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Mario has a New fan!!

Yeah Me!!

after many (MANY) trial for getting my wii.. it is getting in about week and a half!:D

i got a list of things i am going to sell. Star wars racer revenge, fifa street 2, Gta san andreas, a Ps2 waver controller, ps2 memory card, Game boy sp, gameboy sp charger, gba sp bag, ps2 bag.

i already have Super Mario sunshine and Rayman arena, And i have some things to buy like a DS, Gamecube memory card, Gamecube controller, wii games: Mario strikers charged, mario party 8, Super Mario galaxy, Super paper mario, Super smash bros brawl, and some other games for the wii like, Marvel ultimate alliance and Rayman raving rabbids.

For the Gamecube: Mario kart: double dash!!, Paper Mario: The thousand-year Door, Mario power tennis (maybe), and some others like Rayman 3: hoodlum havoc

And for my future ds: Mario Kart DS, Mario & Luigi: partners in time, Mario vs Donkey kong 2: The march of the minis, New super mario bros., Super Mario 64 (maybe)

bad, good, and exellent news

BAD.:( My mom told me to say the guy who was going to bring me the wii not to bring it to me

GOOD.:) I am getting a wii very soon...

Exellent.:D  A)  As you all know a women named Nancy gaved me my Ps2... another friend of my mom, whos name is also Nancy... who is also millionarie is going to give me the wii free!!  thats why i said the guy who was going to give me the wii not to bring it to me..:D

                   B)  My brother is going to bring me a Wii remote and nunchuck

                    C) Maybe the guy who was going to give me the wii will give me a game

So dont worry Mr. Satoru Iwata (Nintendo Co president).... I will have a wii...:wink::D:P:lol::):!:

New York Time says PS3 was a bust

PlayStation 3 one of five things magazine says "went from buzz to bust"; calls console "hideously expensive," launch titles "lame."

When the New York Times said the PlayStation 3 "just isn't that great" in November, many Sony fans were up in arms. However, those words were relatively kind compared to what Time had to say.

In naming its "5 Things That Went From Buzz to Bust" for 2006, the magazine put the PS3 right up there with Snakes on a Plane, O.J. Simpson's If I Did It book proposal, and Bode Miller's goose egg at the Winter Olympics.

The piece begins harshly ("The big story in computer games this year was HOW TO BLOW A HUGE LEAD, by Sony." (capitals in original)), continues brutally ("The PS3 is hideously expensive," "the launch titles were lame"), and ends with a schoolyard insult ("You know you're in trouble when you get beat by something called a Wii"). Time's disdain for the PS3 isn't unprecedented.

For the console's launch, the magazine also ran an article titled "Sony's PlayStation 3 Is Not Worth the Hype."

ps: please read the editorial bellow