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Golden Age of Gaming

Long time no update, I know. But anyway, I can say I finalized my computer, after almost a year.

I bought a computer with E6300, 1GB RAM and only an on board video card. Yup, I suffered for a long time because of that. No serious games until I got my hands on a 8800GTS 320MB, which allowed me to max out any game. DiRT, Company of Heroes, Quake 4, Half Life 2: EP1, Command & Conquer 3, F.E.A.R, Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, World in Conflict (demo for now), Lost Planet, Caesar 4, S.T.A.L.K.E.Rwere all allowed to enter my computer and hard drive, after I crave them for so long. I must say I was dissapointed by most of these games, but I found the few I enjoy and I never complain I don't have anything to do (The Sims 2 and FIFA are my "last resort" games).

Anyway, 1GB of RAM is not enough, obviously enough. Now I bought another stick of 1GB, and my machine is complete. I'm really happy and satisfied now, having all this power right next to my feet. And now even better, brilliant games are being published and demos released in an amazing pace. I will soon get Bioshock, that though I never went with the 'hype', seems like an excellent game to play now. World in Conflict's demo is amazing, the multiplayer is great and I think I should get to RTSes again after not really paying attention to the genre after leaving Warcraft 3, over a year ago. And with all these, I even got an MP4 player and I put in it a lot of gaming videos. I couldn't think of anything else yet.

Yes, it's a golden time. The prime time of gaming. The combination of summer vacation, great computer and great games is fantastic. It makes even the worst shows of FC Barcelona look good. I wish it would never end.

PC is dead

Sigh, my personal-PC (heh) died 3 weeks ago. I'm totally game-less, wandering between my lil sister's computer and my dad's mobile computer.

But I haven't touched a single game for 3 weeks, and I'm getting really pissed.

Oh let me tell the story first.

It was whileI was playing FIFA, Barca vs RMadrid in manager mode, I'm playing barca. The game started, and a couple of minutes in game the computer simply shut-down, having the "no video" sign on the screen. Afetr a few secs later, it started beeping.

That was every time I tried to turn the comp on.
So a couple of guys said my mobo is dead, and I need to replace it. Now that's a more frustrating problem. My mobo was old so I had two options: Replace with old mobo, but waste the money or add a LITTLE bit more and get a better mobo. But I can't use a better mobo cause I have P4 CPU and AGP based GPU... so I need to repalce these too.
I don't have much free time, and nor do I have expereience in building a new computer. So I'm pretty much stuck till I drag my dad to a hardware store... cause otherwise, I can't do nothing.

We've been researching a bit, but it's had to find the best combination (CPU+matching mobo+beign not expensive). I've been aiming at a dual-core CPU, E6400E6300 specifically, but they aren't cheap around here... and of course a compatible mother board+2xDDR2 memoy sticks to go with.

Not to mention giving up on my AGP gpu cause new mobos don't have AGP slots -.-

Level 8 and 15 Friends!!!! :D :D


woot woot :P Come on I want to be friends with all gamespot here :P Keep adding me.. I love meeting new guys and all.

Hey, making it to level 8 gives me such a good feeling but I miss being a Sectoid already :|

I have also decided to not write the second part of "Life suucks" cause I'm too lazy to remember what happened, but it was awful, believe me.

Nightlife Reviewd+Released

Well, I'm some sort of a sim fan, but The Sims 2 seems to limp here.

I expected TS2:Nightlife to get a better score here than 8.0, seems like Andrew Park likes to squeeze the "great" score out of any Sims expansion. All TS1 expansion got atleast 8.0. Weird ey?

Anyway, I think I will get this Nightlife as soon as I reinstall the game since a huge bug\glitch ruined my game. What a shame.

I'm really sad to see that a superb expansion like Nightlife didn't make it to Editor's Choice. Damn, can't the sims get some respect? geesh...

"The Sims 2 is a victim of its previous success", said Andrew Park. But why does he say so? So what if The Sims 1 and expansions were so great, does it mean that the sequal and its expansions aren't equally well? Or better?

Question for though.

Long time no entry

I didn't have anything special to say... really. I didn't like to tell people about my first review, or is it about my level advancement. It just doesn't matter and happens to most of us!

Also, I actually forgot to say something. I downloaded the Unreal Tournament 2004, which I will doubtly eventually buy, but, I enjoyed the demo. It had a lot of content on its own, even the ability to play in the net against other demo dudes! When I get my hands over the full game, be sure to read my review about it! (And please check my Caesar 3 review and tell me what you think).

Right now, games bore me. Battlefield 2 is too demanding for my PC and other new releases simply suck... I listen to Gamespot you know!

But soon, The Sims 2: Nightlife will come out. I hope this will get a good review and it will make the original game even better, since now it is deadly boring. The University expansion is so short and college is boring. I don't want to go to University, mom!

Just three more weeks or something... and I rush to get Black and White 2. I can hear the drums rumbling and the floor shaking.

I just got into Highschool, and it rocks! It is wayyyyy better than my old Junior High School, and I finally study something that will make me sweat ! "Information Technology" class. Plenty of geeks, but one hawt chick crushed on me. Yea, I'm gonna get her pretty soon I'm soooo happy I got into high school.

From so much activity I can't sleep! I'm afraid I will go to a psychologist cause I am so tired, and in love with some other girl. IN LOVE.

For the end, a nice song's chorus:

Till everything burns
While everyone screams
Burning their lies
Burning my dreams
All of this hate
And all of this pain
Burn it all down
As my anger reigns

---- Everything Burns baby B) I love this song


Well, I forgot to mention that a while ago (Last week) I came back from all far Thailand! Dudes, that was an awesome trip.

I rode over elephants, laid in one of the most beautiful and quite beaches, played for free in a gaming area, saw the long neck girlz and well.. made a bunch of shopping :).

I was there for nearly three weeks, and while going to and from there, we got through Uzbekistan. It is a hole country, and the airport was a hole in the hole country. We were there for 5 hours, waiting poorly to our second flight. Luckily I found a peaceful corner to sit in it.

I went through the beautiful Smaui Island and onto the Zunami-hitten Koh Phi Phi, which is one of the most beautiful places in the world and also where Leonardo De Caprio filmed his movie (The Beach). It was an awesome experience to be there, seeing all sorts of Israeli and European tourists hanging around there...

Oh, and the prices there are terribly low and even with that, it won't stop the taxi drivers for giving high prices for nearly nothing-distances.

We can bargain with salesmen, taxi drivers but when we make a decent price for a shirt (less then 2$, which can be cheaper but they call it too cheap for them) they cry: Give me mooooooooore.

If you go near salesmen in the street or even in malls they say the price like this: ninetynine baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaht.

They have tendecy to make words loooooooonger. And the taxi people... are such cheaters!!! If you tell them: How much to the ... mall? "Ohhhhhhhhh it is closed today" OR "Open at eleveeeeeeeeeen" OR they ask you: EATING? SHOPPING? (because they get cupons if they bring people to someplaces...)

Fantastic 4

Well then, last Friday I recieved a funny phone call.

It was my friend, Omer. He said he is in his ex-girlfriend's party, and it wasn't a real party, they were eating pizzas and about to go out for a movie. He called me to free him from his suffering.

I got ready, got out of my house towards the closest DVD store. Genious hey? I got a DVD as a cover story (The Chronicles of Ridik, which I'm about to buy the PC game of it). So on my way to the pizzeria I met a couple of friends, had a small talk and then rushed to my friend. Poor him, he was with a group of freaks over then an half-an hour. I was surprised when I saw he is still sane. Anyway, I got into the "party" with no invitation, ate an olive pizza, for free. After laughing at his ex's look (whom I saw in my first time ever) and laughing at the group of freaks, I got into the movie they planed to go for. Fantastic 4, and get it, we are 15!!! Which sane people who never heard of the comics go to Fantastic 4? (No offense fans). They've bought 11 tickets and while I was counting everyone I was afraid I'm the 12th wheel. The security gaurd missed somebody, I was about to draw my free-subscription-ticket, but then I wasn't the last!! HA! I got into a movie and got a pizza for free. How joy...

The movie itself was pretty short, with a lack of action but more parts of dry jokes. I had fun sometimes, and the special effects were soo.... special. I don't think I will get the game, though, after seeing the review here and watching the movie (meh, the movie)...


Yay, a new update about the lovely Black and White 2 game, how joy.

The new movies and interview got me so excited.... While looking at it, of course the graphics were AMAZING and the sunset is the most incredible thing which I've ever seen. However, I didn't like the fact that the interview with Peter said the same things which I've heard thousands of times... Oh well, I can't complain, because the footage was great.

I saw the cow eat the villager, and its belly got bigger!! LOL

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