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Gamespot Changes and Level 56

So GS will be making some changes, and really only one really bothers me.

GS will reset user levels. Now I've been coming to this site for 8 years, and it has taken me that long to get to lvl 56.

Im sorry but this upsets me, I wore that level as a badge of honor. I always thought it showcased my commitment to all things video game related and it feels like that is being taken from me.

I can always lurk in the new forums I guess.....

Built My first gaming Computer.

Phenom X6 1100T@3.3ghz

HD 6970

8GB Corsair Ram

Thermaltake 850watt psu


Windows 7 64 bit

Im pretty excited; built it for BF3, Skyrim, and The Old Republic

Kentucky Wildcats

The University of Kentucky Wildcats will be playing their first exhibition game today! I cant wait for this season! Does anyone else here watch college basketball?