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SuperGamePunk Blog

My systems are back online!

Im back on GameSpot after a 3 week vaccation. I'm now a Level 8 Gamespotter. The Greatest Game Villain contest looks great. Imvoting for Dracula. A winner is Dracula. I recently purchased Disgaea DS and I think that im getting Dragon Quest IX for my birthday (which is October 8th by the way.) So if any fans want to celebrate my birthday. Or send me a Birthday PM. Feel free:D.

Never fear, E3 is here

Hello fellow Gamespotters, fans, and apes planning to wipe out the human race. SuperGamePunk here. I havent been reviewing games in quite a while due to Runescape. Yeah! E3 is here! New Dues Ex! New Zelda! And much more to be exicted about. I might buy a 3DS only becuase of Star Fox 3DS. Oh and for the old nostalgia addicts, Kid Icarus has been announced for 3DS as well. So it looks like something worth getting. Oh and im FINALLY reviewing Mario Kart DS. So stay alert!

About Me

Hello Gamespot. Im SuperGamePunk (SGP for short.) Track me for reviews on classic NES games. Also im doing reviews on peripherals that I own (Like the Link Cable.) My prefered gaming genres are as follows. 2D Platforming, Run N Gun, Shmups (Vertical.) RPG's, Mystery. And Retro Games. REVIEWS COMMING SOON Wii Sports Resort Metroid: Fusion Metroid Prime Hunters