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Since I've been gone

For the past several weeks I was either preparing for the trip of a life time or on the trip of a life time so I have not been posting.  But I'm back now so here goes.

I'm a PBR fan so I have to give a shout out (that he will never see but I don't care) to my favorite bull rider Adriano Moraes for winning the World Title a historic 3 time.

A "Way to go Buckeye's!!!" to my Alma Mater OSU for being undefeated (football), going to the big show, and producing the Heisman trophy winner Troy Smith. 

I bought a GameBoy Advance SP for my trip so I will see if there are any games listed that I bought that I can review.  I bought almost all boardgames & card games - throw backs to my youth - so there may not be much to review other than the system itself which I will, because I really like what I got for what I spent.

Lastly, During my plane ride they showed the movie My Super Ex Girlfriend with Uma Thurmun.  I thought this was a hiliarous movie. I enjoyed it from begining to end. I especially liked the end which I thought was creative and greatfully not sappy. Tied up all loose ends but still left enough room that if it was popular enough they could make a cute sequel.

Happy Holidays