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I bought a Wii U! and Plants vs Zombies 2 rant.

Along with Pikmin 3 because I've been dying to play it. Even though I love Nintendo I was holding off on buying one because of the miserable library of games. I've been enjoying my purchase so far but my only complaint has got to be the gamepad's pathetic battery life (something like an hour or so before it needs recharging).

So here where I live in Australia PvZ2 was released early for some reason. How is it? Well the game has now become one of those stupid free to play apps that are designed to suck your wallet dry. Yes, no more strategy. Now it's all about grinding and purchasing power ups with in game coins or real money to win levels.

Buuuuut Popcap was bought by EA so that would explain everything.

What's with all these beggars all of a sudden?

So recently I've noticed this growing trend while browsing online in the past few weeks of some new and obscure developers asking people to donate large amounts of money through kickstarter for them to 'develop games' and they always post milestones, goals and whatnot in order to try and encourage as many people to donate as much as they can. 

I know it shouldn't bother me that much but it kind of does. I mean asking people for something like $50,000 and then getting it seems like overkill, but then what happens if they don't reach that amount? Does it all go to waste? Does the money go straight into their pockets?

Is this really a good cause to ask people for money?

Sony's E3.

Never in my life did I think a brand new system would get less play at a major press conference than a peripheral made for toddlers. Good work killing the Vita Sony.

PS3 Get!

Along with Dark Souls and LittleBigPlanet 2 (which I probably won't play for much). Add my ID it's *drumroll* SpinoRaptor24, and you too, can play Uncharted or something with me.

Getting a PS3 soon.

After realizing that so many of my friends have PS3s and I don't, it got me thinking, why haven't I bought one yet? I have every other system this gen, including both a Vita and a 3DS. Since the 360's library looks rather dull this year (I'm kinda tired of Halo) while the Wii is practically dead, expect to see me purchase one next month.

PS Vita, GOW and Rayman Origins

Well I don't even remember the last time I made a blog, so here we GO!

Before ditching my primitive PSP I played GOW Ghost of Sparta, which (apart from the visuals) was quite an underwhelming experience. I've never really played a proper GOW game before, but if it's anything akin to this then bah, I'm not missing out on much. Combat is mindless button mashing, being nowhere near as deep as say DMC, Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta. Kratos is probably one of the worst and most unlikable protagonists in gaming because he ALWAYS talks and acts like he's severly constipated and the whole game is short, finishing entirely after like 5 hours. So GOW? lol yeah, no thanks.

But there is a game I'll embrace, and it's Rayman Origins, which looks absolutely stunning on the Vita, which itself is a rather neat handheld. You can add my Vita gamertag, which is SpinoRaptor24.

Handheld introspective/ The 3rd Birthday.

Since there haven't been many titles worth purchasing on my 360, most of my gaming time has now been dedicated to playing on the 3DS and PSP. Unsurprisingly, my 3DS has been playing DS games, mostly Poke'mon Black and Radiant Historia. I can't even get into competitive battling in Black because my 3DS won't connect to ANY wifi router or hotspot, which makes me demotivated to EV train my Poke'mon.

Radiant Historia needed more detail, environments were too bland and empty. Still a decent JRPG though with some top notch music. 3rd Birthday is a mixed bag. Aya is a stupid, whining, annoying woman whose sole purpose is to provide fan service to players, thanks to the fact that her clothes come off the more you take damage and her "protective gear" consists of maid and bunny outfits. We're further expected to take her seriously when the cutscenes of her going through emotional trauma play. It's still decent in short bursts.

Seriously, you might as well give her a mop and have her scream "Get outa mah kitchen!" in battle.

Final blog of the year.

So here we are at the end of 2010 and man has it been a quick yet intense year. It feels like yesterday I was marking my calendar for January. I've finished my first year of Uni, and now moving on to the second. Other things have happened too. I've become more in touch with my Religion after an unpleasant incident. Anyhoo, I thought I'd finish with my favourite game I've played this year, and my personal GOTY of 2010.


Yeah I know, the story made less sense than a polar bear riding a unicycle, but what Bayonetta lacks in story it makes up for everything else. Fantastic and fluid gameplay, beautiful art, catchy soundtrack, vast lasting appeal (hell fighting the bosses over and over again is more than enough). So Stop your quibbling, it's about everything you could ever ask from a videogame.

Of course it's not without its flaws though. Some driving sequences drag out too long, and later cutscenes are too lengthy, but these are small blemishes on an otherwise MASTERPIECE. It honestly pounds both Ninja Gaiden 2 and Devil May Cry 4 into the dirt and pounds more dirt on top of them. If you don't like Bayonetta, then you don't like videogames, and you should probably quit playing videogames before you hurt the gaming industry by purchase another COD. Yes, I'm serious (no I'm just kidding do what you want, just as long as you play Bayonetta)


Other honorable mentions this year:

-Alan Wake
-Super Mario Galaxy 2
-Halo Reach
-Red Dead Redemption
-Dead Rising 2
-Super Meat Boy
-Mass Effect 2
-Plants vs Zombies (I know it came out last year on PC, but it I also played it on the 360 this year. Good game go check it out, it's also available on iPhone.)

...Annnd that's pretty much it for this year. I'll see you folks in 2011.

So I finally got my own Nintendo Wii.

Good thing too. I wasn't getting the chance to play with my cousin's Wii as much, mainly because I rarely visit him and I really didn't want to miss out on No More Heroes 2, SMG2 and the upcoming Trauma Centre game.

One thing I never really liked was the Wii's game cases. White is too bland and the Wii rarely receives limited/collector's editions of games, so I'm stuck with these mediocre cases. Nintendo; where are mah limited editionz ?

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