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Little Shop of Horrors

During May 8-10, I was part of the musical, Little Shop of Horrors. It was my first musical ever.

This is the story. A nerd nurtures a plant that makes the flower shop gain profit. It turns out that this plant feeds on blood. So, Seymour has to feed little Audrey II to help the flower shop stay successful. His crush goes out with a crazy dentist. Seymour would eventually feed him and his boss to the plant. The plant knew this would happen. In the original ending, the main characters would die, many plants would take over the world! In the happy ending, Audrey II dies, but there is one more evil plant left!

Let's start from the rehearsals. I was very shy. I really wanted to be in drama, but I was in band and academic team. Being in too many things could interrupt my school work. However, my friends encouraged me and told me how fun drama was. So, on the second day of tryouts, I participated. People had to read a monologue and then sing anything. I was the only one who read the word hammock correctly during the monologue. I struggled to think of anything to sing. Then, the Ultimate Showdown came up in my mind. The judges really enjoyed the performance.

Many of my friends were so happy about the news. Since this was my first musical, I got a minor part, being. I was happy with that. So, we studied the musical and watched part of the movie first. Soon, I would get to read the prologue in a "God" voice and be a crazy radio announcer. Three of my friends would be cross-dresser hookers! It was hilarious! My "big brother" in band got the lead. I was very proud of him. He told me I would get a lead some day.

During "Skid Row," I would be two peoples' baby daddy, and they would fight over me. It was funny. We practiced our poses and learned them quickly.

For my radio part, I would interview Seymour with his plant. I used instruments like the ratchet and bell. I would say, "Weird" a lot! I'd act like I got shot. I really had to overreact.

There was drama rehearsal during the last day of Spring Break! I would have to be there by 12:00 P.M. I got there at 11:30, but I didn't know which door to use! So, I went to my friend's house and asked his mom where to go. I ended up being 35 minutes late! I didn't get in trouble though. People were doing improv. So, we played Resident Evil 5 for one hour on the big screen and card. We listened to music and ran through the whole play.

The last song was "Finale." Audrey II would appear with all his victims, while the others would be in the crowd with sock puppets in their hand and singing. It's silly, but it's supposed to be.

We practiced and improved. However, we weren't ready during the last week. We would have to catch up quickly. I was surprised how well we did catch up though.

Final rehearsals went well. I bought a T-shirt for $10.

It was the first day of the show! I was so nervous! I could barely breathe! Before the show, there is a tradition. Everyone would get in a circle. Then, each person would hold the neighbor's hand. To show love, they'd squeeze the hand. Anyone who wanted to talk would put out their foot. I pumped up everybody and showed them my appreciation. In the end, there was a prayer. Then, we spun around and gave everyone a hug.

The first show was awesome! It went well. I went to Applebees with my friends. I didn't bring any money! My friends payed it for me. So, when they dropped me home, I payed them back.

The second show was here! This also went well, except for me. I did my parts well, but my microphone wasn't working well. I went to a restaurant next to a bowling alley.

The final show was the best! It was amazing! Things turned out perfectly! However, my shirt was missing. Everyone went to the dairy bar and got a treat.

This show was very memorable for me. I loved it!

Band Camp 2008

I should have wrote this a week ago, but I was tired from Band Camp. It was awesome!

I'm a freshman now, so this was my first year going to Band Camp. The NCH Marching Band headed to Hannon's Camp America, which was near Oxford. The bus ride took about an hour to get there. All the freshmen had to carry the upperclassmen's baggage and equipment. People brought TVs, microwaves, portable air conditioners, portable DVD players, 15- gallon coolers, and mini fridges. During one of the practices, I was pushed down and had to wear women's sunglasses. Later on, I earned their respect.

I thought the food was going to be bad, but it was delicious! Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were great. The freshman had to clean up after the mess. However, the showers weren't so clean.

This was the schedule: Magic Carpet> 7-7:45 Breakfast> 8-8:45 Marching Practice> 9-12:00 Lunch> 12:00 Sectionals> 1-3:00 Free Time> 3-6:00 Dinner> 6:00 Marching Practice> 7-9:00

These were the special events: Monday- Getting to know everybody and announcements Tuesday- Learning to march and watching videos and pictures of last year's band camp Wednesday- Fireworks Thursday- Cookout, karaoke, time capsule reading at bonfire, and dance competition Friday- Pictures, show, and awards

Day 1- My friend, Chris, was disappointed after he heard the news about no hazing (he wanted to be hazed). This was mostly a day of rest, not including the rehearsals. I stayed up the whole night. If you were caught sleeping by one of the counselors, you were sent to bed.

Day 2- I was almost late for Magic Carpet that morning. I received a warning, and I blamed myself. The Magic Carpet helps you learn how to march. There are dowels underneath a carpet and are 22 and 1/2 inches apart ( that's how far each step should take). You have step on each dowel without looking down; it takes time and practice. I learned how to mark time, march in different ways, and other movements. I'm a drummer who had to carry a marching drum, cymbals (an extra 20 lbs.), and a tambourine. It was quite a rough day. I slept like a zombie for about half an hour before watching some movies at 2 a.m. in the morning. The DVD player had to be turned off because of a storm, and I was sent to bed.

Day 3- This was the first day of sectionals. Our drum instructor was helping us on our special drum halftime piece (Dublin Dance). The whole band got in a few formations for pregame and halftime. Inflatables were set up, and everyone had fun. There were races, jousting, and wrestling. I was called a "brick wall" because I couldn't fall down during wrestling.

Day 4- I got the hang of marching and playing drums at the same time. Karaoke was amazing. At 2 a.m., I was in the dance competition and won! However, I couldn't make up a final dance and left disappointed. It was like you know you're going to win the slam dunk contest, but your last dunk sucked. While the others played Manhunt, I went to sleep, knowing that I didn't have to go to Magic Carpet because the bamd did well at rehearsal.

Day 5- Our pictures were taken, and people were just goofing around. The NCH Band played what they would do in the Friday Night Lights. I won the Most Improved Freshman Award. Other awards were the Sunburn Award, Cincinnati Bell Award (if your phone was taken way), Mr. and Mrs. Band Camp, and the Best Singer Award. The bus was about 35 minutes late, and I fell asleep on the way back. However, I did see the equipment van pull over from some trouble.

I learned many things from this experience. I became more open to ideas and listened to the upperclassmen without complaining about it. I have to be prepared, aware, and ready for the future.

Introducing Myself

Hi, my name is Stephen Krishnan. I'm a video game fanatic, even though I'm not perfect at them. It relieves my stress but can cause more at the same time. My favorite games are sports games and Ace Combat. Ever since I was three or four years old, I came to love video games. Today, I still enjoy these games, as well as Guitar Hero and Halo, which I don't have (I played them at my friend's house). Other games like Star Wars games and a few racing games take some of my time.

I like having a little variation once in a while and soon like these new games. Most of my free time is playing video games and being on the computer.

On GameSpot, I like making reviews on many games. It reminds me of old memories, or ones I just experienced! Video games are awesome!