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random/intresting facts day 2 June 6th

okay here are more facts (these are probably less knowable

French fries are not from france there from beligum
1 is 2 billion people will live to be 116 or older
more boys are born than girls during the day More girls are born at night

Random facts of the day #1 June 5th

Okay i'v decied to start a new blog series i'v seen alot of of the day blog series so mine is facts i'll do it everyday some where near 8 o'clock and i'll do 3 facts a day
#1 China has more english speakers than the USA
#2 An averge NFL career is 4 years (most are cut from the team and some have injurys)
#3 a infent panda is smaller than a full grown mouse

I'v quoted some one for future ownage awsome!

I put it in my sig anyway here it is

It brings nothing new to gaming, Halo3 beta graphics are way better, that drake game for xbox does have better gameplay then crysis and its for PC, nobody buys pc anymore.HazeNPopes
:lol: will see about that execpt a PM with this message attached in a couple months HazeNpopes

Level 21

Well yesterday i was unofficaly level 21 cause i had level 20 with 100 percent but anyway today i became and offical 21 any way now because of that i can start leveling faster than the hell that was Level 20 anyway i had some pretty easy final exams through the week.

5K posts!!! and a new banner

So i just posted mine anyway this is halfway to 10K and the 4K-5K jump has been the longest one out of all 1,000 post gap cause i my internet was not connected the first 5 days i moved into my house and i hate a 4 day suspention last week. So as you can see i have a new banner i think it looks cool BTW the games up there from left to right are Grand theft auto San Andras, Resident evil 4, Hitman (Prusmbly blood money) WWE Smack down VS. raw and the sims 2

pokemon Diamond, Super paper mario and the reason why i haven't been here.

Okay well i know i haven't been here in a while but my family moved to a new neighborhood (But yes i still go to the same school and everything) but when we got in time warner cable couldn't come and install or cable till today (yes i had to watch antina TV for the past couple days) till today friday so i just got it hooked up. Any way about the new games i got Pokemon Diamond which is real fun and i have already made it past the second gym. Then super paper mario which is good but the is so damn much text dialoug to read through. Any way i can't belive the mavs are getting there asses kicked

Damn it's been so long sense i'v played a hockey game i forgot who fun it is

Well on Wensday i got NHL 2k7 after a game to learn it all i was hooked so hooked i bought the game for $10 from gamefly i'v started a season mode as the Dallas stars and i'm 3-0 so far. I played against my dad but i got whooped (i swear my day fired 15 shots and 4 them went in compared to me who fired 35 shots and made 2. But any way NHL 2k7 is the only game i'v played senes Thursday.

Wow that was and excting day (Summary of what happend inside)

Okay so today i got up at 8'o clock and i had to go to my tae-kwon-do belt test to get to Purple belt and for those people that don't know what the belt ranking system it's white, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue, Purple, brown, red, red and black, and then soild black. Ok so i get to my test i know everything sadly i didn't brake the 1 inch board with a ax kick but i passed the test with a all-star rank (only 4 of 24 got it) So after that me and my friend, Allen,  (Who was also in the belt test) had planned to go with are or other best friend J.C. to go slot car raceing then another place that had some other stuff then anothe place that had go Kart. so my dad gave me $40 and i went with JC. After a 60 mile drive i got to the slot car track and completed 119 laps in an hour. ( JC got 128 and Allen got 108) So his dad took us to go to go to this place that had slot car, an arcade, Billards, and Ping-Pong i played a littile of the stock cars and me and my friend played ping pong for about 30 minutes and we played a couple arcade games. And we drove another 80 miles to a place called adventure landing. To go Go kart raceing we went on 3 go kart races and by this time it's 9:30 we drive another 20 miles home and i get dropped of my JC and his dad. We did so much to day yet i had 3 large cokes so i'm not tired.