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This is SuperSmashBro here. Yes. I am still alive.

Yes, Smashbro is still alive. Nothing much to say besides I'm bored of blog writing now.

Anyway..I suppose I own everyone some more content in this blog for taking so long, so here is my top 3 games of 2014:

Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS

No Caption Provided

After waiting a whole generation, the 4th Super Smash Bros is finally here. It lived quite up to its hype for me too, having a great and surprising cast of characters, plently of content to keep you busy forever, and arguably the most perfect gameplay mechanics in the series yet.

Now, I do have to admit, the 3DS version did somewhat disappoint in how it doesn't really compare to the Wii U version in content, and has a pathetically easy challenge list, but its still the best fighting game to be exclusive to a handheld for sure. Smash Run is also possibly the best side mode of the series as well, and there's even more things to look forward to with dlc and updates on the way.

I suppose counting both versions as one game is cheating, but hell, there's no real reason to not get both.

Hatsune Miku Project Diva F 2nd

No Caption Provided

This game was a game I was looking quite forward to, and it didn't disappoint. It's full of some of the best tracks in the series, and of course is full of perfect and challenging expert charts, even those who beat F on extreme will have some trouble with its top tier songs. More song and costume dlc is on the way too, so this game shall have plenty of content in it for Vocaloid fans.

Bayonetta 2

No Caption Provided

Oh, the memories of laughing at those Bayonetta "fans" who weren't willing to buy a Wii U for 2. They sure as hell are missing out, because Bayonetta 2 is just plain amazing, better and crazier then the first game in pretty much every way.

Sales wise, it needs help, desperately. Please buy the game to support companies full of good people who actually put exclusives on Wii U.

Stuff hyped for 2015:

Xenoblade Chronicles 3DS: The main reason why i'm getting a New 3DS right away. Xenoblade was simply the best Wii game, so I'm excited to relive it on the go in glorious 3D.

Xenoblade Chronicles X: Xenoblade Chronicles is amazing and X looks like the best game ever. Definitely my most hyped game this year.

Persona 4 Dancing All Night: The news of this game is what actually got me into the series. I love the music of Persona 4, and its being developed by experts at music game charting, so I know its something I'll be playing to its core. Hopefully P3 music can be in the game too, be it dlc or right away.

Persona 5: While its hard to get hyped for something coming out this year without having a real trailer, I'm positive this game will be just as amazing as 3 and 4, so its something my PS4 will be standing by to get.

Hatsune Miku Project Mirai DX: I imported the first Project Mirai game for 3DS last year, and needless to say I'm excited to see the sequel hit NA this year.

Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain: While there's always a huge chance this game won't even come out this year, its still looking to be the best in the series yet, if Ground Zeroes is anything to go off of.

Mortal Kombat X: Nothing needs to be said here besides that MK10 looks amazing and even more brutal then the last game.

Amiibo waves: Currently owning 16/20 of the Smash Bros. set of amiibos, I intend to get them all. Only real problem is Nintendo sucks at supplying anything that isn't Mario, Zelda or Pokemon, and I know they're going to be a pain to get.


Anyway, more talking about stuff, I still hate the format of this site. Friend's blogs are all I really care about, so I really want a way to just find them immediately like in the old site. I also have to admit that while I'm in contact with a ton of my old friends I had before unions went away, I often find myself missing those who I pretty much lost contact with. Would totes want to join them if they, I dunno, left to zetaboards or something like most of us did.

Until next time~

25 Second Blog: Another console joins the family.

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Yup. As a graduation present, 2 days ago I was given a PS4...and a wad of cash. Upon opening it up, I immediately stuck my Flonne Squad sticker onto it, which I have sort of been saving for the day. I also already have about 3 games(Resogun, Dead Nation, and Mercenary Kings) from PS+, and 3 other titles (MGSV, Assassin's Creed IV, and Flower) that I have also been holding onto for this day.

Despite just joining me, PS4 is not getting all my time this week, due to Nintendo releasing Mario Kart 8 yesterday, which has also taken up a good amount of my time.

...and as the title say's, that's the whole blog. Want to hear my impressions?You'll see them in a blog after E3 along with other stuff. Please. Stay. Tuned.

Nintendo E3 thoughts and predictions, Tomodachi Rant, and Graduation.

I have returned for another blog, a special blog because...well, you'll see at the end.

Nintendo E3 thoughts, hopes and predictions.

It happened. Nintendo revealed that, once again, they will not have an E3 press conference. Instead, they will have another Digital Event/Nintendo Direct this E3. Initial response of some of the internet is, once again, this is a bad thing because ____.

My response on the other hand, was F*** yes. Place and event wise, I greatly hate E3 for being a pain in the ass to get into; and other than that, I hate press conferences severely. Sony’s conference last year had too much “here’s some gameplay, not interested in the game? Well too bad, since we’re doing this for the next 13 minutes.” Seeing someone not join the masses in their conference is something I like seeing, not to mention, I love how they’re focusing on the Smash fans for this one, it’s literally “screw you press conference guys, we’re hosting a Smash tourney instead!”

The reveal of Smash being playable at Best Buy made me scream, and I hope that they’ll visit as many BB’s at possible with this. They need to give us info on what locations will do this now though, for it’ll be a pain if I realize it’s not happening over here the day E3 starts.

Will Nintendo really lose money from not doing a press conference? ...probably not, although end of day, I really, really, really don’t give a shit. All I care is that their being Nintendo, as in they don’t do what the others do, and once again reaching out to the public with their games. In fact, for not being Nintendo, I shall avoid watching Sony’s and Micro$oft’s conference this year. Boring purist are boring.


New Wario platformer reveal- I love Warioware, but I really want to see another Wario platformer. I want to see another attempt at a Wario World game, but if not, it’s about time for a 3D Wario Land, preferably on Wii U.

Actually, if it was up to me this year would be the Year of Wario,and we would have 10 Wario games coming out this year. Sadly, it isn’t.

New F-Zero reveal - After F-Zero GX, it was Mario Kart, Mario Kart, Mario Kart, Mario Kart… it’s about time the real Nintendo racer returns in HD glory, and it’d be actually pretty perfect on the system if you ask me.

New Kid Icarus – but it’s not going to happen…I know.

Ice Climbers get another game- Also not going to happen…I know.

Mother 4: Sakurai: (laughs)


SSB4 trailer with Namco character (probably Pac-Man or Irving) reveal.

SSB4 3DS/Wii U release date.

^ Those two are sure fire happening, if a Namco rep doesn’t show up at E3, I’m inferring it’s not happening, or they have 2 or more Namco reps and are keeping them hidden, since Namco is obviously receiving special priority. (If you’re telling me they don’t, just look at the Galaga item.)

New Mario game reveal (could be a lame sports title, or new platformer; Mario has nothing upcoming after Mario Kart.)

^Just pray to the gods that it’s not another half-assed “New” Super Mario Bros game with the same environments we’ve had for the past 5 years -_-

Nintendo reveals a game that uses the NFC toys that have been mentioned constantly.

I would imagine this game would be a Mario one, or perhaps that Wii U Pokemon looking game.

Fire Emblem x Shin Megami Tensei and Yarn Yoshi finally get trailers/something new.

Yarn Yoshi hasn’t exactly gotten any acknowledgement lately, so I doubt they’ll underadvertise it like they did New Island, unless they want it to sell bad.

FExSMT trailer is something that absolutely has to happen here, even if it comes out 2015, we’ve waited for more info on the game long enough. Starting to build a hype train here could help out with Wii U sales from more of the hardcore gamers as well.

Nintendo reminds us that Hyrule Warriors still exist.

If it’s coming out this summer in Japan, they better freaking show something, since there are Zelda fans that are forgetting it exist.

Pokemon Generation 3D gets a trailer with real gameplay after that disappointing hype train crash.

Nintendo reveals what this is:

No Caption Provided

Possibly: Nintendo reveals this “Quality of Life” thing they’ve been talking about, which I doubt is even gaming related.

Nintendo reveals Zelda Wii U.

Nintendo reveals the game Retro is apparently working on.

And of course, with the promise that there will be Wii U games that use the gamepad more revealed, I suspect some of the mentioned do that, or there are more new games I didn’t think of.


Tomodachi Life rant.

The days of me ranting will soon be over, but I have one more rant to give on something pissing me off: It’s dealing with the internet’s ridiculous complaints about Tomodachi Life not having a same-sex option. You have no idea how annoying it is, a search of anything about Tomodachi Life has something about “No same-sex marriage” (come on people, “gay” isn’t a bad word) in its title. Originally, I was going to erase this part from the blog (I wrote this a week ago but didn’t post it), due to the internet starting to shut up about it, but this brought it back (which is funny, don’t get me wrong.)

Now, don’t you dare go calling me homophobic, for I am bisexual thanks to Nintendo’s bootylicious prince (and my husband in one universe), Chrom; and I should mention I didn’t complain about no same-sex marriage in that game(at least being serious), since giving birth to children was a pretty big thing in that game’s story.(See: Panne.)

To start, they would obviously need to change stuff in the game to reflect the option perfectly. Obviously there’s pregnancy, but there’s also plenty of stuff that would require the game to be built from the start for it to work perfectly, like this guy says.

After that, they would most likely need to add options to allow or not allow this in the game. Why? Options like that are necessary due to it not generally looking right to have homo-sex going around. Again, no offense, but it’s just not looked at normally in society, especially in Japan.

Please, just imagine this scenario:

Your Tomodachi Life game is full of Official Nintendo Mii’s.

You proceed on with your Mii’s life, until way later in the game you see Reggie and talk to him.

Suddenly, you realize Reggie and Iwata automatically fell in love with each other.

..I do not think anyone is completely fine with this weird event happening. The end result of whatever they do? Controversy.

They allow you to choose whether to allow AI same-sex marriage or not. Then there’s controversy from various groups that Nintendo doesn’t respect gay rights.

They don’t allow you to choose whether to allow AI same-sex marriage or not. Then there’s controversy from Parents that their children’s town has Mii’s of the same gender married in it.

And while I was just bringing up what they would have to change, there is, of course, the issue of having gay marriage in the game in the first place. Japan doesn’t even allow gay marriage, and the rest of the world doesn’t exactly have a completely positive view on it. Would ESRB and PEGI still give the game an E/7+ rating with that option in it? No matter how you put it, the world will respond more negative to this action then if it wasn’t in there, so in the words of Johnathan Kent (I think):

“The World isn’t ready yet.”

Unlike most companies, Nintendo has bothered to issue an apology over this, and pretty much promised to try again next game. The reason they gave is, as mentioned, completely legitimate, and the fact that they even consider this is what makes them a respectable company, especially considering as mentioned, there a Japanese company. Maybe one day, Tomodachi 3 will release with homo-sexual options, and the world will be fine with it. But as of now, the world isn’t ready for it to happen. Until then, I will say the usual: Video Game life does not represent real life. Gamers should learn to deal with that and enjoy the game for what it is.

Oh, and let me end this with one more thing about my life:

..This blog…is the last blog I will write as a high schooler. By the end of this month, I will be a graduate. I have waited for this day for so long, and finally making it this far is amazing.

Oh yeah, and I’ll be getting a PS4 at the end of the month too. So… pics on that at the start of next month, until then, I am out.

…oh, but that doesn’t apply if I fail HS at the very last minute. In which case, I will have no choice but to…




Thoughts on the*Spoiler*AMAZING Smash Bros. Direct.

*Sigh* do I really need to write a paragraph to explain stuff that the blog title already say's? No, I don't.

If you haven't watched it yet, I greatly suggest watching it now before I ruin it for you. I suppose if you have no time you could just look for a summery; It is just riddled full of sweat news on Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. and really, if your not excited for either of those titles....what' wrong with you?

To start, I will give my only massive complaint: It was promised to start at 3 PM PST, yet it started over 16 minutes before that. As a guy in the PST time zone who ran home from school to see he'd just have to start its stream over on YouTube because of that, I was pissed. Thank god there's less then 7 week's of high school left so I won't have this happen again...hopefully.

Anyway, from the beginning of the Direct to the end, my thoughts, delivered "directly" to you:

(No screen's because this site is full of BS)

SUMMER 2014! WINTER 2014!*dies*

I can't belive that, as prepared as I got for the Nintendo Direct, that I did not expect different release dates. That is honestly better then what I thought; It means you have two different dates to hype for, and one game that can help you prepare for the other game. Intelligent idea really.

60 FPS...This was actually something I was thinking about all day before the direct. I have to say it was amazing to hear my thoughts come true; Namco pulled a fighter off in 60 FPS on the 3DS before, so I didn't have any real doubt they'd be able to do it again with SSB.

The my Music stuff is also still great news; and I am greatly curious on the promised Wii U/3DS fact, I take this news as a teaser for the next Nintendo Direct.

I'm curious on what made them determine what stages to have return and what version to put them in; I honestly thought Halberd would have been better on the 3DS for its 3D Effect, but I guess familiar stages have a chance.

The Yellow Devil boss appearing on the stage is a pretty interesting idea.

..Ridley deconfirmed. Ridley Deconfirmed.RIDLEY DECONFIRRRRMMMMMEEEEDDDD!!!

F*** YES!

I'm sorry, but after arguing over how Ridley wouldn't work and its not loyal to his character to not have him super big, I am happy for the first time to see someone deconfirmed as a fighter. Instead, he will be a lovely boss; the way it should alway's be.

All of that stuff on online play was great. For Fun and For Glory really seem like they can help split the online community the way the main Smash Community is sort of split(you know, with items and stuff).

Stages getting a Final Destination form is one of the biggest additions Sakurai has given to the "professional" players, so they better be f***ing grateful next time they claim he "ignores them."

Seeing character's only having one form was sort of a shock, since it was pretty nice with characters like Zelda and Shiek. However, with that said, they do get more attention and moves this way, and I guess in the end they deserved their own character slot in the first place.

To start, I laughed pretty good at Sakurai joking about a Zero Suit Samus deconfirmation. She look's really buffed from what they have shown off, and I guess I can get used to the way she looks by the time the game comes out.

Shiek also looks like she's been nicely polished, and the grenade thing looks like a great attack.

Seeing Yoshi back and standing upright made me think one thing: Him and Bowser hanged with WFT.

Lucario getting his mega-form was great news.

Final Smashes all looked amazing and more balanced/better then they were in Brawl.

When I saw Wireframe Mac, I'm kind of curious if that meant Sakurai has changed his opinion on alternate costumes?

Custom Moveset's are what I expected to hear about, and I can't wait to hear more on it in the next Nintendo Direct...Please.Stay.Tuned.

When they first showed us the Adventure mode thing, I was thinking it meant that the adventure mode I wanted was really happening. Turns out its not really true, however: at least they took one step and replaced generic Smash enemies with enemies from other Nintendo series.

Eitherway, Smash Run looks like a mode I will spend hours and hour's playing. You start by exploring a Dungeon(because I don't know) and then launching into battle with the buff's you gained...its a really interesting concept, so that's something to look forward to.

and finally, Charzard returning was an expected and a nice reveal, especially his Mega Form.

Mario was about to hit Charzard with a upper fire first attack in that trailer..I hope that becomes a custom move.

and finally, the guy I did not expect, Greninja. This news may have not affected me as much as it did Pokemon fans, since I have not heard of him until now, but I was immediately impressed after that trailer. Main point: A Ninja joins the battle, therefore he is automatically super awesome.


Actually, one more thing: Remember how I said I was going to probably leave everywhere and move on when SSB comes out?Well, now that it seems there's 2 release dates, I'll probably stay awhile after the 3DS version comes out, possibly to the Wii U game's release. Get your body ready...

So......first blog in 4 months.

Despite essentially hyping(well,I think I was the only one hyping it) a blog for 2013 GotY, I didn't do it, and now its been at least over 4 months since my last blog.Whoops....

I have to say that despite expressing lost interest in it,I've actually been on a few forums that some of my buddies moved on to, if you post on a Zetaboard or the like that deals with gaming or something else and maybe have a few people I know with you,I wouldn't mind joining, although my activity may jump up and down randomly, and when "I-hope-to-god-you-know-what-the-game-is" comes out this year I'll be pretty much gone from the internet.

But I feel I need to yell out random interests of mine that arose in the last 4 months, and have a spot dedicated to Smash Bros of course:

(in order from latest to newest)

-The LEGO Movie is awesome,watch it.

-The Super Bowl (more like Pooperbutt) reminded me why I only watch it for commercials.

-When I graduate in around 4 months,I'm getting a PS4 as a present, and am slowly starting to get games for it.

-I became a Super Vocaloid fan after playing Project Diva F,a game I have played almost everyday(definitely every week) since getting it in December. I even got this Kawaii figma of Luka =3

No Caption Provided

-I played Project X Zone, which surprisingly managed to become my favorite 3DS game yet. I even imported the LE from Japan (mostly for its soundtrack), but the big thing here is it got me into so many other series,I knew who all the Capcom characters were(but haven't played all the games they come from), but most of the Namco and Sega ones I didn't, so I went and got a load of titles these characters are from,those being:

-Xenosaga Episode 1 & 2

-Sakura Wars SLML

-.hack Part 1

-Shining Force EXA

-Devil May Cry HD Collection

-Tales of Vesperia

-Gods Eater Burst

...and I still have plans to get more,like Resonance of Fate, and eventually sequels to some of these titles too. If only more were localized though...

The SSB Zone:

Now,Smash talk, months ago I left off with my positive thoughts on revealed veterans and newcomers, the last being Sonic.Not featuring pictures because GS wants me to F***ing upload them.


Expected.Also really awesome since he's a classic when it comes to FE characters.

-Rosalina and Luma:

...I cried out of happiness when I saw that trailer. That news of her joining was amazing, and she looks like a real unique fighter.


It was obvious is was happening, and I'm glad they kept her with her TP look since Link still looks the same (/SSBcanon). She also looks super gorgeous,hopefully we still have Sheik as well.

-King Dedede:


I seriously like the way he looks in this game, he feels more cartoony, probably because he's shown noticeable emotions in all of the screens he's in.


This news is just what I wanted to see. Not only is Lucario awesome, but him being in here is strike 2 against the normal "Toon Link,Ike,Wolf, and Snake won't join, and Lucario will probably be replaced" people.


Not confirmed..but apparently leaked, with images that have various factors that convince me and the internet its not fake. I'm considering this to be real, and if it is, then she may be my favorite addition to the battle yet.

...Now, I was going to go into a mini-rant about how Toon Link is an awesome addition,replacements don't exist, and all previous SSB fighters could potentially get in through spotpass dlc(which Nintendo loves), but decided not to.

Lets see how long it'll be until my next blog...

First blog of the new site...Disgaea D2 LE get.

After finally finding out how to log on,I must celebrate with posting a blog that I was going to post Tuesday...if the site wasn't changing that same day...

and you probably already read the title and know what this is about by now,so I'll just skip to the pics:

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

How is the game?Freaking awesome as expected.One of my favorite new details is how you can walk around the base with any character you want,which means you can finally walk around Laharl's castle as PRINNY DOOD!

Also,I am in love with a gaming character again,and this is the "looks at fanservice content" kind of love.

Who do I have it for?Why..none other then Laharl-Chan!

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Smash Bros:The veteran thoughts,fun with the game,and predictions.

Since the begining of this month...I have been once again kicked greatly into the Smash Bros mood again.To get some hype out...I have to blog about my hype and predictions for the month somewhere,and i'm doing it here...

Character reveals since last blog:

"Mama Mia!It's the Princess...ia!"


Peach returning was pretty obvious,and its great to have her in,she's actually one of my favorites to use.

The Hero of Winds,Toon Link,returns to battle.

Now,a somewhat popular opinion has been that he shouldn't be in,since...he's a clone?Boring opinion I say,boring!

I'm going to say it now: Nobody deserves an axe just because they're a clone.Toon Link is one of the most charming characters there is,and it would be dissapointing if he didn't make it in,especially with Wind Waker HD out.Is he taking up a slot for another character?...No,he's not,there's no "set number" of how many characters the game will have.

There's also the custom moveset rumor,and if its true,Toon Link obviously has things he can do that his clone can't.His clone?Yes.Link is a clone of Toon Link,not the other way around.




What goes up,must come down,
Yet my feet don't touch the ground!
See the world spinnin' upside down,
A mighty crash without a sound!

I can feel your every rage,
Step aside I'll turn the page,
Breakin' through your crazy maze,
Like a laser beam, my eyes on you!

Watch me,rule the night away
Watch me,save the day.
Feel my storm, it's getting close.
Heading your way!



This news (followed by the Sonic Cartoon news) is what is pushing me to use all my power to pull enough cash to get a pre-order on Lost World.Suddenly,the memories of elementary school come back to me again,when my friend ran to me and told me Sonic was in true childhood dream came true at that moment.

The inclusion now was more obvious with the Nintendo Partnership,although there was still that fear of it not happening.One major thing i'm happy about is having Sonic voiced by Roger,not the 4kids guy.Plus,now...the Blue Blur and Blue Bomber can re-unite on the Blue team,and destroy all those who are not Blue by default!


"Mama mia!Third Party...ia!"

...Let me say it now:I'm happy with anyone who joins us in the battle.By this time next month there will be more,and I will be happy with everyone that joins and returns,for anyone who joins the a Smash Brother.



Next up: I'm going to go into some personal boundry's here,so I hope you don't mind:

I have been reminded of how damn fun Smash Bros is again.In my High School,we have a video game club,and because that Nintendo Direct got me in such a Nintendo mood,I decided to bring SSB 64 over,and I let my buddies know it since they all love Smash Bros.I never brought Smash Bros over in the years i've been coming to that club until today.

and damn,it had to be some of the most fun i've had with multiple people physically,the game is just so much more fun with friends next to each other,or with voice chat,which i'll go into later.Mostly because of how people respond...example"Don't!Don't grab that hammer!Don't!Nooooo!".It was also the first time I played with 3 other real people offline in a extremely long time,as in,I don't remember how long.Because of how fun it was,i'm bringing SSB,SSBM,and SSBB for the remainder of the month to the club.

 The fun only continued later that night,when I played Brawl online with one of my long time buddies who graduated last year.We played online with voice chat.How?Through an Xbox Live Party,playing SSBB on the other input.Consoleception!It felt just like having him right in the same room.

Some of the quotes we had were just hilarious,such as when I told him about the response to the hammer when playing a while ago.As he said..."Your in the lead,and then suddenly...STOP!HAMMER TIME!"

It may seem too early,since I have 75% of a school year left before I graduate,but i'm trying to get contact info and stuff working so me and my buddies can re-unite (hopefully all at once,if not individually) some time when SSB Wii U and 3DS comes out,since we'll be out of High School by then.Nintendo will make us all re-unite!



and now,to end this,I have a Prediction for this month:

This month,a certain game comes out,and with it,I predict a veteran reveal.I think we all know what it is....



Who do I predict will we see again this month?With Sakurai once saying Pokemon fighters are decided on which one is recently relevent,I feel there are a three we may see return one day:


Pokemon trainer,Mewtwo,and Jigglypuff.Jigglypuff has been around since the original game,so I'm sure it will get in,especially with the Fairy type news.Mewtwo not only has a new form that can be used for a final smash,but is also relevent once again with the new Pokemon Movie...and Pokemon trainer?Pokemon Origins.

Who has the best chance of a reveal on the 12th out of those 3?I'd say Jiggly and Mewtwo are about the same level,but maybe slightly more for Mewtwo since he has that new form.

However,my prediction is: There will be two veteran reveals.There are two games after all,and so,my money is on Jigglypuff and Mewtwo returning to the battle on that day.

I'm even giving myself points:

1 point: Pokemon veteran gets revealed on X/Y day.

1.5 points: Pokemon veteran is Mewtwo.

2 points: 2 Pokemon veterans get revealed on X/Y day.

3 points: JigglyPuff and Mewtwo get revealed on X/Y day.

...Oh,and there's a slight chance of it happening the day before X/Y day..that could happen too.


Will my predictions come true?Will I actually get enough to pre-order Lost World in time?Will I stay true to my word and bring SSB to my school for the rest of the month?

In the words of Iwata:"Please stay tuned!"

Sakurai: *laughs*

I have finally put in cash on Half Genie Hero.My fufiled.

How much did I put in?

$111.Yup.I love Shantae that much,I pulled out the emergency money and did some work to pay for her,and damnit,its the most special $111 I've spent.

There are a load of award's I'm extremely hyped to get for the game,the beta access,the ability to vote on things to shape the game,and most of all the Music CD,Collectors Coin and Groovy Shantae T-Shirt,I love T-shirts with niche gaming series like Shantae on them(which is mostly why I put in $110),and of course getting physical things of anything WayForward is great.

But the best thing is the honor of getting my name in the credits..WayForward putting my name in the game of my Half-Genie Hero? a true honor,a dream come true,and reminds me of why I love WayForward:They listen to their fans.I mean,just tweet to them on twitter,they listen to you :U

For the info,I think I was the 12,506th backer....and I am sure I was the 200th Groovy Shantae T-Shirt tier backer.



Now,Maybe I jumped too far here.Some people actually don't know who Shantae is...I'll just copy/paste WayForwards text here:





Shantae began her journey in 1994 and saw her first game released in 2002.  For over a decade Shantae games have won awards and acclaim the world over:

Shantae (Game Boy Color): Risky Boots transforms a simple steam-engine into a magical monstrosity! Can Shantae save Sequin Land from disaster? The game that started it all. Reviewers named Shantae the Game Boys swan song. It earned a perfect score from Nintendo Power and was deemed a Best Nintendo Game of All Time in their final issue. Distributed by Capcom in 2002, Shantae has become one of the rarest and most sought after collectables out there. It was recently re-released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.

Shantae: Riskys Revenge (DSiWare): Risky returns with a magic lamp capable of stealing Shantae's "genie half". Is this beginning of the end for Shantae and her friends? The sequel was a long time coming -- but was worth the wait, earning the highest Metacritic rating across all handhelds in 2010. The game was ported to iOS the following year. It was named Game of the Week by Apple and has since been featured numerous times as an "essential" platformer in the App Store. 

Shantae and the Pirates Curse (coming soon to Nintendo 3DS eShop): When a curse falls upon Sequin Land, Risky Boots and Shantae must join forces to battle unimaginable evil. The third act in the pixel series, this highly anticipated game is nearing the end of development, and will be available for download this Winter.


and now,here is the Kickstarter for Shantae: Half Genie Hero.


Want some info on it?To start,its the first home console Shantae game,set to be available on 360,PS3,Wii U,PSVita,Steam,PS4 and Xbox One.It will have an entire campaign staring Risky Boots,and also have a huge amount of transformations,new and old.


Oh,and Megaman/Mighty No 9 dev team Inti Creates is helping work on it.WHAAAAAAAAAT?!


Now,there are less then 2 days left in the Kickstarter.If you have any interest in Shantae,and a credit card(although I got by without having one),you should totally pull and put in some cash on it.If you can't make it in time,fear not,for Paypal will be open for months,and you can get the backer exclusive (at $15 or more) Blue outfit for the game.


The best part of Paypal is that the cash earned there counts toward strech goals...and I dream of the day when I can hear a fully voiced Shantae.



Oh yes,and if you have one of those I-things,you should download Shantae Risky's Revenge on it,like,right now.Because its free.

Just earned all the achievements in DoA5U + new character possibilities.

DoA5 Ultimate Master acquired,enough said.


Unlike the original version,and Plus,this is extremely easy to get.There's not really anything hard in here at all,while there are two achievements that say"Beat all courses in ___ mode",you actually have to beat them once,so its most likely a mistranslation.

The combo challenge one sounds hard,but its not.All you have to do is beat all the combo challenges for one character,while its a pain for Kasumi and Hayate,its not that bad for most characters,and it can easily be achieved with Hitomi or Tina.


Now,after all this though...I don't feel like a DoA5U master.I had to go through 100 battles for the achievement,and while it pains me to say it,I barely won any of them.I suppose I should just wait a month or so for when more people get the game..until then,i'm going into a phase of training with some drunk guy.




and in case you havn't heard,DoA5U Arcade is getting an exclusive fighter.

When it comes to all the characters at the top of my head from Team Ninja series and Sega that they could use,I think of:



Raidou,Tengu,Genra,Kasumi Alpha,Shiden.

There's also Spartan,but they obviously won't have her as an arcade exclusive.

Out of those characters,I'd sadly say Tengu is most likly,since he's the only one of those character to be in more then 2 DoA games,and they wanted to get him in DoA5 apparently(although wiki could be lying)...

..While its a long shot,I honestly want them to bring back Niki and make her a fighter.Why?Because...*bounce*



Ninja Gaiden:

Joe Hayabusa could work as a fat version of Ryu,but I doubt it.

Irene could happen,since she was in DoAD,although i'm actually not sure if she's a fighter..although they could make her one so we could have another *Bounce*

Besides those two(who I doubt would happen) and some characters I would have suggested as a joke(Canna with OMG breast physics),the only one I think they would really consider now is Yaiba.


Yes,there's no weapons in DoA,but that didn't stop Momijji and Rachel from joining.We don't really know much about him,so he could be like Ryu and also know Ninjutsu.He enjoy's drinking,so he can be a mix of Ryu and Brad Wong.I'm actually surprised I couldn't find anyone else who thought of him joining yet..



Another character from Sega actually has a great possibility here,since the arcade version is,after all,running on Sega hardware.

From here,there is:

A. Ryo from Shenmue,because Hayashu said he would like him in the game.

or B. Obviously another Virtua Fighter character,I'd predict Kage Miru or El Blaze next.


Whoever it is,my money is on it being another Sega guest....or Tengu *sighs*



Wait,what?Your not done?This isn't Ninja Gaiden or DoA or Sega...

Its not.Its pervy final possibility:

Rio,the hot redhead from Tecmo Rio series.Why?Because she is hot,and she was in Dead or Alive Paradise.

Since it looks like the arcade version will be Japan only,it could work having her in the game,since people over there could have seen the anime or earned money from the Pachinko games.Apparently,the anime is getting a dvd release over here too.

Now,the only question that may hurt her from joining:Can she even fight?

...who cares?She's hot *Bounce*



Now,some people aren't happy about this exclusive character news for some reason,some think this means they'll have an "Arcade Edition" version of DoA5 later like Capcom does,or they'll have whoever this character is as paid dlc.

However,knowing Team Ninja and how they think paid dlc characters imbalance the game,I don't think they would make us pay for whoever this is.They gave NG3RE free characters and DoA5 a free stage,so most likely they'll release whoever this character is for free on home consoles..maybe 4 months or so after the arcade version is out.Or..they have this character as an exclusive to the rumored next gen version of the game,although I doubt they're really going to do it.

Now,hopefully this Tuesday brings us either

A. Free classic costumes,such as Ein's costume 1 from DoAD,like how a week after DoA5 was released there was free costumes from previous games.

or B. Japan only CE Swimsuits released in America.Come on Tecmo,I have $19 waiting to be spent on them :x

The Showdown Ultimate/DoA5 Ultimate impressions.

Because I need to get them out somewhere,I shall speak of my impressions of one of the biggest upgrades to a fighter yet: Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.


and to start,I start with responding to the crazy question people actually ask:



Would this work as dlc?

The answer: No.Anyone who tells you it would probably doesn't take fighters that seriously.This is no Arcade Edition dlc upgrade,this is a true expansion,and its well worth the $40.


New stuff:


As we all should know,the game has 5 new fighters in it:The amnesiac Hayate person:Ein,The Virtua Fighter who is also a Race Guy Driver: Jacky Bryant,the Strongest Man in the World:Leon,the Dragon Shine Maiden,Momiji,and the jiggly Fiend Hunter,Rachel.All of these characters are great additions,and there is pretty much no one better to get then them in here.


There are 5 new stages as well,the Ninja Gaiden stage: Sky City Tokyo,two completely new stages: Aircraft Carrier and Desert Wasteland,and the returning DoA3 stages: Lost World and Forest.All these stages are also great additions,and the first two mentioned are also perfect for tag battle.

Costumes: there over 230 costumes total in here,I don't think I really need to say anymore,save it for how they also have new hairstyles and accessories.


Custom Music:Returning from DoA5+,you can customize the music in the main menus and once again have character themes.Its much,much better here since it has nearly every track from DoA2 to DoA4,down to its main menu music even.

Movies: Returning from DoA5+,you are able to watch all the individual story mode cutscenes here,along with the many character intros and outros.

Tutorial and combo challenge mode: Also returning from DoA5+,in a more awesome way,Tutorial mode is in here to teach nooblets a lesson,and remind the pros how to play.

Combo challenge mode is a mode where you learn and perform challenging combos for each character,which will really help those get good with their favorite fighter,and other fighters.

 Team Fight mode: Returning for the first time since DoA2U,you can have a team of up to 7 characters and fight against the cpu or other players.

Better stuff:


The core gameplay is tweaked alot in here.Not only does every character have a load of new moves,but there is one huge new mechannic here: The Power Launcher.

A tricky move to pull off,the Power Launcher can be used instead of a Power Blow,and it knocks the opponent to the sky,giving you the chance to get a huge juggle in before they hit the ground.The Power Launcher may not sound like a big thing...but it is,heck,even one new move is a big thing.

and not to mention,now the lockable stages get the respect they deserve in here,finally appearing during arcade mode and time attack mode.

Tag Team:

How much better is Tag Team in this game?Much,much better.

Not only do they have more official tag teams added (such as Hayate and Kasumi),but they tweaked the core experience once again.

So that you don't accidentally perform a Tag throw instead of a normal throw,the tag throw command is now -> -> (Tag).

and a new mechanic here is Force Out,similar to the Snap Back in Marvel vs Capcom,forcing the opponent out of the ring for a short time while their partner takes over,which can affect the entire outcome of the match when used..

Anyone who loves tag team will defiently be loving it alot more in here.


Whats a huge difference here?Try: It doesn't suck.

I've played only 2 matches,but they haven't suffered from lag at all,I can barely recall having matches completly lag free in DoA5.

Adding on to that,they have costumes unlocked by playing online,a better and more hardcore ranking system,and,perhaps the biggest and most requested addition: Ranked Tag Match and 2 on 2 online.


Let me say it right here:The survival mode in DoA5 was boring,and painful if you were going for 100 wins on Legend,which for the most part was luck based.

In here,it is improved with the return of items,which have different effects such as boosting your score or refilling your health,and while that doesn't sound like much,that actually makes it pretty fun to play this time around.


Other stuff:

There are now over 3000 titles to collect.

There are plently of new character intros and outros,and of course,taunts.

There is now a dedicated taunt button.

You can change the breast motion in settings just like you could in DoA5+.


The Core Fighter Experience:

and of course,I should mention the free-to-play version of DoA5U:Core fighters.

What is it missing?Well...story mode,trophies,unlockable costumes that were DoA5 dlc,DoA3 and DoA2 BGM,and a load of the characters,all you have is the 4 ninjas to play as.

However..all the modes are still in besides story.The core of the experience is still here,and if you never played DoA before,or want to see how much better Ultimate is,definitely download this,its actually bigger then Tekken Revolution.

Now,would I recommend paying for anything?Not really,at most i'd say 3 characters and maybe the DoA3 and 2 BGM,but any more then that and you might as well just get the entire game instead.

To actual hardcore fighters?This would be like a demo,even if you main one of the 4 characters it still won't be the same without them selectable.

...With that said,I would play this free version over DoA5,even with only 4 fighters.As mentioned,the mechanics have been greatly improved and changed here,this is the equivalent of a "Super" upgrade to DoA5.



Any hardcode DoA fighter will be beyond satisfied with the many fan additions made to the game,and the improvements and gameplay tweaks really bring new life into this game;The game does,after all,exist because of the fans:It is a complete response to what the fans have been wanting,therefore it should be gotten by those like,immediately.

Those completely new to the series,or don't have DoA5 vanilla yet?Don't think for a second about getting the origianl or Plus,there is no reason to go back to them,just go with Ultimate instead.

and those who have DoA5 and aren't hardcore fighters?Well...thats up to you,although it should be noted I make fun of people who don't have the latest version of fighters :P


Now for Team Ninja to release the sexy Japan only CE swimsuit dlc over in NA,I already have the cash in my account for it.