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It's been a while, since I first Blog'd you...

Amazing the things you can accomplish on 4 hour plane rides. :wink: yeah right

Plane rides are one of the few times I will sit and watch a movie.  Granted I rarely watch the first 1/2 hour or so of any movie since I only like the good parts but I watch the bulk of the movie which is more than enough to give commentary on.  During my plane rides this past week I got to see MI-3 and X-Men 3.   Both were good - IMHO.  Both had good star power, acting, story lines, action, and special effects. 

I remember reading the reviews of X-men when if first came out and it was for the most part negative.  I don't know why. I thought it was quite good.  They introduced some new characters, they deleted some old ones,  I never liked Cyclops (in any carnation - arrogant, whipped, poop-head) so to have him fryed  before I even started watching the movie was a beautiful thing.  Many critics panned the movie for its minium time spent on Angel,  but I ask you, other than flying what else does he do?  What's so great about Angel that so many critics thought more of the movie should be dedicated to him?

MI-3,  In spite of Tom Cruises off screen antics I think Paramount made a huge financial boo boo by letting him go off on his own.  MI-3 was excellant,  So was Last Samuri - I watched the last 2 hours of that a few weeks ago on cable. And if I remember correctly both movies made the studio money; and so did War of the Worlds (haven't seen it yet, need another plane ride).  The action and explosions were cool, the story line was all twisty (very cool) and in the end it was his wife (the kidnap victim) that saved the day,  how cool is that. Give a cheer for clueless housewives everywhere.  

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