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Swamped with Games....But I got a review in :)

Man, it has been quite some time since my last post. Hope you all are good. With new consoles on the way I've done the sensible thing and saved up some money for them...NOT. To tell you the truth, I haven't bought a console on launch day since...ever. I am not impressed with the games coming out on launch for both systems. Not to talk down or ridicule one of the other, I do plan to purchase one(or both) sometime next year, maybe when the must-buy killer app releases or when the prices are cut. But for now I will enjoy the slew of games I've bought from Steam.


Well actually I didn't necessarily buy, more like traded for them. For what you may ask(or not), for these things that are like gold to any steam trader, TF2 keys. I have traded for some pretty expensive titles like Splinter Cell Black list, Rome II, Saints Row IV etc. for keys. The buyout for $60 games is around 17 keys, keys (at the time) averaged at $2.06, 17 x 2.06 = $35.02. Not bad, and some games are cheaper, depending on the Russian price point while others are super expensive, like ARMA 3. Anyways tl:dr version: Got a lot of games on steam, for 35-60% the normal price. Cool huh?


Now that my backlog is even greater and I'm done with the whole trading fiasco(for now...keys are around $2.35 a pop) I managed to play and finish Outlast, the new horror indie game. If you guys wish to read it, click on the picture below for the review. I hope to beat more games and review them as time passes. Wish you all the best and thanks for reading and even if you didn't thanks for being you :) Stay awesome guys(and gals) ^_^


Been some time, Let me catch y'all up

Hello there fellow GS'ers and the those that are still following(BTW I commend you for not rippping your hair out)! Been a few months since my last post and a few things have happened. Mainly I sucked it up and purchased a 3DS XL. So far: I freaking love this thing. Also I got a new TV. Now I don't want this to be " I gOt'S DaH ChedDAh, LOOKY aLL my STUff yO! NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH NYAH!!1" type of blog because I didn't necessarily pay for anything :)


First a preface: In March I had a string of power outages in my area that were not only annoying but pretty detrimental to my electronics. My PC, aka my son(^_^) was not harmed, because I have it powered with an APC backup surge protector. If you don't have one, please consider it. The battery  inside that is charged from being plugged in, kicks on the moment there is a power failure letting safely turn off the PC like's it's meant to. Sadly I did not have one for the Tv and the outages cause a black bar to form on the TV in the left corner. My TV is under warranty from Best Buy, so two technicians could not fix the issue and they set me up for a replacement. That day I went to the store, returned it and got the credit back onto a BB gift card. But there was an issue. My TV was the top of the line model Plasma of 2010....but I got on clearance O_o So a $2800  Tv, I bought for $1279 at the time and there was no way I'd be getting the top of the line this year with that amount. But One model had just been released the day prior: The ST60. I read on this bad boy and even though it's the entry level Panasonic of the year, it is amazing. According to CNET(and many other sources) This model is slightly better than the top tier model of 2012! So yeah, paid with the gift card, after taxes had about $180 left over. So I got a a new TV and man it is literally 5x or more better than my last one. plus it's still a Plasma(Seriously the only way to go, LED TVs suck for PQ....just saying), was cheaper so I pocketed some extra money(BB Money I suppose) and wastes less energy. Win-win in my book.


Now I had been looking for something to buy at BB for a while but everything I was interested in was never on sale and too expensive. That was until two weeks ago I found out the 3DS XL was on sale. I've been wanting one for quite some time now since the release of Fire Emblem and the announcment of Link to the Past sequel. This pretty much was a catalyst that brewed in me to buy it. But if I did purchase it would be with no games. Sad Face. I did however have a stack of games I was trying to sell on eBay. the auction was going nowhere, so I said screw it I'll trade it to gamestop...I need something to play. I know. We all hate GS. I do too, but I thought maybe I can get at least 2 3DS games. I left with 5. I walk in and little to my knowledge they had a 50% bonus(plus 10% for card members) on trade-ins. Not only that I had a coupon for Dead Island Riptide that guaranteed me $30 that one day! Talk about some luck, I got enough credit to buy:

Fire Emblem: Awakening (New)

Monster Hunter 3 ultimate(New)

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon(New)

Resident Evil Revelations(New)

Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance(New)


Dead island alone got me a little over 40$ and I only paid 30 for it. And it didn't end there. When I got home my dad hadgot me Ocarina of Time for the 3DS cause it was on sale at BB for $30. He knew I was getting one and told me it was the last copy so it had to be good. Damn, good call :) GS had it used $40, with no case or manual just the game card,  that's why I passed on it.  


So far I love every game on it so far. I have not played enough of MH3 or Awakening cause of fricken Ocarina of Time. That game is addicting as hell, and it looks even better now. Man it would be a dream come true if they released Majora's Mask as well or as a collector's edition thing to A Link to the past sequel. I  also bought Kid icarus Uprising, and while I liked it, it was giving me weird nerve pain in the middle of my hand due to how I have to hold the system and control the game. I returned it for my money back and purchased Mario Kart 7 from amazon since it was on sale. I guess I picked a good week to pick up the 3DS :)


So why share? I don't know I never really have any real good things happen to me, and yes even though I did spend money for the TV I bought three years ago, I basically traded it in for an even better model and a 3DS XL system to boot. If you got this far thanks for reading and hope a situation that's something like this turns in your favor and yields an even more awesome outcome :)


I worry about the game industry sometimes...

Sorry I couldn't think of a better title for this blog. Well I just got done playing The Walking Dead Survival Instinct and I got a review up for you guys. Click the pic. Mind you it's fairly long(I seem to write more when a game is quite horrible):





It's bad. Trust me this game is quite terrible. Up there with Haze and Aliens:CM. After and during playthroughs though I looked up on forums and different comments from review sites and a lot of people are saying "This game is not not that bad" or I'd give it a "7.5 or an 8" O_O!!! What?!?


Here me out. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion..but damn. This is like saying Hitler was right or cigarettes are healthy to smoke during pregnancy...Ok maybe not that extreme but what worries me is this. Have people just lowered their expectations for game that they happily accept a game with major faults? I mean with this type of mindset devs will just shovel out any drivel and know people will buy it. It's happened already with games like CoD or Madden. People buy them non-sensically without thinking: "Wait isn't this the same crap I purchased last year?"


Maybe I'm just spewing nonsense. But IMO I think games like this should be avoided and not praised. I mean can you imagine if not one single copy of Madden 20XX or CoD #XXX sold this year or the next?


It's been a new Review!

Hey everyone! How y'all doing? cheesy I know. Man I can't believe it's been almost a year since I posted a blog on ol' Gamespot. Not sure who else is still tracking my contributions but if you are Thank you :) Hope you guys are doing good. I've been allright lately, been doing a lot more exercising than I was last year, so that's a good thing, also plan to see my nephew this April and I'm kind of excited.

I don't have much to say right now...cause well I feel like this is new to me again. Don't worry I'll break out of my shell again soon enough. but I figure I'd treat you guys with a new review! Hope you guys enjoy. Click the pic at your leisure. :)


Wish I could go back 5 years...

Yes. A Blog commemorating the fifth year I've been here on GS was forthcoming. But I'm not all Bells and whistle and Balloons(yes I know no one says that.), unfortunately. Mostly cause, well I have nothing to blog about, so what you'll be reading(if you are still reading of course) is just some blather that I've managed to strew out from my brain to my fingertips as I type this out on my keyboard...

I use to frequent good ole in its heyday, before it became Gamespot back in who the hell knows when. I decided to join 5 years ago, but trust me I've been here for some time before that, just not as a member. Now look at the title...Shouldn't it read "5 years! OMG" or "What a long journey it's been." No. I honestly wish I could go back in time now that I think of it. Why? because I'm sitting in the same spot now, typing this up and back then when I was creating my account on GS...Time wasted indeed.


Now of course I wouldn't want to be a downer to those who are still reading this. But some great times have come from posting on the forums here, and when I finally decided to start posting blogs. I still remember my first one. But it wasn't the joy of posting my thoughts onto an internet medium, but mostly the people I became friends with, and those who wanted to be friends with me. It was bizarre. People actually treated me with more respect here than..hell anywhere else. Yeah I know, typical sob story, but sad as it may sound, it's completely true. I've met some awesome people on here, too many to list...But many of which I believe don't blog or post anything anymore...

And why is this? I'll get to that in a minute. I visited GS sooo much these past years. I loved commenting on people's thoughts, posting reviews and just seeing what's new in others lives. Why? Because people on here became like family. An internet family that I've never met in person, but felt a connection to them regardless. More of a family then I've ever had. Except for my brother,who lives 1700 miles from me now with a family of his own, and my grandma,who passed away 2 years ago, I always felt alienated from my relatives. Everyone on here shared a common interest. Maybe that's why. But back to the question I asked at the beginning of this paragraph. Why does it feel like my home has become invaded by foreigners? Why does it feel like the allure this site once had is no longer there? Well, you can blame that on the idiots that changed the site..for the worse. It's enough to put a gun to your head.


It's been beat to death I know. Everyone hates the new layout GS has taken. Non-updating comments to blogs, asinine Facebook and Twitter implementations that are useless, a "Like" button to the comments instead of the tried and true"Thumbs up", no longer being able to post on some forums, since they're "read only", the layout of the comments section, and the list goes on. Why the hate? Why? For me it's two reasons. One, The change wasn't needed nor was it announced prior like most other updates have been in the past. Two, the fact that like everything else, the site wanted to be more mainstream. Let's face it, adding facebook and twitter crap is the epitome of mainstream. The hilarity doesn't end there, these type of implements have been added to games in a move to over-casualise the things we love. This whole debacle has caused many people I followed on here to go dark. The abrasive taste of what this site has done to them was enough to make them leave outright with others slowly migrating elsewhere. It feels like when people you love move away. Far away and you know you'll barely see them, or never see them at all. Basically my entire life coming into fruition via a website. Yes. Add your "forever alone" quips here...

So you see why the title makes sense now? Maybe not. I mean i ranted on how crappy this website is now and how people have left to blog elsewhere. Big Deal, right? Heh, well not every aspect of my life I post on here, and for good reason. If I could go back 5 years and have the knowledge I have now....I could turn my life around. I will claim that 2007-08 i was in my prime. A Head full of confidence and optimism which has been replaced with fear, doubt and apathy over the span of five years. Why not change now, one may ask...I guess I have neither the will nor the reason to at this point.I've felt this way far longer than GS' useless has just progressively become worse, like an untreated cancerous lump in someone's body

I'm not happy how this blog turned out just like I'm not happy the course of my life has gone either. I don't know if I will continue to blog, or comment, or post reviews...So many unknowns, to many things to ponder at this point. If there is a moment of bliss, a break from all the misery or that unattainable high point in my life finally reached, I guess I will let you know about it, but for now....

When computer upgrades are needed not wanted...

Well this long boring story starts this past Friday night. I'm warning you...this one will put you to sleep, so I'll try my best to keep it interesting, but impossible to keep it short. I was up late that night on my perfectly fine, working computer, for an auction on a new pair of AKG Q701 headphones. Good news, I won them. I finished up the night with a few rounds of League of Legends.

Fast forward to the next morning. The Saturday morning rays wake me up I decide to take it easy, and not do my usual morning exercise today. I grab a bowl of strawberry Frosted Mini wheats and hit the power switch on my PC. Time to beat Diablo 3 on Nightmare I suppose. I hit the power switch on the PC and the power button on my monitor. Nothing on the monitor shows up. "What the hell," I say. I look at the side of my tower and see all the lights on and all the fans spinning. Still no clue to what is going on. I finally pull the tower and lay it on it's side to see what the problem is. All the connections were good, so I turned it on again and to my surprise. The video card fan is not spinning. I tried a different PCI dice. I did everything that was readily available to me, but the card would not work. I came to the conclusion that the card was fried.

Since I use the PC everyday, I drove to CompUSA and see what I could scrounge up. Let's just say nothing cheap. They had a radeon card for $280 that was comparable to my fried GTX 260, which I paid only $200 for at the time. Anything below was weaker,so it would be stupid to downgrade.So I had no choice to but to $300 and up...sigh. The cards they had available were the GTX 570 at $370 and the 580, at $430 o_O...I went with the 570.

Once I got home I put the card in the computer crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. Once I got it all connected I hit the power switch...BAM it worked! My monitor showed the bios instantly and Windows booted up like it should. Windows then proceeded to install the necessary drivers for my video card to work. I was relieved that nothing else was the problem. My dad came into the room and asked if I could help him clean out the back shed. It was 2:00 p.m. in the Florida afternoon heat, but I didnt hesitate and of course offered to help him. However, it would have to wait a few minutes, I wanted to see how my games looked with DX 11 and the new card.Deus Ex HR looked phenomenal, Metro 2033 was amazing and smooth as butter on max settings. I then tried Dolphin Emulator, which is a complete Processor and GPU hog on even low-mid settings. I booted up Smash bros. Brawl, a game with dozens of things happening at once. I raised the settings a bit and was able to keep Brawl running at 55-59 FPS even during high action moments. Beautiful. I shut the computer off and headed outside to help my father.

3 and a half hours...3 and a half hours cleaning out that shed. I was drenched in sweat and had moved 4 boxes full of trash and 10 full garbage bags. I was beat messing with my pc earlier and this, I just wanted to lie down, my father says "hey lets grab something to eat." So after I shower I start to get ready to head out, I have an inkling to turn on the computer to check something real quick. Hit the power switch. Nothing. Just like before, the mobo lights turn on as do the fans but there is nothing showing up on the screen. It was literally just working perfectly fine earlier now this. I checked everything twice, triple checked all connections, made sure nothing was touching any sensitive areas on the components, even used compressed air in case dust was trapping something. No dice.I then started doing a process of elimination: unplugged the hard drives, checked each stick of ram, tried on board video, removed all ram sticks, unplugged all the SATA devices. No dice. This went on for another 2 and a half hours yielding no positives...just negatives. While the computer was on and clearly the fans were all working(including the new GPU) It started shutting off on its own... Then when I was just about to give up I turned it on one more time...but stopped once I smelled it. Smoke. Your guess is as good as mine. Something fried...again.

I was beyond mad. I tried one last time, but now only the mobo "stand-by lights" greeted me for all my efforts. I had to just go outside. I didn't want to even look at my pc. I called my friend who's a computer tech and said he could come by the next day. I had no other options left. It was either my motherboard of Power supply....Just hoped it wasn't both It was already 9:15, I left the house and got something to eat.

I woke up still angry about my damn PC,and my dad suggested to buy a PSU. Figured why not. Took another trip to Compusa and had to settle for a 1200 watt cost $250. FML. On the way home my friend got back to me said he was on his way with a working Power Supply. Good, now I wouldn't have to open up mine and pay a 15% restocking fee if I had to return it...damn Thieves

Once my friend got to my place, he tried everything he could. Even plugged in his PSU and it still did not work. The motherboard was toast...along with the processor. When I built this computer, I forgot to add spacers to the screw holes where the motherboard rests. So any type of electric charge would burn out the MOBO since it was rested directly on the metal surface of the case. I wish I knew this prior.

Well...This blew. I need a computer. It wasn't even just about gaming. I use my PC for so many things, and as the days have passed, I see how much I actually need it. That day looking up Computer parts I could've purchased everything I originally had...but seeing as it was $250 to make my rig this point screw it. After I ordered I went back for the third trip to Compusa and returned the psu, as well as my GTX 570. Shutting off and turning on the power over and over, who knew if I'd blown the GPU I just purchased. But I exchanged it for a GTX 580. Might as well go full force now. But of course I still was not satisifed...I went and once again returned the GTX 580 and ordered off newegg the new GTX 670.

So Previously this is what was in my computer AMD six-core processor 1090 3.4ghz BFG Tech Geforce GTX 260 MSI Sli Platinum motherboard k9n2 5gb DDR2 800mhz Ram And now this is what I upgraded to: Intel Ivy Bridge i7 3.4(3.9)GHZ Quad core processor EVGA Geforce GTX 670 Superclocked Biostar Intel board with Upgradable to 32gb DDR3 Memory, 2 PCI Express 16x 3.0 slots and 1 PCI Express 2.0 slots with 2 PCI slots 8 GB DDR3 1866Mhz This set me back a lot, ain't gonna lie. I could've just gotten the bare minimum, but I do that all the time. After the weekend I've had, not to mention I've had no working AC for the past two weeks in hot ass Florida, I treated myself. I binged. Point of this story. None, except stupid things happen without cause or reason.

Figured I'd humor you in why Gamestop blows

Yes...I rarely buy anything at GS anymore, unless it's on sale or pre-owned really cheap, nor do I trade ever. As you all know I had a huge lot of games I wanted to sell a couple of blogs back. So I went to a Gamestop(since it was on the same strip where I was eating at the time) and made a list of said games, and handed it to the guy to tell me just exactly what I'd get. Heheh, here goes:\\ NOTE: I DID NOT TRADE THE GAMES IN...So don't worry. -Binary Domain-Retail(in their store)$60.00 Trades in for(what they'll give me as of 5/11/2012): $16 Thoughts(what I think):WHAT?! they sell this $50 pre-owned and I'm getting 1/3 of what it's worth?!? Go suck a nut, GS -Asura's Wrath-Retail:$60.00 Trade:$20 Thoughts: I rarely see this game used at any of their stores, you'd think I'd get at least $30 or more. Another low blow from these thieves -Soul Calibur V-Retail$60.00 Trade:$17 Thoughts: Seriously. a game that's not even that old trades for so little....why do I even bother. -Final Fantasy XIII-2-Retail$50.00 Trade:$9 Thoughts:!!!! F#$%% you seriously! Apparently it's on sale this week, but I'd only get $12 if it wasn't....I want Gamestop to die now (after this I just wanted to know, and stopped thinking and wanted to get the hell out of that store.) trade-in values -Lord of the Rings: War in the North-$5 -Bully:Scholarship Edition-$11-I was surprised so much for such an older game -Silent Hill:Homecoming-$8 -Rise of the Argonauts-$2 -Lego Batman/Pure-$3 -Enchanted Arms-$0.75----HAHAHAHA! -Infinite Undiscovery-$1.50 -Quantum of Solace-$0.75-.... -Tomb Raider Underworld-$4 -Deadly Premonition-$4 -Duke Nukem Forever-$2 -The Saboteur-$4 -Ninja Gaiden II-$3 -Lost:Via Domus-$1 -Alone in the Dark-$0.75 -Halo 3-$1.25 -Mirror's Edge-$2 -Prince of Persia:TFS-$3 So that brings the total to exactly $150(unless I added wrong) with 40% extra it comes to $210 Of course the promo for 30% ends in about 24 hours so...yeah that total comes down to slumpy(I know that's not a word) $165...Wow. If I ever traded something like this back in the day I could get a new system with about 8 games. Sad how times change... What I find funny is that I have these games up on Ebay, with 7 days still left, It's already at $180.... What's even sadder and downright pisses me off is this. I hate seeing a game pre-owned that's $50.00 even if it's only the disc with no original case, manual artwork...That drives me nuts. I finally got Ultimate MvC 3 today(been wanting it for awhile) but every store I called all they had was the disc. I managed to find one(ironically, the one closest to me...should've called them from the get-go) complete and that was pretty cool...but if youhave the disc only it should be discounted at 25%-30% off no matter the game.

I hate change...

You know why, because it has never been good for me in my life.And you know what I'm referring to. I come back to GS and see this asinine overhaul to the comment system on blogs. One of the few things I loved to do is blog and comment on others, but now seriously WTF happened? Why change something that works... and that is exactly why I hate change. The broken things are never talked about but what pleases everyone is?....From asinine things like this site and video game sequels changing a predecessors formula to more serious things in my life like what I believe in, my(former) place of worship,and family. So you see....This is why I hate change, because the only things that are taking away, is what I love...

IF these annoying, non-helpful changes persist, I will have to take my blogging elsewhere...not like anyone will be missing anything, honestly. I come to blog, instead I vent...

Anyways...Gamespot read between the lines.... read-between-the-lines.jpg

How much do you think it's worth?

Hey guys quick question. I've Been going crazy completing my backlog and now have a total of 22(that's right twenty-two) games that are fully complete(at least to my expectations/extent) Here's the list:

Binary Domain Asura's Wrath Final Fantasy XIII-2 Duke Nukem Forever Lord of the Rings:War in the North Lego Batman Pure Prince of Persia:Forgotten Sands Bully:Scholarship Edition Deadly Premonition Silent Hill homecoming Mirror's Edge Rise of the Argonauts Tomb Raider: Underworld The Saboteur Quantum of Solace Ninja Gaiden 2 Lost: Via Domus Infinite Undiscovery Alone in the Dark Halo 3 Enchanted Arms

All games: Like New and Complete. The obvious big hitters are Binary Domain, Asura's Wrath and FFXIII-2 as well as Bully and LOTR. I plan to post it up online to sell, but I don't want to get ripped off(basically I don't wanna give it away) but I hate setting a reserve or something to high. In your opinion what would you say is a good price for the lot.(Mind you, all games are LIKE NEW and just NEw copies of the five games I mentioned above go for $220-240 + tax....just saying

Edit: Adding all these games to my cart on and it would cost me well over $400 with shipping +tax. That's pre-owned mind you and you're not guaranteed to have a game with no scratches, or case and manual, or artwork with GS.... I'll give these guys a call and see what the trade-in value would be since they have 40% extra promo going on...I would never trade with them but I'll use it as a gauge I guess.

Gamespot friends and XBL/PSN review too

Does that title even make sense? probably not. But hopefully I can explain, cause this is a topic I've gained an interest on in the past couple of weeks. I've noticed a few of you on here actually, and not surprisingly game together, online. I think this is awesome, don't get me wrong, but then I asked myself, why I don't do this or asked anyone to add me or send my gamertag/PSN ID to some one. Then it hit me. I don't think I can live up to anyone's expectation...

Well wait...what the hell does that mean you might ask. It boils down to this. I think many of you will be either repulsed or turned off by the "real" me. In actuality I try to be as real as I can be on here, I try not to be fake. But some things about myself I rather not accidently show. I'd hate to lose a friend because of something stupid I said verbally or action. The people I do have as friends on there are people I actually know in real life....I guess they can tolerate me, because they feel they have to.

Or maybe it can boil down to the fact that I suck at online games...I really don;t know what I'm getting at or the purpose of this. I'm probably just speaking out of idiocy as I'll end it here

Here's another review for someone's viewing pleasure. Yep I've been on the path of mediocrity and dullness cause up on the chopping block is "Duke Nukem Forever." a game that is neither amazing or innovative. I still plan to have a review for Dark Souls up soon. I have trouble writing reviews for good games...That's weird. I guess I can't convey thoughts of joy or greatness in written form, but only thoughts of boredom, dull, bad and horrible...Ahhh whatever, I'll get to it eventually