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Check Out My New & Improved Gallery!!!

I have a new and improved gallery! You've seen my old one at Emerald designs, well, this one is bigger and better! I have posted this one at Plasma Designs. Please check it out and let me know what you guys think of it! And also, what do you think of my new banner? I just made it right now. I finished the requests early today so I decided to design something for me! :wink:

>>>CLICK HERE<<< To check out my New and Improved Gallery!!! :D

~~Stone's Update 6/7~~

Hey guys!
     I know I haven't been posting these past few days...well...I was suspended.....for my banner :( Yup, that's right, my banner. Oh well, my banner was getting boring now and I was going to change it anyways. Too bad the mods beat me to it.

     I also got a new upgrade. I am now a Tagger King. :D Woohoo! I think it looks great! Very cool! 8)

     AND I finally bought my Photoshop CS2! I bought it off eBay and now Im just waiting for it to arrive! Im so excited! I wanna make some more tags and sigs and make myself a new banner....oh man, there's a lot Im going to do!

     About my HDTV, well, Im not going to buy one yet. I actually changed my mind to get it right now. Probably in a few months. But what I am going to get, is a new computer! I'm going to do some research and then see which one is good.

     Well, thats about it. Nothin else new. Im going to go post now so I'll see you guys there! :wink:

EDIT: Check out my three new vids! :D

YAY!!! Summer Vacation!!!!

Oh man! Im so happy! Today was our last day of school! Im not going to summer school this year so I am going to get a summer job. During the summer, I will try to get my HDTV and also Photoshop so I can start making stuff again. I am also going to get my car new headers. I will also be on more and also play more games. I will try to get some new games and stuff too. Aww, man! Too much to do in 2 months! I'll make sure to keep you guys updated informed! :wink:


NOOOO! Not Level 20!

NOOOOO! The level I never wanted to get to is finally here! :cry: Level 20! Metal Slime! Which is exactly were I'll be....In SLIME! On level 19, I moved at 9% a day, here, 2% a day. Mayber 3% if your lucky, but not really. But I am excited too cuz atleast Im fianlly in the 20's! :D Too bad I have to go through this level first :( *sighs* Im gonna be here for while....:cry:

Woohoo! I am now the leader of the BF2:MC union!!!

Today I was named the new leader of the Official Battlefield 2: Modern Combat union! I am SO excited cuz that is my favorite game and the leader that was there before was never on. (last time he was online was Nov. 05) So I have been telling GS to help me out and now they finally did! I am now the new leader of the union and I couldn't be more excited! I will be on the union for the rest of today cuz the damn thing has not been updated since last year! It is such a headache right now! But hopefully I can get it back up and running! Everyone who loves the games is welcomed to join! I have a lot of work to do today, but I will try to get it ready before I go to the races! Thanks to everyone that helped me! :D

Let's Play ONLINE!!!

Well, as most of you know from a previous blog post, I bought a PSP WiFi Max. Well, I finally got it all set for onling play! I will post my online names up so that I can play with you guys! Also, my PS2 online names!

PS2 Online Names:
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat - Bacon_N_Eggs
Delta Force: Black Hawk Down - X_NSS_4
Area51 - Area69 (temporary name)
Burnout Revenge - Recvr14

PSP Online Names:
SOCOM Fireteam Bravo - SiccSide
Twisted Metal: Head On - GhostFaceKilla

If you play any of these games online, post your online name and maybe we can play together! Hope to play with you guys soon! :)

2 New Emblems!

Well, 1 new, the other updated :P

Tagger Leader
Awarded to those who've extensively used the tagging system, enabling themselves and others to make it considerably easier to find certain content.

E3 Monster
For consuming every little piece of E3 content in sight.

~~Stone2354 Update 5/13~~

Well, I've been getting PMs asking me where I am and how come I haven't posted in any unions or nothing like that for the past few days. Well, it was because E3. But now that E3 is over, I can come back to posting and being active in unions.

This year, as you all know now from my last blog post, I upgraded to Total Access Subsciber which was great because since I dont have G4, I could get live coverage of E3 here on GS. And even BETTER than on G4! Live coverage with exclusive interviews and demos! There were SOOO many videos of new games coming out and trailers and stuff. So that took up my whole day. No time to post. For the past 4 days, I've been STUCK on the E3 section of GS. So dont worry people, I didn't leave or anything. I've just been enjoying my upgrade.

I've also been busy with things I got off eBay. My SOCOM game came in already and so did my Burnout Revenge game. And, of course, my PSP WiFi Max came in from the UK! Right now I can't get it to work, so thats another reason why I havent been posting and wont be much till I get it fixed. As soon as I get it fixed, I will post my online names to play against you guys!

Till next time, take care everyone and thanks for stoping by! :)

WOOHOO! I am now a Total Access Subscriber!!!


I am now a Total Acess Subscriber, which means now I can watch High Res videos and VIP access and all that good stuff! WOOHOO! This makes my GameSpot experience a WHOLE LOT better! I love it! :D

Went shopping at eBay! Woohoo!

Man, I love buying things on eBay! I always find what I want and at a great price. This weekend I bought the Datel WiFi Max! Now I will be able to use my PSP browser and also play PSP games online! :D I got it for just under $53 w/shipping!

I also got SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALS: Fireteam Bravo (PSP), BRAND NEW for just $24.80 w/shipping! I rented this game once and it was a lot of fun. Now I finally own it! Currently I saw this game selling for $39.99.
Money saved: $15.19

Since I was already there, I also bought Burnout Revenge (PS2) BRAND NEW for ONLY $16.50! I also rented this game and I loved it! Right now, the games is $29.99.
Money saved: $13.49

Total eBay Savings: $28.68! :D

Now, comes the part I hate....waiting for them to arrive :( *sighs* Hopefully everything will come in by this weekend. :) I'll let you guys when my WiFi Max gets here so I can play some of you guys online!

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