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On a small trip

Yea So I will be gone for about two weeks guys could be more or it could be less i'm not sure, but im not dead, i'll just be gone for awhile, so see yalls later

My Love

I could see the beauty of your heart through your fascinating eyes which are full of life and imaginative imagination of your life I could feel your purest inspite of hectic schedules and activities. Your penetrating look could conquer anyone heart and will melt their heart to fall on their knees. Your intense and lovable romantic feeling could bring back them to their feet to pursue your everlasting lovable kindhearted heart full of loving thought and caring. You and you alone can make them completely in their day to day life activites. You'll be the secret that keeps them fit and happy to their day to day active activities. You'll be their inspiration and happiness to bring your house in order to be call your home for everlasting happiness with your future. Love to imagine things which I love to happen in my life.