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SpinalClash Blog

SpinalClash's Official Return To Gamespot Blog

Hello there every one on Gamespot. It certainly has been a while. 7 months if i'm not mistaken. Anyway.....SPINALCLASH IS BACK! and here to stay :). I'm going to get right into it. Why was I gone for 7 months. Well, my account was hacked, same with my Giant Bomb account and my Youtube account. I tried for a couple months to guess the password to get back into my accounts but I got caught up with school work and eventually just gave up. Yes, I did think of making a new account, but I really didn't want to start at level 1 again. There is one good thing that did happen with my dissappearance from Gamespot. My school marks have sky rocketted from last semesters average of 56.4 to this semester impressive average of 80.5. Oh and just putting this in here right now i'll make this a Q&A blog too, incase there is some more stuff you want to know.

So, since I never got the oppurtunity to share this I will tell what I got for Christmas. My best gift would deffinatly have to be my iPod touch 16 gigs and I've reccently just jail broke too it's pretty sweet :D. I also got Guitar Hero World Tour. A very fun game I might say I'm not too good at games like Guitar Hero put I still love to play them. Umm, actually besides those 2 thing my Christmas kinda sucked I just got some crappy Wii games from the cheap bin, a new hoodie, and some chocolates. Come to think of it 2 I missed my 2 year anniversery on Gamespot (even though I was gone for a huge chunk of it) Well happy anniversery to me lol.

GAME TIME :D. Yesterday I just got the urge to pick up and play Star Fox Command so I did lol. I've been playing it non-stop since then. It's quite good just don't like the time limit and the control the Arwing with the touch screen. I have also just completed a new file on Star Fox Adventures and I tell ya the test of fear is very hard. Oh I also got Guitar Hero Metallica a.k.a. PURE AWESOMENESS. Metallica's my new favourite band. I'm going to a concert soon.

I am thinking of starting a blog article. I've debated about starting one along time ago but I still don't know if I will write a story, an article, or an opinion piece. Just kind of confusing. I was thinking of doing an article about N64 games but then again still aint sure. So, it's 2am here and the birds are startin' to chirp so that must mean I should be off to bed. Remember this is also a Q&A .:.SCout.:.

P.S. I haven't been able to make an appearance at The Gamers Zone because everytime I click on the link it says Connection Interrupted.

It's A Very Long Story

Hello every one it's me SpinalClash. I am very, very sorry for leaving like that I never meant to do that. I just wanted to say I am deffinatley back now for good!. I'm doing a project for school and writing this at the same time lol but yeah so I can't say much more I will soon post a blog explaining everything. I am deffinatly back though, sorry to every one for just up and leaving. I kind of feel like Falco at the end of Star Fox Adventures y'know just the up and leaving and comming back I hope you can all just accept me back though lol. Also,could some one maybe fill me on bannings and if the mods are still doing stupid bannings.:.SC'sBACK!.:.

Pretty Fun Week

Hey every one I've been having so much fun this past week I've spent most of this week in the water lol. Come to think of it how can I change my banner I can't get the direct url of it anymore lol. Also every one if you haven't found out yet Thomas-Crown has been suspended for 3 days he told me on Giant Bomb. Speaking of Giant Bomb it's kind of getting boring for me the only thing they have that Gamespot doesn't have is a Wikipedia feature that I do like and HUGE profile pictures which I really like but I like the people here the most. I had to restart my Pokemon Diamond game because of a glitch so this time I chose the girl and named her the same name on the show. Well I think that's all for now. Wait no one more thing. I heard a while back about some thing internet providers are doing to fine you if you steal music so before that starts I'm going to download all my favourite bands discography then put them on CD's just thought I'd through that in there ok. .:.SCout.:.

What The Giant Bomb?

Gamespot it's it's it's a Giant Bomb rip off now. I got to say wow and if any one says they like this new Gamespot and hates Giant Bomb your an idiot because they're the same thing. Thats like saying I like saying I love Mario games but I hate Mario. But that's enough for now I'm going back over to Giant Bomb to continue building up my points count by adding/editing content. I just want to say good work FoxMcCloud or Starfox-Elite over here on Gamespot for getting over 600 points on Giantbomb now that's a huge accomplishment. .:.SCout.:.

The Stupid Blog (I Was Bored)

I really liked Miley Cyrus's new Hardcore Death Metal album. My Guitar Hero friend code is 2. Samus is the coolest dude ever. Jesus, He Knows Me. Me and Phill Collins have destroyed 573 287 928 evil lesbian robots. Do do do dooo do do doo do do doo OH WAH AH AH AH. I eat inferior games for breakfast. When Phill Collins and Chuck Norris die the world will enter perill. The first person to comment will get a cookie the second person to comment will get a slice of pizza the third person to comment will have to eat this blog. I will dedicate my next blog to the 12th person to comment. K,Bye. Oh by the way any one who doesn't comment will be killed by Phil Collins sorry its just the rule of the stupid blog, well Phil Collins or Chuck Norris or any person who's cool and over 50 years of age. K,Bye. .:.SCout.:. YEAH NEW MODIFIED VERSION OF MY SIGN OFF PHRASE!!!

K, Back

Ok well my mom told me the computer broke...HA like oh my god it wasn't even broken the monitor was un-plugged. I was so mad I yelled at her because if she just let me look at the computer I wouldn't of had to leave so she took away my DS until Sunday. I wish I had my DS so bad I bought Final Fantasy IV a couple days ago and barely was able to play it I got Cecil and Kain to level 15 then I didn't relized some birds petrified me so I lost and started back from level 10. Any way I'm happy to be back this summer has been fun well actually only a week of it has been fun theres been so much rain where I live so I've been stuck inside for basicly the whole summer. I want to ask this too what does every one here think of Action Replay and devices like that is every one cool with it or is it like using steroids? I just want to say this I never use cheat devices to beat a game only just to play around after I've done everything. Oh and more good news. Does any one remember one of my previos blogs where I talked about F-Zero GX being to hard? Ok well anyway I started playing it again and I finally beat Chapter 7 I then bought Chapter 8 and to my suprise (I swear I almost had a heart attack) I beat Chapter 8 on my first try. I got Chapter 9 and have been trying to beat it the only thing that holds me back from winning it is there are no railings so I have to work on my drifting. I also bought Pokemon Battle Revolution I figured I had some good Pokemon in Diamond and I transferred them over and I've been owning all of those other trainers I hated that Colesseum where the other trainers could end up with your Pokemon. I'll get my friend code for it soon. I was thinking to set up my friend with some Pokemon battles in his Pearl I'll post his code soon. As most kids I despise back to school commercials. All those kids being like "YEAH SCHOOL IS AWESOME!!!" I hate the one where they drive up to the school and start partying...COME ON YOUR AT SCHOOL WHAT'S THERE TO PARTY ABOUT. The other day in Brawl I made a stage of just falling blocks... a level 9 com got 6 self-destructs. In music news my favourite bands have or will be releasing albums this year Anthrax's is due out around December. Slipknot's is due out August 26th. Metallica's is due out September 12th. Disturbed's has already been released. So I'm pretty happy. But umm thats all I can think about now.SCout.

My Mom Broke The Computer

That's why I left for a week with out saying anything. I don't know when it will be fixed so I'm not sure when I can be back normally. I typed this short blog on my Wii.

Thoughts On Giantbomb

So you want to know what I think of Giantbomb eh? It's ok. Yeah, just ok, yeah ok, ok, yeah just OK that's it.....OMG WHO AM I KIDDING I LOVE GIANTBOMB IT'S AWESOME. But in all seriousness I really do like Giantbomb way more then I thought I would it's like the perfect combination of Gamespot and Facebook. Yesterday I was uploading some images and it's very quick compared to Gamespot. Also profile pictures on Gamespot can't be very big on Giantbomb they can be way bigger then here. So far I only have a couple friends there so if you have joined please add me. Also does any one know how to get points on Giantbomb? SCout.

EDIT: Here's a nice Pokemon battle for all you GO HITMONCHAN!!!

I Joined Giantbomb

Yeah I guess I'll give it a shot. I just signed up so I'm not to sure how the friend system is there so be my friend lol. And I'm going to post my first blog on Giantbomb right now.

OMG Internet

My Internet on my computer is running so insanely slow it's actually faster to type out my blogs on my Wii. Does any one have any suggestions to get my Internet working faster because it takes for ever to load a page. I logged on to Gamespot today and it took 10 minutes for the page to load.

P.S. I was using Fire Fox but it was so slow so I went back to Internet Explorer and thats a bit faster but still very slow.