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god im pissed

ok so i went to gamestop today and i asked my mom if i could buy dead rising she said no. and i just don't get it, she let me get halo 1 and 2 both rated m and she's seen me play the dead rising demo yet she won't let me get the game. in fact she won't let me get any more M games, she says i'm not old enough, yet she let me get halo. see parents don't realize that after a guy or girl turns 13 they pretty much know a lot of mature/adult words, actions, etc. but when i try to explain this to my mom she always says shut up or im gonna throw out the 360 and i shut up. i'm 13 and i just don't understand. i have 3 m games, i play M games at the gaming center on main street, i play M games over my friends house, but yet i can't buy M games. you see i hate esrb. i say we just get rid of all the letter ratings E,T,M,AO and instead they just print out what's in the game: violence, blood and gore etc. if esrb did this then game developers would have more sales, because most parents just look at the letter rating. say if i want to buy a T game, my mom already knows the suggested esrb age 13+, but if i want to buy an M game she knows that i'm too young just because of the suggested age 17+. we should get rid of all that because it would force the parents to see what is in the game, so they can decide for themselves if their kids are too young for it. if this were to happen then game developers would see more profits because the parents wouldn't go buy the suggested age. when i want to buy an M game my mom will always say no even after i tell her what's it rated M for, even if the game is rated M for violence and that's it she will still say no and many other parents will too, because they are set on the esrb suggested age 17+. i see this especially when kids are finally getting older and see how fun these games are yet parents are taking this fun away from us. i thought kids were supposed to have fun then where is the fun? what im trying to say is that kids / parents shouldn't follow the esrb's suggested age. some people say that M games are like porn you have to be a certain age to buy it. but yet we can say whatever the hell we want at any age. why can't we buy what we want at any age? kids can swear out in public yet can't get a game because of a stupid M sticker on it?

note- if any of your parents won't let you buy M games or if you know any body working for any game developer (that publishes M games) then please show them this blog post

Last Day

tomorrow is my last day of summer vacation and i start school after that...:cry: so that means i wont be on gs that much
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