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My Black Friday

This year I wasn't really looking for anything specifically, especially not games since I'll be quite busy playing Skyrim and MW3 for some time. But I did come across this deal for a 60 inch LCD HDTV for roughly $300 off and when I mentioned it to my dad he decided to buy it. We plan to put the new TV in the family room for movies and I'll get the 45 inch LCD HDTV we had there instead which is a huge upgrade over my prehistoric one.

So how was your Black Friday? Did you come across any good deals?

Hey all

Just wanted to stop by and see how everyone was doing. I usually only visit the site now to read reviews and such, but anyways what have ya'll been up to?

End of first semester

Hello all! I recently finished all my finals for the first semester of my senior year so that was a great relief. I expect second semester to be easier now that I know what to expect from my teachers and what meets their criteria.

Now for a gaming update! I've been playing Black Ops whenever I can and I prestiged for the first time yesterday. It's such a let down after you prestige because you start out with all the basic weapons and you have to work your way up to complete the classes you want. I've been thinking about what new games I can get and I think I may get Dead Rising 2 in the near future. The first one had a decent storyline but the gameplay wasn't that great, however it could have been done differently. Now with the second game out I believe they've fixed most of these issues and with co-op it should be even greater!

That's it for now, I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! :D

Weather in Los Angeles

It has been absolutely insane around here lately. It goes from hot to cold constantly and recently there has been random stretches of rain. For months straight there has been no little to no rain and just last week we expereience almost a week of heavy rain. Then it was clear skys and sunny for a couple days, and then it started to rain again. Yesterday it wasn't raining and today it it. This just shows the unpredictable the weather is and how much of a nuisance it can be.

Is anyone else experiencing wild weather changes where you live?

Level 25 and more

Hey everyone, so I reached level 25 a couple days ago. I haven't really been on Gamespot for more than a 10 minutes a day so it took awhile. Also, I finally finished the main quest on Fallout 3 and the game was amazing, except for the ending :|. I'm going to try and get as many achievements as I can and go back to finish all those side quests.

There has also been the NBA playoffs recently if anyone has been watching. I'm rooting for the Lakers and they look in great shape right now, about to sweep the Jazz :). Hopefully I'll be able to attend a playoff game this season, but if not I'm content (I've already been to four regular season games this season).

Well, that's it for now. My next blog probably won't be until I either get a new game or completely finish Fallout 3 which I assume will take awhile. See ya!

Got another Xbox 360 Elite

About six months ago I sold my Xbox 360 Elite because I didn't have enough time to play. However, that has now changed and I recently purchased another Elite for a lot less than I sold my first one for (roughly $130 less). I'm quite happy about that and I love making deals where I benefit the most. Currently I've been playing Fallout 3 and I plan on buying Left 4 Dead 2 later this week. I'm on Spring Break this week so that means there will be a lot of gaming. :D

Level Up

So I'm now level 23 and the rank is called Super Bagman. Oh and one more day until Christmas break! :D

Happy December Everyone!

Today marks the first day of December, and I really love this month. First of all I love the Christmas Spirit, plus New Years Eve. Also, I get almost three weeks off from school which is a definite plus! :)

Anyone have any big plans for this month?

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