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Both games are better than WoW.

Rift is an excellent game and is really alot of fun.

But once the excitment from the Rifts and invasions died down a bit I find myself thinking about playing my Hunter on Lotro.

If your craving something new Rift is you're best choice as of right now it's a well polished MMO and lots of fun .

2 things I miss from Lotro when playing this is the heavy armor appearnce options and Skirmishes .

The quest in Rift are the same old same old but the invasions and rifts break you from it when one occurs everyone in the areaeveryone gets a message on the screen and everyone flocks to one area and a button appears on the screen "Join public group" for me these are the most exciting times of the game.

I'm kinda back and forth on decideding which is better so I'll just put it this way if you're still having fun with lotro stick with that. If you stand around playing your lute everytime you log in because you've been max level forever and a day now try out Rift.