Wal-Mart DVD bin! -_- No wonder the company almost went bankrupt. Oh, and apparently I'm REALLY behind on the Warriors saga, because I've noticed that there were at least 20 new books. :P I didn;t buy one, because I'm still on book 3 of the original Firestar series...

I think I made a good desision though, because this is the first vidoe game themed plushie I ever got. I need to get a Yoshi pushie to accompany him! :D

SFS's song pic,

Final Fantasy XII battle theme.


I turn 18 today...


It's my 18th birthday! Woot!

I'm sweating while writing this, because it's freakin' 95 degrees here. -_-

So far my gifts are Final Fantasy XII, and Ratchet and Clank for the PS2. can;t wait to see what else I get. :D

Downloaded Little Big Planet to my PSP a few days ago, and I really enjoy it, though I was disappointed with the bland stages that I downloaded from the on-line community. Even the "Kill Justin Bieber" stages weren't really good. But the stage editor is fantastic (though a bit overwhelming) so I might have to make my own stages. My SD card couldn't fit any more games after the download however, so I couldn't get my second free game if I wanted to.

And woot, my internet is back up to speed, so I'll be here more often. ;)

On a last note, the Pokemon B/W white union has been changed to the Crossover Universe Union, so I hope you check it out. A lot of you are already in it, so there's no excuses. :P P.S. I'm the Leader. XD

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeee!! *moonwalks*



The Big 5 - Dawn of the Canadians

I haven't been able to post much in the past few days, since the evil communist internet provider slowed down my family's internet for using too much bandwidth (FYI 2GB, because the ISP is communist). As I write the page is extremely distorted, but at least I can post some things. Here's all the stuff I missed while I had bad internet - just think of it as a month is review. :P

5. Canada lost a hockey game. Prepare for World War 3.


A few weeks ago the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the NHL hockey game. Let me say that again: HOCKEY. Though you might not care about the sport, Canadian fanboys live and breath this sport - and they lost. See that car on fire? The Canadians have just flipped out and started riots - all because they lost in a f***ing game. Way to go Canada. You can kill Franz Ferdinand in in Austria and start a war - but all you have to do is beat Canada at a game hockey and they'll come back at you like outraged Cuccos. Just wait until we beat them at Curling.

4. Demand for Xenoblade's NA release!


Fans from all over the internet have joined forces to plead for a NA release of Xenoblade. NOA is asking for more requests as of now! E-mail Nintendo and tell them to bring this game overseas! We need more final Wii games to look forward to!

3. Now playing: Final Fantasy X-2


I managed to cap 56% yesterday. So far, I love the game. Don't know why it gets so much hate (in fact, in another site when I mentioned the game someone said GET OUT!), because I enjoy the light hearted story more than the doom and gloom FF titles like Crisis Core and FFVII. The combat system is my favorite time-based system, which soaked me into the FF series in the first place, and the customization options are great. Plus, there's an item to eliminate random encounters and you can skip cut scenes! Though my main gripes with the game is that the DressPheres are pretty much so secret hush-hush I don't even know where to find them, and yes, I'm beginning to dislike Yuna. She's awesome in combat, but she also has a questionablke voice over that doesn't quite fit in some instances.

2. Far Side

far side

Just received the Far Side Gallery 4 as an early birthday present. If you don't know what Far side is, It's an old 90's comic written by Gary Larson depicting comics with ducks, cows, and random puns. An example of random is the comic above, which is funny for just being weird.Try to find a collection at Amazon, because they're histarical.

1. PSN giving away two free games.


To all those PSN members that had to wait for them to get back up and running, PSN is offering 2 free downloadable games as welcome back gifts for the PSP and PS3 systems. After waiting weeks myself, I'll finally get a chance to download them today for my PSP. I'll be getting LBP and ModNation Racers, since I have nothing to do with FPSes and I don't know what Pursuit is...yeah, yeah I'm one of those people that's all anti-grim and gritty but I hate those games for a reason, because they just don't have any sty1e to them.

SFS's song pick:

Amarantine - Enya

Thanks for reading, eh!


SSB 4 Wishlist: First-party Edition

With two new Smash Bros. games in production you're bound to find plenty of speculation in every gaming forum over which new playable characters the game(s) will feature. Not every character has a high chance of making an appearance, but the following first-party Nintendo characters have a high chance of appearing in the game in one form or another.

Here's my personal Wishlist of first-party characters and stages that I would like to see in the next Smash Bros:

My Top 5 Most Wanted First-Party Characters:

5. Jr. Bowser (Yoshi's Island)

bowser Jr.
Bowser's son would be an excellent small fighter and would have much greater mobility than his slowpoke father. Shooting fireballs would be his specialty, but why not have the ability of changing into Shadow Mario a la' Zelda/Sheik? In that form he can spray out gunk across the stage that would make the other opponents slip and fall, then turn back into Jr. Bowser to finish the job.

4. Agent J (Elite Beat Agents)

agent J
The main reason I want to see Agent J in the next SSB is just to see him dancing! And coming from a rhythm game his special attacks could be based upon tapping to the beat, which alters what damage he'll do. His Final Smash would summon up the EBA hover pad, along with his other fellow agents, as they tap to the beat causing widespread destruction.

3. Wolf Link (LoZ: Twilight Princess)

If Samus can turn into Zero Suit Samus, then surely Link can get his alternate canine form with Midna on his back. Grabbing opponents (like Jigglypuff) and then biting them over and over would be priceless. It's Final Smash would be a dashing attack at all enemies, followed by a transformation into Link's human form while Midna becomes his shadow.

2. Little Mac (Punch Out!!)

little mac
Though he already appeared as an assist trophy in Brawl I'd very much like to see Little Mac as a playable character instead. A giant uppercut would be his signature Final Smash. Look out Ike: here comes another heavy hitter.

1. Miis (Various Wii games)

Sakuri did quote that there will be big customization options for the next SSB. Though it's uncertain that they might be Miis, they would be an awesome playable character. And the best part is: YOU make them! Chuck Norris Mii versus Martha Stewart Mii? Yes please! If only one first-party character makes it into the next SSB I'll be very disappointed if it wasn't this one.

Top 3 Wanted Assist Characters:


3. Goombella (Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door)
Goombella comes out and bonks random players on the head.

2. Ducks (Duck Hunt)
Two to four ducks come out from a patch of grass and furiously attack players. If you die at this time the dog will come out of the patch of grass and laugh at you.

1. Cucco's (Legend of Zelda series)
They're invincible, practically unavoidable, and they're everywhere. Having this pop out of an assist trophy and seeing the look on your friends faces would be absolutely priceless.

Top 3 Wanted Stages:

3. Ocean Palace (LoZ: Phantom Hourglass)
There's a lot of dungeons in the LoZ universe to set a SSB stage around, but I preferably would like to see this one just for the Phantom Darknuts. Their attacks would be one-hit K.O.'s, and they'll follow you around the stage if they see you. It would be super chaotic and fun at the same time.

2. Epic Yarn Stage (Kirby's Epic Yarn)
It's cute. It's fluffy. It's made out of yarn. Enough said.

1. Battleship Fortress (SMB3)
Everyone must battle each other while dodging bullet bills and projectiles from a random Koopaling. And seeing this all in HD...makes my heart skip a beat in excitement.

What first party characters, assist characters, and stages would you like to see in the next SSB?