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I wonder how many people actually read these things?!

Oh well, I'm just hanging out and not in the mood for doing much so let's try out this blog thing.

I'm replaying Dungeon Siege (DS) Legends of Aranna (LOA) and Playing DSII.

Strange enough I'm enjoying both.  I hated LOA when I first got it but after about a year or so it's not as bad I originally reviewed it to be.  I'm not ready to change my review yet because what I said still stands.  But I'm actually enjoying playing it this time in spite of it being a too easy rush job. Weird

DSII on the other hand is nothing like DS or LOA when playing it.  But I'm enjoying it too.  There are certain aspects I don't like of course like death. But I stayed up all night with it once and that for me is a tell-tale sign that I really am into what I'm doing.  When you look up a light and realize it's dawn breaking you know you've really gotten into something.

I was playing Fable for a minute but I really couldn't get into it.  I think it's because I really wanted to play DSII and Fable is not DSII or DS or LOA for that matter.  Interesting in it's own right but very different more like a Champions of Norrath or Gaunlet.

I tried out King's Field the Ancient City on the PS2.  Didn't like it. It's first person perspective and basically black and grey graphics could not keep my interest for 5 minutes. Dying alot didn't help much either, especially from just walking around.  It reminded me of the old (early 90's) first person perspective games which I never liked. Something about - being in a creepy place and not being able to quickly and easily turn your head and even when you can it often times not being very helpful - just bugs me.  

Well, that's it for now. Happy Gaming