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GoW2 is done. Started my bonus play with my BoO.. damn it's so powerful! I slice and dice like... mice out of... rice! (Lol)

The CotT are a bit strange.. kinda tough. But I guess it's just me rushing into things. I should play the game a few more times until I get the hang of everything.

Found only two urns (Gaia and Prometheus) and I have no clue where to find the others.. I explored quite a lot in my first run but evidently it's not enough.

I use BoO all the time even more than BoA.

Overall impression of this game is "MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST!" but ofcourse they're both freaking excellent.

Ask me more questions so we can discuss...

[spoiler] CAN'T BELIEVE ATHENA IS DEAD!! Loved the ending where the Titans climb on Mt Olympus. Can anyone say God of War 3?! [/spoiler]