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Baseball What the Heck?!?... Part 2

Thank goodness for Ohio State or my fall sports season would really, really suck.  GO BUCKS!!

Baseball,  What the Heck....

I was cheering for the Twins,  they got swept.  So I'm pretty much watching/listening as a baseball fan these days. But its hard. The Tigers are about to sweep the A's.  And the Mets/Cards got rained out. My concern is the effect it may have on the World Series if the Tigers after sweeping the A's just sit around for a few days waiting for the Mets/Cards to finish up.  Because of pitching issues on both sides; I don't think either team can sweep the other but I think the Mets have a better chance at it than the Cards. I just don't see this being an exciting World Series at all. 

In the mean time the Browns keep stinking up the joint and all the rest of football national media can come up with to talk about is T.O.  For heaven's sake he's one big yap trap in a sea of players on a team that really isn't doing all that much.

Again I say, GO BUCKS!!