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Minor Update

Hey everyone, it's been a while since I stopped in to blog here. :p

This is going to be another short blog and unfortunately I'm not returning to say that I'll be blogging on a regular basis. Due to things that are going on in my life, especially personally, I am not going to be blogging as often as I once was. I know I stopped blogging once a week a little over a year ago and I occasionaly stopped in to post an update on games, anime, etc.

I love writing and I enjoy blogging from time to time so when I do feel like it I may post a blog on here but as far as frequently blogging it isn't going to happen at the moment. I'm also working on games I've been planning to play or beat in my free time, so when I'm not focused on other things I like to relax and do that. I may write some new reviews for the games that I beat in the future but currently I haven't beaten anything in a few months so yeah. :P

Lastly, thanks to everyone who continues to read and comment despite me not being around a whole lot. :)

Anywho, I'll be cutting this blog off here. Hope you all are well and that you're enjoying your games and everything else in life~


Summer Hiatus

Hola everyone

Just popping in to make a quick blog to let everyone know I'm going to be on a hiatus for the summer. This will be from May until August or September, depending on the way things go in my life.

To explain: I have relatives visiting and staying with my family for the summer and I'm going to be focusing mainly on spending time with them, etc. So I've opted out of updating a lot of the online things I do, including this blog. I update my Backloggery but not really that often since the only game I'm bothering with really atm is Angry Birds Space on the PC.

And with that I'm not going to make this any longer. Hope you all have a wonderful summer and enjoy all the new video games, anime, movies, etc. that are released in the coming months. :)

Ciao for now everyone~

Xenoblade Chronicles, Pre-Orders and Angry Birds Mini Review!

Hola everyone!

My last blog was almost an entire rant on the horrible shipping experience I had with LaserShip but this blog I'll be talking about more important things: Video games! :3

Since my last blog I've received my copy of Fatal Frame III: The Tormented (PS2) but it arrived 5 days late. Not too bad but it would've been nice if it was on time, especially since it should never have taken that long to get to a place that was really only one state away from me. :P But I won't go into ranting again, and as for the comments I received regarding shipping.. Wow. I feel sorry for those of you who have to wait 3-4 weeks for just one game to ship! Hopefully shipping services get a bit better in your area. @_@;

Anywho! Since my last blog I've also made a pre-order for the upcoming Wii RPG:


Xenoblade Chronicles! I'd heard about this game for a while and to be quite honest, I wasn't really all that interested in the game or planning on purchasing it but after seeing some gameplay videos and whatnot I had a change of heart and so I've put my pre-order in with GameStop to have my copy picked up at my local store. :D I've read some horror stories about GS's shipping as well but *hopefully* I don't have these issues.. As I pre-ordered Zelda: Skyward Sword from them and received it without delay I'm sure everything will be fine. :)

The pre-order for North America comes with the Xenoblade Chronicles artbook. I've never owned or purchased an artbook for a game or anime so this'll be my first, even if it turns out to be one of those mini art books. :p I don't really care, I just wanted to make sure I got the game on release date, artbook or not.

Secondly, I've decided to pre-order a copy of..


The Last Story! The music is apparently composed by Nobuo Uematsu who composed, as we know, a lot of the Final Fantasy series music. I've already heard some of the spectacular pieces that will be in this title and I have to say it has all the things you'd expect from an amazing composer like Uematsu. He has such wonderful talent and it always helps if a game has a great story as well as wonderful music to draw you in. :)

Here's a few favorites from the OST that I've listened to:

"Just Being Near You." - Nobuo Uematsu
"Bonds." - Nobuo Uematsu
"Hearts Bounce Loudly." - Nobuo Uematsu

Did I mention that the artwork for this game is absolutely gorgeous as well? I mean, seriously, take a look at the artwork over at Creative Uncut. I was first interested in the game after seeing a friends' theme on Backloggery for The Last Story. I first thought it was going to be an RPG for the PS3 or 360 but was overjoyed when I discovered it would be released on the Wii. Sure, the Wii may not have "HD graphics" but it still delivers a beautiful display of graphics anyway. :)

Oh and before I forget, here's some of my favorite tracks from Xenoblade Chronicles:

"Main Theme."
"You Will Know Our Names."

Both games have wonderful soundtracks and I'm looking forward to owning and playing both of them this year (somehow managed to talk my mom into getting me The Last Story as well in June :D Yesss!). I'm sure they'll both be fun to play and while The Last Story was the game I was looking forward to more than Xenoblade Chronicles it has now reversed. xD Now I can't wait 'til I play Xenoblade Chronicles! :D

EDIT: I forgot to mention that a game similar to The Last Story, known as Pandora's Tower, may be released in North America as well. :D

Oh and I won't be pre-ordering my copy of The Last Story until sometime in May. Gotta pre-order closer to release date or I'll completely forget that I pre-ordered it. >.> Silly, I know, but it'll happen since I'm picking my copies up at the store, not shipping to my address. @_@ Haha.

Lastly comes my mini review of...


Angry Birds! This game can't really be reviewed I guess, since it kind of has a story but at the same time it's a casual game with a light story so not too much to go over besides how the gameplay functions, etc. :p I'm not going to type a wall of text so I'll just type a small comment for the first 3 games in the series:

Angry Birds: This game was fun and cute and at times a little difficult if I wasn't using my brain to figure out some of the levels but overall it was a decent game and worth the $4.95, but no more than that.

Angry Birds Rio: This version of the game offered new elements in the sense that there was new aesthetic appeal because you were rescuing birds instead of smashing pigs at the beginning of the game and then taking care of pesky monkeys instead of pigs when the later levels came. There were also some "boss fights" in this version but to be honest, I feel the game was purposely made easier solely because it was based on the movie Rio and also the rebalancing of certain elements from the first game.

Angry Birds: Seasons: More of the first game but with a seasons look to it. Christmas, Easter, etc. not much else I can really say about this one.

And of course... With the release of...


I had to grab a copy of it as well since it was cheap for $5.95 on the Rovio store.. I've only played the first 10 levels or so of it but it's nice to see the game taking on new things and going in a different direction. The addition of gravity, etc. in outer space makes it feel less like the same and more of the new. :) I'll probably blog my full opinion on this game later but as of right now, I'm still working on it.

Sooo that's all for now. Not much else to rant about, really. :p I hope everyone is doing well and anyone who's buying Xenoblade Chronicles, I hope you enjoy it a lot. :D

Ciao for now everyone!

Anime, Movies, Games, and A Bad Shipping Company

Hey everyone!

Since my last post I haven't really done a whole lot but I have managed to watch some more stuff and to work on a few games as well as finally kickstart my journey towards furthering my education. :D So read on for more!

In my last post I mentioned that I was watching Baka and Test -- a comedy anime that was just a lot of fun to watch. You don't really watch it a whole lot for the storyline but more for the action and the moments in the anime where you find yourself laughing so much you have tears in your eyes. xD I personally loved this anime, even if it was only 12 episodes long and the episodes seemed to fly by.

I mean.. c'mon, it has lots of awesome things.. :

An angry cult who punished the main character for having lunch made for him by girls. xD






The infamous trap of Baka and Test: Hideyoshi! I love Hideoyshi.. He really does look like a girl. xD

Ahem. But.. Anyway. Overall I give the anime a 10/10. It made me laugh and still kept my attention with all the parts that were considered the "main story." :p If you like funny anime, this is a good one to check out.
Anyway. Aside from anime I recently watched Terminator Salvation and next up is Captain America and Thor. Sure, these probably aren't the best movies out atm but I did enjoy Terminator Salvation a whole lot. :D Hopefully the others are at least decent.. Oh, and I guess another movie I've recently watched is Summer Wars. LOVE that anime movie! Almost as much as I love Nausicaa. xP

And finally.. In the gaming department:

Angry Birds!


I'm finally sitting down to complete this game. Have to say that some of the later levels are pretty challenging but it's a lot of fun, especially playing it on my desktop with my big widescreen monitor. :D If I had an iPhone I'd definitely be buying one of those privey iPhone skins, too. xD Gotta bug my mom and see if she'll buy me Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio this evening.. :p It's pretty cheap for 2 games.
Speaking of games, I recently ordered a copy of Fatal Frame III: The Tormented on eBay but have yet to recieve my copy in the mail.. Which brings me to the next rant in this blog:

My order is two days late thanks to the craptastic shipping company known as LaserShip. Let me be the first to warn all of you to never order or have your packages delivered throught his company. My order was processed and finalized on the 5th and it is now the 9th -- almost 5 days after my intial order and I still have not yet recieved my package. My item was coming from Tennessee and I live in Florida so it shouldn't be too long for a package to come here.. Especially considering that I'd recieved a UPS box at my address from TN before in less than a week. Now you may ask -- what's taking them so long? I'll try to make it short:

I called customer service for LS on the 8th and asked if my package was being delivered or if it had even arrived in my state. Seeing as their super craptastic online package tracker marked it as "delivered", I also want to clear that confusion up with them. The nice gentlemen on the phone explained that my package had been accidentally routed to the Miami, FL facility and not to the Tampa one... Which is the one that is closest to my address. He told me my package was being sent overnight to the Tampa facility and would be OUT for delivery by today. 2:30PM rolled around today and so I recalled customer service to verify that my package would be here today and if it had arrived or not. Unsurprisingly the man on the phone now told me that it has never been recieved from the Miami facility and because of that I would unfortunately have to wait until tomorrow to find out if my package would be delivered or not.

I'll be honest: It pissed me off a LOT that I'd basically been lied to by a customer rep who assured me it would be here TODAY. Sure, nothing is guranteed when it comes to shipping companies but considering the fact that my UPS order for my GED study books took an extra day to process AND still got here (yesterday) before LaserShip was absolutely shocking. Now I'm told that I need to personally contact the Tampa location and ask them tomorrow. This really irks me and it irks me even more that this terrible c

ompany had the balls to have an employee lie to me over the phone AND the nerve to have crappy delivery service at the same time. I am absolutely never going to accept another package from this company.. I will be paying the extra cash for UPS one-night delivery or 2 day shipping. It's well worth the extra $$ when you can properly track your order online and know when it'll be there and on the exact day.

With LaserShip they even have my package marked as "delivered" online which it is not. They didn't even bother clearing it up and if this isn't resolved by tomorrow then I am speaking to a supervisor and I'll have to be not so nice about having my stuff delivered to me. Seriously. The Miami facility is FOUR hours away.. They had all night AND today to bring it there. I am very displeased with this BS.

But anyway, enough of my ranting. If you order from eBay or Amazon OR Barnes & Noble, I suggest you cancel if you get your order picked up by LS. Terrible delivery times and TERRIBLE customer support as far as I'm considered. You're better off ordering from sites that value how soon their customers get their packages.. Not ones who'd rather pay 20% less on shipping but still spend the extra money on re-shipping items to customers. Lol.

I'm gonna scoot off and watch some movies now~ Have a great weekend everyone! :D

Ciao for now!

Long Time No Blog!

Wow, it's been a long time since I've been on here. xD

I had some free time today so I decided it would be a good day to sit down and type a blog, however short or long it turns out being. :p And to give you all an update ony my gaming, life, etc. althogh nothing terribly amazing or different has changed in my life.. 'Cause my life isn't very spontaneous at the moment. :3

Let me start with gaming:

In my last blog I posted what I recieved for Christmas and whatnot, and at that point I was playing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword with my boyfriend, To_Ashes. We went through the game at a pretty quick pace but then we took a small break for whatever reason and.. Now we are at the part right before you return to the volcano area or wherever. Hopefully we'll finish up this game sometime soon since I'd like to move on to new games. And yes, I am pointing a big finger at my boyfriend. :p

Other than that we've been playing a little Wii game called...

Monster Hunter Tri! :D This game is absolutely amazing and it's so much fun to play. I can honestly say this is the best online multiplayer game that I own and have played for the Wii. You can party with different people for different missions and there's no level limit on who can party with who (unless you're not a high enough Hunter Rank [HR] to join a particular quest). The graphics are pretty amazing for the Wii and I love that the WiFi is generally fast instead of slow as you see in some online games for a console. :3

Other than that I haven't really bothered with many other games. I really need to hop on it though, as I've got so many unfinished games and so many new ones I want to buy. :p

Aside from games I recently finished watching an anime:


Tenjou Tenge! This anime is full of blood, big boobs, panty shots and martial arts. xD Yep. That pretty much sums up the anime.. But read below for my opinion:

If you want a synopsis then click here.

This anime starts off excellent and I found myself watching several episodes at a time.. until I hit the episodes that consist of nothing but what is called the "flashback arc." This meaning that the episodes don't pertain to the current events taking place in the anime, but the retelling of past events from one of the characters. This is all fine and dandy if it were only for a few episodes.. But unfortunately it is dragged on for nearly half the series until you hit a mark where you think it's going to be about the current characters, not past ones. But ooops, the creators decided it would be a great idea to throw yet another flashback arc into the mix. So overall I would say 95% of this anime is watching all about Maya Natsume's past with her brother, etc. and then the remaning 5% only consists of the episodes not pertaining to the flashback ones.

I'll be very honest and say the ending to this anime is pretty crap. You're expecting some sort of conclusion or end of events but you're left wanting more or with a LOT of questions (like me) instead of sitting back and saying "That was a good anime and it had a decent ending." The 2-episode OVA was created to supplement the series but however 2 episodes is not even enough to tie up all the loose ends the main series has and while I agree the ending to the OVA was much more fitting than the original one it still makes me frustrated because they don't answer a lot of questions you have OR tie up loose ends.

In the end, Tenjou Tenge was enjoyable but has way too many loose ends and unanswered questions. The ending feels rushed and as if the series were cut short at the halfway point. The OVA is good to watch but don't even bother with the Tenjou Tenge movie if you watched all the flashback episodes as it is simply a retelling of those episodes in movie form (which is a total joke, lol).

Not really reccomended so I give it a 7/10. :| So sad since I had high hopes for this anime.

But anywayyyy. I'm now working my way through Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu (Baka and Test - Summon the Beasts). It's a very good anime so far and has a lot of comedy in it, which I love. :D

Anywho, I'm off to do other things.. Like continue to bug my boyfriend to wake up. :p So have a great weekend everyone!

Ciao for now!

Christmas, Games and New Years!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I was unable to post a blog before Christmas but it's been hectic and busy due to family stuff and being preoccupied with many different things. But I decided to pop in for a quick update right before New Years as well as share all the goodies I got for Christmas. :) But enough of my rambling, read below for the list!

(I'm only adding photos of the major stuff since that'll save space and I doubt you want photos of EVERYTHNIG):

For Christmas I recieved:

- Spa foot bath with chamomile epsom salt
- Multiple bottles of nail polish (rainbow nails!)
- Britney Spears' fragrance 'Fantasy' (smells awesome)
- Makeup set
- Coke glass
- $15 in cash (swapped with my mom for $20 NX on Dungeon Fighter)

There were a few other little things such as bracelets and stuff, but I also recieved:

Epic Mickey Zelda SS

I count The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword because my mom was nice enough to pre-order it for me way back in November and get it for me on release day. :) It was like an early Christmas present.. Only I didn't play it at all really 'til December because I was waiting on my boyfriend to get it for Christmas as well. :p But anywho! I think Epic Mickey was the most unexpected gift I recieved.. I wasn't expecting to get any video games at all for Christmas but I got one anyway so yay. :D

Oh, I also picked this up a little before Christmas:


I donated myself this time after recieving Humble Indie Bundle #1 from Mufujifi. While I was unable to enjoy the games when she gifted them to me due to my craptastic computer before, after I got my new ones, I redeemed the games I'd been waiting for so long to play and enjoyed them a lot. Sooo.. You can guess what happened when I saw the fourth bundle. I bummed $5 off my mom and donated $5.24 all to charity and grabbed up the set of games they offered, which include Cave Story+ and Super Meat Boy. I'm glad they offer great games in a bundle like this, especially for someone like me who is almost always unable to buy games at retail price/on release date. :p

So anyway. That's about everything I got for Christmas. I'm planning to head out to GameStop on January 6h and pick up Monster Hunter Tri and Mario Strikers Charged for the Nintendo Wii. Two games that look really fun and also offer WiFi capability so me and my awesome boyfriend can play together. ;) Too bad he'll get beat down in Mario Strikers Charged and I'll feed him to the giant monsters in Monster Hunter Tri, mwhuahahaha. Cough cough. I mean.. Nothinggg, I love you sweetie! :D

On that note I'm off to play some games and stuff. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and that you all have a wonderful New Years!

Ciao for now~


Just a heads up -- I'm not back from my hiatus. Still have too many things I need to do atm, so I apologize for no comments and whatnot.

Temp. Hiatus

Hey everyone~

How is everyone? I'm doing pretty good, just wanted to pop in and leave a message for all my GameSpot friends/new people who might come across my page:

Recently and for the next month or so I'm going to be very busy and I won't be able to really come on GameSpot to blog/comment/etc. I didn't want to go on temporary hiatus without giving everyone a heads up so no one thinks I disappeared or quit GameSpot. :p

Soo if I don't come around for a bit I'll go ahead and say Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas! I'll hopefully be returning before Christmas but not for sure yet.

On a last note, I'm getting The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on November 20th! Yay :D Only downside is that I don't own a Wiimote with MotionPlus so I'll have to wait 1-2 weeks after I get my copy to buy the attachment but who cares, ZELDA GOODNESS! :D Just annoys me that Nintendo didn't include the attachment with the regular edition of the game.. They want you to pay $70 for Collector's Edition that's ONLY available for preorder and if you buy the attachment it's $70-75 together anyway. : Unfortunately my mother does not have said $70-75 to blow on one game so I'm opting for the $35 pricetag it'll be when she picks it up on November 20th (I put $15 down on my preorder).

Anywho, I hope everyone has great month and whatnot. I'll be on to eye things now and then and to add any new games to my collection list but for now, I'll have to scoot off.

Have a great week/month everyone. :)



Sorry I haven't bothered stopping in to blog, I've been distracted and busy with other things.. Sooo.. I kind of forgot about GameSpot. xD Shame on me, but it happens.

Anywho, I'm really lazy atm so I'm going to try to keep this brief.. So.. I'll just list all the crap I've been up to:

- I've been playing Dungeon Fighter Online and Tales Runner during all my free time. :3

- Me and my boyfriend reached our 5 month mark, I may or may not have blogged about this before

- I started playing Parasite Eve on the PSX and slowly am working towards starting Final Fantasy VI as well. PE is probably going to come first since I've made more progress on it.. No FFVI attack me with stones. :[

- I recently acquired a near brand-new full leather office chair. 'Tis nice when sitting at the computer for long periods of time ;D Oh, I also acquired some new speakers.. But I've yet to get off my butt and test them out.

- I'm addicted to watching the Boomerang Channel now. Forget Cartoon Network, bring on the Boomerang! ;)

- I changed my bedroom around.. My bed now faces my computer again. It's nice because my room feels more open now and the cabinet that was next to my computer desk isn't sticking out like a sore thumb.

- I changed my GS banner and blog banner. Enjoy the new images~

Well, that's about all I've been up to/done. I would make this a bit longer and I'd probably smack some images on for good measure but I've got other thing I need to tend to today.

So until then, have an awesome weekend everyone :D


Okay, I had to leave you guys with something funny/retarded. So here it is:

Ash Teaches Pikachu How To Hide Farts

Mana Series + New Gamepad (with photos) + Happy Birthday!

Hola everyone!

How has everyone been? I've been good. Just been playing games and spending time with my boyfriend, To_Ashes. :) Speaking of him, today is a very special day for him: it's his birthday! ^__^ So, before I discuss anything, I just wanna leave a message on my blog for when he comes home (he's out with family, he'll never know I'm putting this here xD mwhuaha):


He turns 23 today, which means he's officially a year older than I am again. :P I get to tease him about his age again! Yesss! xD Oh and I forgot to post here before but my birthday was on September 13th. :D I turned 22 -- which made me the same age as my boyfriend until now.. Now he's older than me. That's alright though, I like that he's older than me. ;D Haha. I'm gonna hush about that topic and.. I'd like to leave a special message for him on this blog so he can come home to something that makes him smile. :) If you don't like mushy stuff, feel free to skip past the different colored text and go onto the rest of the post. :p ::

We haven't known each other that long and we've only been dating for 4 months, but Mike, you've made me the happiest girl in the world. You've taught me to be happy with who I am, You taught me to never be afraid to try new things or to at least give something a chance, You erased all the doubts and fears I've had in previous relationships, You healed my hear even when I thought it'd be broken forever.. You pulled me out of that deep, dark hole when I thought I'd lost who I was forever. Because of you, I can be who I want and you love me and accept me for everything I am, faults and all. :)

Though we've only dated for 4 months it feels like I've known you forever. Sometimes I think you're my twin, that's how much we have in common.. We even say the same thing at the same time sometimes. :p We haven't even met physically yet but I know that no matter how far away we are or how long we have to wait to see each other you aren't going to abandon me.. You aren't going to give me doubts or make me scared that you'll leave me simply because of the distance between us. It makes me happy knowing I've finally met someone who's just like me and is willing to put forth the extra effort to make it work, even when we aren't physically together.

You promised me a long time ago that you would always be there for me and that you would never hurt me. You've been there for me since day one and you've never hurt me or made me spend hours crying in my bedroom. You've given me a reason to be happy and a reason to smile everyday I wake up.

I promised you a few months ago that I would take you away from all the bad crap someday and I'm still keeping that promise, no matter how hard I have to work for it. Lastly, I love you. I'll never judge you for the way you look or the faults that everyone has. To me you're perfect and that's all that matters. I love you for who you are and I will always love you no matter what happens, and I'll always be there for you through thick an thin. You make me so happy and I know we're going to stick together in the long run, no matter what anybody says.

I love you, Happy Birthday honey. :)

Derp. I'm not really all that good at writing lovey dovey things like that.. I'm better at writing poetry but I'm having issues writing anything good in that department as well so.. I'll have to pass out the poem part for now. :p Hehe. Sorry for the mushyness, time to share my gaming updates~

I recently finished playing my file of Sword of Mana and I'm planning to play Legend of Mana very soon. Sword of Mana was a good game in my opinion but it was pretty short compared to the other Mana games and the game was somewhat annoying to get through at the last two dungeons before reaching the Mana Sanctuary.. I got through the areas but eh. The final boss was really easy and the ending to the game? Lol. Let's not discuss the ending because it just made me feel like I'd busted my ass to do all this stuff and it wasn't really for anything. Sure, you save the world but.. yeah. Anyone who's played and finished the game knows what I'm talking about. :p

Soo.. After that, it's onward to Legend of Mana:
lom ss

I have to say that right away the artwork for this game is absolutely beautiful. If you can't tell from the screenshot, everything is very vibrant and seems to have a special touch to it. I'm looking forward to playing this installment in the Mana series, even if I've been told it's different from other Mana games. Seiken Densetsu 3 was different from Secret of Mana but it was still a wonderful game.. So I think I'll also enjoy this one. :D

Second, I recently purchased a Logitech Rumble Gamepad F510. If you look at the link you'll see it's listed as $34.99 but I got a good deal and grabbed it when it was on sale for $27.99 ($29 with tax) and because it was over $20 I was able to grab free ground shipping from UPS so that saved me even more money than originally. I checked around various websites for this controller to compare the prices and the official website was the only place with it on sale AND with free shipping. I had to wait two extra days to recieve my gamepad since it arrived in my state on a Saturday but it was well worth the wait. :D It works great with any games you want to use it for, and if your game doesn't support the gamepad then they give you a CD with the free profiler software on it that allows you to map out the games commands for the controller through it.

So overall I would highly reccomend this gamepad if you're looking for a good one.. Oh and don't bother with the wireless one.. Almost EVERYONE complains about the craptastic wireless reception and wanna know the big fat truth about it? It's the SAME controller that I bought except that it's wireless. Who the hell wants a crappy wireless controller when you can get a corded one cheaper and NO reception issues or dealing with the small nano reciever you have to use. :p

But anywho, I'm off to do a few things. Have a great weekend everyone! :D

Ciao for now~

Minecraft and MMO Goodness!

Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't stopped in to blog in a while, I've been distracted/busy with many things. :p Since I have nothing in particular to blog about, I'm going to blog about a few things (see blog title). See below for details ;D

First, one of the games that I've been hooked on since I tried it out with my boyfriend:


Yes, Minecraft has stolen a small part of my life away and I can't recall how many times me and To_Ashes have relocated to new climates. We're finally settling on building our permanent home in the tropical climate.. Which is oddly placed in between the snowy climate and the wilderness one.. So when it rains we can see snow across the ocean, lol. But we have fun anyway and that's all that really matters. xD However, we haven't been playing too much in the past week or two since we've decided to wait until the 1.8 update is released since a lot of nice new things are said to come with it. :)

Now let's move onto the MMO department. After trying many different MMO's me and Ashes have finally settled on playing the two we like the most:


If you've never played either of these MMO's then I highly reccomend both of them. Grand Chase is easy enough that even beginners like myself and Ashes are able to get into it easily and enjoy the storyline, leveling system, etc. and currently Grand Chase has an incentive for new players -- if you've created a new account after July 5th, 2011 then you'll recieve a special chest that'll help you a level a LOT as you start out. It ends on December 31st, apparently, so if you're planning to try Grand Chase then it'd be a good idea to start now. We were lucky to be able to take advantage of this event, plus the double exp events they've had in recent weeks. :D They seem to always have some nice events going on so I highly reccomend it, especially for anyone who may be new to MMO's.

As for Dungeon Fighter, even they have some incentives to new and old players. Not entirely sure of all the bonuses for new players but if you're playing with a returning player, like I am with Ashes, you'll get 20% extra EXP from dungeons when you clear them. Plus all the quests you're able to do make leveling a bit easier and funner. :D Me and Ashes are currently both level 35, we're working towards level 40 sometime soon hopefully. I'm playing as the fighter while he's the priest of our party. We're a good combo so we're having lots of fun with the MMO, even if some of the levels are a bit more challenging now, lol. xD

But anywho, I've gotta scoot. I need to do a few things and it's supposed to be stormy here soon and be like that all night so.. Game time before the evil storms come!

Have a great week everyone! :D

Ciao for now~