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Guns N' Roses

if you know anything about their upcoming cd then you can understand how frustrated i am. axl rose (the only remaining original member) has been working on this thing for...oh about 8 years now! nothing has been released by them since the original Guns broke up, so i don't even know if axl can sing anymore. the latest bit of info says that we can expect it November at the very earliest but more likely in February. but whenever it comes out, if ever, i'll be the first one in the music store buying it. and i'll be giving those here at GS who are interested my full review.

Dizzy Reed Interview:

Are Journals Dead?

i remember a month ago i would post anything off the top of my head and i'd get respones, now it's nowhere near that. how many people still flip through journals?

Steve's Crazy Super Fun Fantastic Day!!

  • 6:45 - wake up
  • 7:00 - wake up again
  • 7:10 - get in the shower
  • 7:45 - go to catch school bus
  • 8:10 - arrive at school
  • 8:35 - Gym
  • 10:05 - Geography
  • 11:20 - Lunch
  • 12:20 - English
  • 1:40 - Theology
  • 2:50 - go home
  • 3:20 - write in jorunal

ah! the wonders of high school :P

Music Lessons

i had my second Bass lessons tonight and they're going really well. my teacher is really cool and ridiculously good. last week they double booked my time slot so i had to share with some nerd guy, so i had to have my lesson bumped a half hour later. anyways last week we just went over the basics but this week we started looking at some songs, i learned I Feel Good by James Brown. i'm having a lot of fun and i'm glad i finally started.

oh btw, i even taught my teacher a song: Beat It by Michael Jackson 8)

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