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Anyone got 3200 dollars?!

Found  an electric guitar on the net which I really like and I'd like to buy... one problem though, I'm a little short.

It's an Eric Clapton "Blackie" Fender Stratocaster guitar. An exact replica of Clapton's guitar, made by the same guy who makes all of his guitars... well, most of them... some of them. I don't know how much!!

So its price is about 3200 USD... and I need......... 3200 dollars more to buy it. SO can I get a loan!? I'm good for it - I'll have to work an entire lifetime, but still. ;)

Come check TUGOWU if you're into God of War! the BEST GAME EVER..!!


So, you guys know who Eric Clapton is?

Who doesn't, (if you don't - I'll kill ya [j/k] ) so I got my dad to like him. yeah, it was cool. he actually sat down and listened to the entire unplugged album from the MTV show.

that was the first time I listened to it myself (though I heard some of his songs at random before), so I was really impressed. Clapton's a GOD. this pushed me even more to buying an acoustic guitar (steel-stringed) from my own money, but I'm not allowed! I'm 17, and I don't have a job, so my dad believes I'm just throwing away my earned money - I worked through summer and got myself some good money - we're straying! so I want to buy myself a nice guitar, I'm not sure yet should it be cut-off (not even sure if that's the proper term for it) or a regular, cause Clapton's got some 15s and 17s in his songs so you have to have a reach to those frets, but on the other hand a regular is what I want, so there's a dilema. I already own two guitars (electric and classical) - which is another reason (although stupid) for my dad. I'll update if I get it... CORRECTION - when I get it. :D hehe

Waiting for GoW2!

As you know, God of War is "one of the best action games to the PS2 and should not be missed" (GS' words). and GoWII is being developed as we speak... isn't that sweet?! :D I just have to get that game as soon as it's out!

for any information check out the Ultimate God of War Union here or the game's main page in GameSpot here.

If you don't even know what the first title was all about then you should REALLY check it out here.

I s*ck at collecting Games!

I just realized I s*ck at collecting Games!! I'm only 16 years old, I don't have any money, no Job, so I can't even expect for money any time soon... and my computer sux... darn... what am I gonna do? is 16 too young to start? all I have is a PC (duh) and a PS2... I bet all of you GS users have at least both the PS2 and the Xbox, and the GC and N64 in addition... I have NOTHING!! when I'm older and when I'll be working and earning enough money and stuff, i'm gonna spend some of it on games and consoles and related stuff... *sigh* can't wait to grow up...

Heroes of Might and Magic - The Obsession starts...

in 1998 when I first saw Heroes II at my friends place and immediatley fell in love with it. I was little and couldn't really understand what's what but what I saw was enough for me; Dragons, Titans, Castles with interesting buildings and big beutiful battles with a big variety of creatures. *sighs* that was some good time... anyway, after a year or so (I don't really remember) of b*tching to my friend if I can come to his place and play Heroes, Heroes III: The Restoration of Erathia came out and I got it for my birthday! :) of course I didn't know it came out cause I wasn't really into gaming at that time, I was like 9 years old, didn't have no console or a gameboy... well maybe just a gameboy but not enough games to play in it. anyway, so how I really got it was by chance. at that year (and the year before), for my birthday, my father took me to a gamestore and I could pick any two games I wanted... so I picked Heroes III and another game which I can't really remember what it was, I think it was C'nC Tiberian Sun, but I'm not really sure. too bad we don't do it anymore... so I started playing Heroes III as soon as I got back home and I was amazed by the graphics! it was awsome! (comparing to HoMaM II, of course) I called my friend (same friend from the beggining) and told him the good news "I got Heroes III" and he was like "I'm on my way!"... that was the first time he actually came willingly to my place... lol... anyways, so we played for hours and explored the game... well, he actually did that cause, again, I was little and didn't understand a thing about it (Skills, Spells etc) but I still loved it cause of all the new and improved Creatures. then, after a year of playing I got bored of it (sad :( ) and then Heroes IV came out! and by that time I was 13 or so... and I could finally understand the game. that's why I got used to IV's elements; Skills system, Creatures, Castles... and I finally understood why I loved this series so MUCH!

so now... back to the Present - waiting for Heroes V... even though I can't!! work faster damnit! lol... :)

see ya

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