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Missing in Action

Hey everyone,  It's been a long time but I am still alive and kicking.  I haven't been posting or bloging because I just haven't had anything to say. Life has been speeding along and I been floating along in the current. Alot of things are set to change in my life and I've been busy doing my part.

PBR - I love this sport.  I still Luv Adriano, but my current favorite bullrider is Brian Canter.  He will most likely never see this but my prayers are with him and the rest of the American team as they compete in the World Cup in Aussie land next week.

MLB - The Yankees, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. And they thought they were buying championships.  They forgot, Baseball is a team sport, no team, no trophy just a bunch of names.   Go Tribe!!!

NBA - The Kobe show I mean the Lakers,  hahahahahahahahaha, again,  they forgot it's a team sport, no team no trophy.   Go Cavs!!!

Gaming - Been keeping up mostly through X-Play and Attack of the Show.  Lots of interesting stuff but not enough to cause purchases. I'll probably buy the final fantasy game that "recently" came out on the Game Boy Advance.  Been looking to see if there are plans to upgrade the Sim City Universe, maybe come out with Sim City 5,  plan to do some of that digging here as soon as I finish this blog. Also want to see if anything new is happening with Unreal Tournament.  Be nice if Namco would do something with these light guns.  It's annoying to always have to go to the local arcade just to get a light gun fix and there isn't much happening there either.

Oh Well,  Happy Gaming Ya'll