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I am back it seems

What is up anyone who is still reading these. I am back I hope. I am in my Grad Degree program at DePaul, I am married now, and if you want to, you can find me on Facebook as Sprucecaboose (

RIP Michael Jackson

I will keep this short and sweet: I grew up with his music defining my life. Amazing artist, good man. Shame people will remember him for something he probably never did instead of his amazing decades worth of music. RIP Michael. You will be sorely missed.

PS: If you are going to post anything at all negative about him as a comment, save yourself the trouble. This is not a discussion piece, and I am not interested in people wanting to bash him or his music right now. I will entertain debate about him later should you want to be a jerk.

So it has returned

My 360 is back. Sent it out April 30th, and I got it back May 13th. So two weeks from ship to return. Not too bad IMO, and I got a new system (3-2009) back finally, not just a refurb. So nice! Happy gaming to all.

FFT, Valkyria, and Life

Just completed Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions on PSP. It took 99+ hours (it stops counting after 99 so I am not sure), but I finished with all 5 characters in my core party at level 99 with 99 exp (level cap). After hitting that, I just walked through the last three Lucavi like nothing. Next up on TRPG on PSP is Disgaea: SAfternoon of Darkness, and since I am a level grinding fiend (see above), I have been assured by many people and reviews that I will be right at home on Disgaea.

I also started Valkyria Chronicles, and I must say, I am loving the gameplay, and the game is fantastically beautiful. Really glad the game was recommended so highly on SW that I picked it up. Great TRPG with a twist. After VC, hopefully I will be able to start on Disgaea 3, but I want to complete Disgaea on PSP first before playing 3.

Oh well. Its summer, and I have 3 great TRPGs to play. Life is looking swell, with some other fantastic games lined up along the side to give me variety. Man, great time to be a gamer, no matter what side you fall with, so enjoy it!

And the semester is over

Finally. My 22 credit hour semester finishes today at 10 AM when I complete my last final, this one in Cognitive Psychology. I can safely say that I will never take another 22 credit hour load, as that was a lot of classes (7), and I don't want that many every again! :P

At least it is over, and I only have one more semester before I finally get those degrees. After that....finding a real job. Not the most pleasing prospect out there given the economy, but hey, can't do anything about that!

So, if you know anyone who needs to hire a begining programmer with a BA in psychology who wants to study AI in the next 8 months or so, pass them this blog! :D

P.S. Bungie, you know you want me on your team as a tester....come on! Please?

Ok, MS is not all bad

With one escalation, the call center supervisor (who was very nice, actually) waived the $119.99 fee for repairing the console, so I will be getting my 360 fixed for free. Kudos to MS for that.

When I get it back, I can pay $30 a year for warranty coverage, which I actually think sounds like an ok idea, considering my luck. So yeah, I am happy, and MS did well by me, even if the 360 is built like a timebomb.

I think its happening

Well, I think my 360 is dying. It keeps freezing on me at random times and last night was making a weird beep when I would power up and then it would freeze right after the beep.

And I am outside the MS warranty. If it bites it, I will be left with the PS3 and Wii until I can scrounge up $150-$200 to either have MS repair it or to replace it with an Arcade model. Pretty lame if you ask me.

Thanks MS. I love your platform, but I will be on my 5th 360 if this one croaks (the others I was in warranty for). PROTIP: Stop making consoles out of cardboard, hopes, and dreams and learn from Ninty!

A weird, delightful viewing experience.

Just watched Repo! The Genetic Opera last night. I have to say, its different, its campy, its a bit off the wall, but I have to say, I think I enjoyed it quite a bit.

It may be sacrilege for me to say it, but I think its somewhere near Rocky Horror IMO in its campy, cult-hit-ness. I can't say its for everyone, but I am sure glad I gave it a chance. I recommend people at least watch it once, as you may find something out of it that clicks with you. ;)

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