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Baseball - What the heck!..... Part I

This has been one odd baseball season and the play offs have continued the pattern.  We have the Dodgers down 2 games for some of the dumbest base running know to the game. The Mets don't have to beat the Dodgers, the Dodgers will do it for them.   Then the Twins have just thown in the towel. I knew they were in trouble when Santana lost in the dome in game 1, but to get swept with home field advantage, Tori say it anit so!  Now the Yankees (division winners) are getting beat on by the Tigers who stunk it up the last 4 weeks of the regular season limping in as the wild card instead of the division winner they should have been. And the Padres are about to be swept by the Cards. We knew the NL-West was weak, but this is sad.  At this pace, 3 out of 4 division series match ups will end in sweeps.  Not good, Not good.