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D4AD: Mafia Man

Mafia Man is yet another attempt at creating a fun and exciting “sandbox” experience, popularized by such titles as Grand Theft Auto III and True Crime Streets of LA. In the game, players take control of Bruno Barzini, an up and coming mobster, working his way up the food chain. The game takes place in a fictional metropolis called Shamville. Players will have a variety of missions to tackle, slowly leading them through the intense and twisting plot. Also like other games in the genre, players take on the missions whenever they feel like it, and have the option of exploring their environment at their leisure in between the core storyline missions. Of course, players will have the ability to commandeer all sorts of vehicles including cars, boats, and even airplanes. While on foot, players will be able to wield a seemingly endless number of weapons including pistols, rocket launchers, and everything in between.

 So, there you have it. The introduction to my entry. Things aren't always what they seem, though, eh?

(is annoyed at how hard it is to get the pic to resize)

Relax, Don't Do It, When You Want to...Strum?

So I couldn't resist picking up Guitar Hero over the weekend when I saw that they had two copies at my local Gamestop. I was not prepared to take a 70 dollar hit, but I got the feeling this game might slip through my fingers if I didn't jump on it while it was new.

Anyways, I was home for Thanksgiving when I made the purchase, but now I'm back at college and I didn't bring the game with me. It's dead week now, and I was probably wise to do so after reading so much about how hopelessly addicted some people are to this game. So it seems I won't be rockin' out for at least another week.

This excellent piece of writing lost BotW!

Short, but sweet. I called this Mario's Nap. I threw it together in 10 minutes. I'm a little surprised it lost, but meh.

Mario carefully made his way to the top of a nearby hill. Battered and bruised, but alive, Mario had confronted his arch nemesis and lived to tell the tale yet again. Though King Koopa had clearly fallen into a pit of unfathomably hot lava, Mario knew that this was certainly not the last time that the two would be face to face in the heat of battle. After a quick scan of his surroundings, Mario deeply sighed and sat down in the grass at his feet. Absorbed in thought, Mario leaned back and stared up at the sky. On this day, Mario almost felt like the sky was staring back. Of course, the clouds in the Mushroom Kingdom all had a set of eyes, but none the less, their warm glances were welcomed after such a trying confrontation.

Attempting to make himself more comfortable, Mario inadvertently put pressure on his hand. Wincing in pain, he immediately shot up and firmly gripped his wrist. Punching block after block with nothing but a white glove for protection would wear on just about anybody. Once the pain subsided, Mario cautiously returned to a more horizontal position. His eyelids began to get heavy, before he noticed something in the distance.

A group of wild lakitus glided across the sky. Mario twitched at first, ready to react to an attack, but quickly realized that these particular lakitus had not been trained by the evil King Koopa. Upon closer inspection, Mario realized that it was a family. The youngest lakitu was having trouble maneuvering his cloud, but his parents were urging him on. This made Mario smile. The Princess was finally safe, King Koopa was no longer an immediate threat, and the Mushroom Kingdom was, for the time being, at peace. Slowly, Mario closed his eyes, and fell into a well deserved sleep.

Still no God of War...

I'm pretty sure Alex could've delivered it via bike and gotten back in time for E3. Oh, and he could've used one of those impractical bikes with the gigantic front wheel.

Grrrr....(Lack of God of War related)

So, I won God of War over a month ago from On the Spot. I'm getting a little worried about the status of my free copy, though. I think this is the sixth week since I won it...I was eager to run out and buy it, and was happy to see I won it and my 50 bucks could be spent elsewhere.

This entry doesn't have a point, really. Me just want God of War. :cry:
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