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Blog Therapy 2.0

Sports: NBA - Go Cavs - Witness - MVP - Coach of the Year - GET THAT RING!! - PBR looking forward to the World Cup in Brazil. Enjoying two of my favorite Bull Riders doing well (Brian Canter & JB Mauney). Enjoyed seeing my now retired favorite bull rider Adriano Moraes at the MA event doing commentary. I think he's a great ambassador for the sport and he's easy on the eyes so win win for me. MLB - Between the NBA & PBR I haven't paid attention accept when a blurb about A-Rod shows up. I don't know if I should pity him or shrug my shoulders. It seems like Karma to me (Reap what you Sow) and yet with all the pile on pile on and knowing what that feels like personally I can't help but have some empathy. I think the biggest thing that keeps me from feeling out and out sorry for him is his bank account. But is that right?

Economy and Such: I'm not even going to go here. I live in Vegas which has double digit unemployment and employment ads that read only the first 50 applicants will be considered. I've long since expanded my job search to other states but even that has been painful. I could blog everyday on it but that would be depressing and I'm not into depressing. What people do that don't have Jesus I just don't know.

TV: Still peeved about the dumbing down of court TV. Tru TV still hasn't come up with a better slogan than "not reality but actuality". Apparently no one uses a thesaurus there since reality and actuality are synonyms for each other. Fortunately, other channels have been picking up the slack with some of their programs. I'm particularly fond of A&E's The First 48, ID's The Shift, and the old stand by Cops. I also liked Jack'd but I haven't seen it lately. 48 Hours Hard Evidence is pretty good and so is Dr. G Medical Examiner. The only problem with Dr. G is that they don't show enough. I don't understand why they have to blur out peoples innards that she's working on but can show us sample stills of theirs or someone else's later. For example she was working on one guy's lungs that had a lung disease. They blurred the lungs she was looking at and instead showed us a still photo of a pair of lungs (real lungs mind you) that had the same disease. It's weird they put a disclaimer up stating that some of the things shown may be disturbing for some viewers and then proceed to blur out all those things that may be disturbing. So why put up the warning? Some of the drug specials that the different channels (History, ID, A&E, even E! and VH1) have been really good. I watched one the other day on Meth and its origins and spread across the US. And I watched another one that showed how a county in CA has made Weed legal but if the Fed's decide to go after you your still screwed. Now I'm not an attorney (Yet!) but Federal Law trumps State and Local laws so why risk it. There is actually a "Weed University" in this county that shows people how to successfully obtain, grow, market, and sell weed. And yet if people get caught with it pretty much outside of this one county (state law enforcement varies since I think CA has a medical provision) they can go to jail. Only in America!

Ministry: We are trying to figure out the best way to set up our magazine so that it prints correctly. So far the 1st edition is complete with regards to content but we are still monkeying around with where to put the pages so that it prints correctly. If anyone is reading this and has some easy and free or very cheap solutions please please post them to me. It's a life style magazine focused on health physical, spiritual etc. We are still serving under another organization but I think that is going to end soon. Our website should be back up and running soon as well so that will be nice.

Movies: I'm looking forward to seeing Star Trek. It will be awhile since I don't go to the movies but wait for movies to hit cable but I'm still looking forward to seeing it. I'm going to pass on X-Men Wolverine, I've never been a Wolverine fan nor understood the fascination with him. Granted, I don't dislike him I dislike Cyclops, greatly. If I haven't mention it already I was pleased when they killed off Cyclops in the movie, I could not stand that insanely arrogant yet equally weak and whiny a-hole and every cartoon and movie wrote him that way. I'm still waiting on Underworld, Rise of the Lycan to hit cable. I'm not sure about the Witch Mountain remake or that Angels & Demons thing with Tom Hanks. Both are real low on my watch list even when they hit cable. I think the Witch Mountain one already has hit cable or at least DVD.

Other stuff: I'm working on a fantasy short story, an Orc vs. Elf type of thing.

Gaming: Still working on that Christian RPG. I've back burnered it because I have other real world stuff to attend to but it's still there. I've been playing the multi player map for Dungeon Siege. My Vista laptop won't play Dungeon Siege anymore after of all things an automatic Microsoft update so I'm stuck at my XP desktop. If any knows of a patch for this that actual works please let me know. I've down loaded some patches from Microsoft that are suppose to fix the problem for Dungeon Siege, Fable, and a slew of other games but it hasn't worked and trying to get a person to answer from anywhere is virtually impossible at this point. And then Microsoft wonders why people don't like them? I've also been playing Farm Frenzy 2 and Farm Frenzy Pizza Party. I'll put up some reviews at some point. I like them both. Just the right blend, for me anyway, of reflex and strategy so it's not just how fast you can click and it's not just figuring out the "trick" to it. I also like that you don't have to beat the clock in order to advance, it just takes you longer to advance if you do something slower than it thinks you should. I gave up on several other play first games because I could not figure out the trick to a particular level. Speaking of which if anyone knows the trick to Luxor 2 level 4-4, my mom would appreciate it. I'm waiting for Sims 3. It looks good, I'm disappointed that they delayed the game from Feb to June for some non game play stuff that if the Game Spot post are any indication people are not thrilled about. I won't use it either and I'd rather the time went into to debugging and game play but hey, what are you gonna do? I am hoping Gas Power will come out with a Dungeon Siege III that incorporates more of the aspects of the original, but I doubt it. It looks like they have abandoned the francise using it little more than as a cash cow and goodwill generator. Sad, I love Dungeon Siege but much like Lode Runner, X-COM, X-Wing, and Decent it doesn't look like I'll be able to play it too much longer. Sniff, Sniff.

Whoops, I over ran my therapy time. Where's that check book?

Blog Theraphy

I actually wrote a blog much earlier in the year but it didn't post and you know how frustrating that can be. This has been one heck of year no matter where you look. Financially, half the country is greedy and rich the other half is barely making it. Sports - Bull riding, my 3 favorite bull riders Adriano, Paulo Crimber, and Brian Canter are all out injured. Two very badly and Adriano is retiring after this year. But I did get to see the first three rounds of the world finals last year and all three were in it so at least I got to see them live and riding well once. Sports Baseball - I'm a Cleveland Indians fan so this year has been unwatchable, so I didn't. But living out here in Vegas I couldn't help but take a peek at the Dodgers and they made it to the play offs. And now it looks like the Cubs want to hand them the series on a silver plate so what the hey. Their AAA affiliate is blowing out of town next year but this year Vegas can still claim a piece of the Dodgers. Ministry, we've been serving under another ministry this year so it's been kind of quite. Of course what I call quite many may call crazy so it's all relative. Politics, I'm a registered voter, been one since I was 18 and I vote pretty much whenever the polls open. If any one reads this I encourage you to do the same. Vote, Vote, Vote, If you don't vote, don't complain afterwards. School/Work - Do what you love and the money will follow, if it doesn't at least you'll be happy when you work. Don't believe the hype though a college degree does not guarantee you a job. Graduate from high school, a diploma is always better than a GED, and then go from there. Trade school, Apprenticeship, College 2 or 4 year, or job market. If you want to go to school go no matter how old you are or how long it will take. If you live long enough you will be older regardless but would you rather be older with or without the degree you want? I'm back in school for career number 2 training and I'm loving it. TV - I miss Court TV, they've dumbed it down at night now with repeats of the same tired police chases, catfights, mob riots, and stupid criminals. The only smart shows left in the evening are Forensic files, Crime 360, Suburban Secrets, and Dominic Dunnes' Power Privilege and Justice. They even made the name and the motto STUPID. Tru TV not reality but actuality!?!, What the HECK is that!!!! That doesn't even make sense!

Last but not least Gaming - I have an idea for a Christian RPG. I've been working it out on paper. I think it's sellable. Once I work it out I have to figure out what to do next. In the mean time I've been playing different PlayFirst games, the Sims 2, and as always Dungeon Siege. I haven't felt like laying down $50 for Space Siege yet so we will see about that later. I like the Sims 2 better than the original. I never liked the idea that basically everything was based on having a bunch of friends. If you spend a lot of time with the Sims you're probably not very social so why would it follow that you would want to be forced to play a social butterfly to be successful. On the old Sims I would basically just build houses and lots, decorate them and watched what happened for a while. But with the Sims2 new elements I've actually spent time playing it with a limited social calendar and not suffer much if any for it. I like that.

Well, therapy time over, I'll pay myself on the way out.

Missing in Action

Hey everyone,  It's been a long time but I am still alive and kicking.  I haven't been posting or bloging because I just haven't had anything to say. Life has been speeding along and I been floating along in the current. Alot of things are set to change in my life and I've been busy doing my part.

PBR - I love this sport.  I still Luv Adriano, but my current favorite bullrider is Brian Canter.  He will most likely never see this but my prayers are with him and the rest of the American team as they compete in the World Cup in Aussie land next week.

MLB - The Yankees, HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA. And they thought they were buying championships.  They forgot, Baseball is a team sport, no team, no trophy just a bunch of names.   Go Tribe!!!

NBA - The Kobe show I mean the Lakers,  hahahahahahahahaha, again,  they forgot it's a team sport, no team no trophy.   Go Cavs!!!

Gaming - Been keeping up mostly through X-Play and Attack of the Show.  Lots of interesting stuff but not enough to cause purchases. I'll probably buy the final fantasy game that "recently" came out on the Game Boy Advance.  Been looking to see if there are plans to upgrade the Sim City Universe, maybe come out with Sim City 5,  plan to do some of that digging here as soon as I finish this blog. Also want to see if anything new is happening with Unreal Tournament.  Be nice if Namco would do something with these light guns.  It's annoying to always have to go to the local arcade just to get a light gun fix and there isn't much happening there either.

Oh Well,  Happy Gaming Ya'll

Since I've been gone

For the past several weeks I was either preparing for the trip of a life time or on the trip of a life time so I have not been posting.  But I'm back now so here goes.

I'm a PBR fan so I have to give a shout out (that he will never see but I don't care) to my favorite bull rider Adriano Moraes for winning the World Title a historic 3 time.

A "Way to go Buckeye's!!!" to my Alma Mater OSU for being undefeated (football), going to the big show, and producing the Heisman trophy winner Troy Smith. 

I bought a GameBoy Advance SP for my trip so I will see if there are any games listed that I bought that I can review.  I bought almost all boardgames & card games - throw backs to my youth - so there may not be much to review other than the system itself which I will, because I really like what I got for what I spent.

Lastly, During my plane ride they showed the movie My Super Ex Girlfriend with Uma Thurmun.  I thought this was a hiliarous movie. I enjoyed it from begining to end. I especially liked the end which I thought was creative and greatfully not sappy. Tied up all loose ends but still left enough room that if it was popular enough they could make a cute sequel.

Happy Holidays

Baseball What the Heck?!?... Part 2

Thank goodness for Ohio State or my fall sports season would really, really suck.  GO BUCKS!!

Baseball,  What the Heck....

I was cheering for the Twins,  they got swept.  So I'm pretty much watching/listening as a baseball fan these days. But its hard. The Tigers are about to sweep the A's.  And the Mets/Cards got rained out. My concern is the effect it may have on the World Series if the Tigers after sweeping the A's just sit around for a few days waiting for the Mets/Cards to finish up.  Because of pitching issues on both sides; I don't think either team can sweep the other but I think the Mets have a better chance at it than the Cards. I just don't see this being an exciting World Series at all. 

In the mean time the Browns keep stinking up the joint and all the rest of football national media can come up with to talk about is T.O.  For heaven's sake he's one big yap trap in a sea of players on a team that really isn't doing all that much.

Again I say, GO BUCKS!!

Baseball - What the heck!..... Part I

This has been one odd baseball season and the play offs have continued the pattern.  We have the Dodgers down 2 games for some of the dumbest base running know to the game. The Mets don't have to beat the Dodgers, the Dodgers will do it for them.   Then the Twins have just thown in the towel. I knew they were in trouble when Santana lost in the dome in game 1, but to get swept with home field advantage, Tori say it anit so!  Now the Yankees (division winners) are getting beat on by the Tigers who stunk it up the last 4 weeks of the regular season limping in as the wild card instead of the division winner they should have been. And the Padres are about to be swept by the Cards. We knew the NL-West was weak, but this is sad.  At this pace, 3 out of 4 division series match ups will end in sweeps.  Not good, Not good.

It's been a while, since I first Blog'd you...

Amazing the things you can accomplish on 4 hour plane rides. :wink: yeah right

Plane rides are one of the few times I will sit and watch a movie.  Granted I rarely watch the first 1/2 hour or so of any movie since I only like the good parts but I watch the bulk of the movie which is more than enough to give commentary on.  During my plane rides this past week I got to see MI-3 and X-Men 3.   Both were good - IMHO.  Both had good star power, acting, story lines, action, and special effects. 

I remember reading the reviews of X-men when if first came out and it was for the most part negative.  I don't know why. I thought it was quite good.  They introduced some new characters, they deleted some old ones,  I never liked Cyclops (in any carnation - arrogant, whipped, poop-head) so to have him fryed  before I even started watching the movie was a beautiful thing.  Many critics panned the movie for its minium time spent on Angel,  but I ask you, other than flying what else does he do?  What's so great about Angel that so many critics thought more of the movie should be dedicated to him?

MI-3,  In spite of Tom Cruises off screen antics I think Paramount made a huge financial boo boo by letting him go off on his own.  MI-3 was excellant,  So was Last Samuri - I watched the last 2 hours of that a few weeks ago on cable. And if I remember correctly both movies made the studio money; and so did War of the Worlds (haven't seen it yet, need another plane ride).  The action and explosions were cool, the story line was all twisty (very cool) and in the end it was his wife (the kidnap victim) that saved the day,  how cool is that. Give a cheer for clueless housewives everywhere.  

Late 8)

I wonder how many people actually read these things?!

Oh well, I'm just hanging out and not in the mood for doing much so let's try out this blog thing.

I'm replaying Dungeon Siege (DS) Legends of Aranna (LOA) and Playing DSII.

Strange enough I'm enjoying both.  I hated LOA when I first got it but after about a year or so it's not as bad I originally reviewed it to be.  I'm not ready to change my review yet because what I said still stands.  But I'm actually enjoying playing it this time in spite of it being a too easy rush job. Weird

DSII on the other hand is nothing like DS or LOA when playing it.  But I'm enjoying it too.  There are certain aspects I don't like of course like death. But I stayed up all night with it once and that for me is a tell-tale sign that I really am into what I'm doing.  When you look up a light and realize it's dawn breaking you know you've really gotten into something.

I was playing Fable for a minute but I really couldn't get into it.  I think it's because I really wanted to play DSII and Fable is not DSII or DS or LOA for that matter.  Interesting in it's own right but very different more like a Champions of Norrath or Gaunlet.

I tried out King's Field the Ancient City on the PS2.  Didn't like it. It's first person perspective and basically black and grey graphics could not keep my interest for 5 minutes. Dying alot didn't help much either, especially from just walking around.  It reminded me of the old (early 90's) first person perspective games which I never liked. Something about - being in a creepy place and not being able to quickly and easily turn your head and even when you can it often times not being very helpful - just bugs me.  

Well, that's it for now. Happy Gaming