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Blog Theraphy

I actually wrote a blog much earlier in the year but it didn't post and you know how frustrating that can be. This has been one heck of year no matter where you look. Financially, half the country is greedy and rich the other half is barely making it. Sports - Bull riding, my 3 favorite bull riders Adriano, Paulo Crimber, and Brian Canter are all out injured. Two very badly and Adriano is retiring after this year. But I did get to see the first three rounds of the world finals last year and all three were in it so at least I got to see them live and riding well once. Sports Baseball - I'm a Cleveland Indians fan so this year has been unwatchable, so I didn't. But living out here in Vegas I couldn't help but take a peek at the Dodgers and they made it to the play offs. And now it looks like the Cubs want to hand them the series on a silver plate so what the hey. Their AAA affiliate is blowing out of town next year but this year Vegas can still claim a piece of the Dodgers. Ministry, we've been serving under another ministry this year so it's been kind of quite. Of course what I call quite many may call crazy so it's all relative. Politics, I'm a registered voter, been one since I was 18 and I vote pretty much whenever the polls open. If any one reads this I encourage you to do the same. Vote, Vote, Vote, If you don't vote, don't complain afterwards. School/Work - Do what you love and the money will follow, if it doesn't at least you'll be happy when you work. Don't believe the hype though a college degree does not guarantee you a job. Graduate from high school, a diploma is always better than a GED, and then go from there. Trade school, Apprenticeship, College 2 or 4 year, or job market. If you want to go to school go no matter how old you are or how long it will take. If you live long enough you will be older regardless but would you rather be older with or without the degree you want? I'm back in school for career number 2 training and I'm loving it. TV - I miss Court TV, they've dumbed it down at night now with repeats of the same tired police chases, catfights, mob riots, and stupid criminals. The only smart shows left in the evening are Forensic files, Crime 360, Suburban Secrets, and Dominic Dunnes' Power Privilege and Justice. They even made the name and the motto STUPID. Tru TV not reality but actuality!?!, What the HECK is that!!!! That doesn't even make sense!

Last but not least Gaming - I have an idea for a Christian RPG. I've been working it out on paper. I think it's sellable. Once I work it out I have to figure out what to do next. In the mean time I've been playing different PlayFirst games, the Sims 2, and as always Dungeon Siege. I haven't felt like laying down $50 for Space Siege yet so we will see about that later. I like the Sims 2 better than the original. I never liked the idea that basically everything was based on having a bunch of friends. If you spend a lot of time with the Sims you're probably not very social so why would it follow that you would want to be forced to play a social butterfly to be successful. On the old Sims I would basically just build houses and lots, decorate them and watched what happened for a while. But with the Sims2 new elements I've actually spent time playing it with a limited social calendar and not suffer much if any for it. I like that.

Well, therapy time over, I'll pay myself on the way out.