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I'm getting my PS3 in Greece!

At a much saner price - 780US$ (1047US$ in Israel)

And that's basically it! Other than that, it's that same amazing console!! Can't wait to play Some RnM (Resistance and Motorstorm, duh)

 GoW2 will arrive soon... I don't know what to play first! I'm assuming... Aw, I can't decide!!

 Oh and I'm flying to Greece this friday if you didn't get it.


Cool Little video. And it has that cool soundtrack from LittleBigPlanet which is actually "Get It Together" by The Go! Team.

My Ultimate Plan!

I'm gonna cancel my pre-order of GoW2. It's the european version, it has no DVD included and it costs more and it's gonna get here next month only, and I'm gonna order the NTSC version which is cheaper, it's gonna get here faster and it has the DVD in it.

It's like the most sane thing to do! The catch is, since it's not an Israeli site I can't use my credit card cause I'm still a minor and the card is only valid in Israel, so I'm gonna have to squeeze my mom's credit card number from her and use it... and so far.. it's not going very well... but do not worry! I will have GoW2 with that disc, before the european release date!! Wish me luck..

New Profile picture but..

Freaking Gamespot won't change it.. The Kratos one is not the new one I'm talking about.. I can't get it to change so I figured maybe if I post a new blog post it'll happen.. Let's see;

New video


I thought it'd be cool to make it look like Ares is getting a blade impaled in his head... And I think it turned out pretty good... what do you think?

Aside from the quality ofcourse..

My temporary absence

I'll be away from Gamespot for a while... School and stuff... TUGOWU will have to live on without me for a short while.

When I get the demo of God of War 2 I will report back.


FOR THE (fan)S!

Okay, so this blog post isn't really because I have something to blog about... A fan kept B*tchin that I should post an update, so here's your F****** update stupid fan!!

J/k, anonymous fan, you know I love ya...


Seriously, you need to check God of War out... search on gamespot, I'm too lazy to provide you the link. Then check TUGOWU (The Ultimate God of War Union). Do it for the sake of anonymous fan... He's hungry.

God of War God of War God of War God of War, God of War God of War!

God of War, God of War God of War God of War God of War God of War God of War God of War God of War. God of War God of War God of War!! God of War God of War God of War God of War God of War!!! God of War God of War God of War... God of War God of War God of War ?!? God of War!!

The writing above is in the complex language of God of War. To learn it, one must play the sacred game God of War, and go to The Ultimate God of War Union.

God of War God of War God of War God of War God of War, God of War God of War God of War God of War! (Good Luck, Mortal, you're gonna need it - in common language)

I'm Metal Slime!! AHHHHH!!!

OMG! I hope it won't glitch me too... cause then I'd be finished with it when GOWII comes out... hmmm not sure it's such a bad thing... hehe

I'm thinking of creating a fan site for God Of War. everything can be pretty much taken care of, except... a server. I don't care about free servers with ads, I just need one that supports ASP and a reliable one.

Coding is also a thing I require... ASP is something I knew once but completely forgot about it so if anyone has some (understatement) knowledge, and is interested, please PM me.

HTML isn't a problem and designing is also a done deal.

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