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So guess who's got God of War 2??!

If you guessed "many people", you are right. But I was going for "ME!" ME ME ME ME me me me ME ME me ME! ME!

Yep, ME!

Started it on the PS3... Should have started it on the PS2, I guess. Anyway, I waited for this for so long... I finally have it! YEAH!! F[_]CK YEAH! 

God of War 2 - 400 NIS?!?

So the store I preordered from cancelled my order (They kept lying about when it gets there) and gave me a full refund, so I went out today and search for GoW2 in the stores. 400 NIS ladies and gentlemen, 400 NIS. That's 100$. I didn't have enough cash so I tried using my credit card, but I couldn't do it in monthly payments (Divide the cost, that is. There's a special word for it, forgot it.) because the store owner apparently needed the money badly, and I couldn't spend more than 400 a month (Stupid CC company stuff).

Even so, if I had the cash, 50% chance I wouldn't have bought it because that same store I preordered from sold it for 350 (Including handling and delivery).

I want this game so much, I need it so much... but the price is ridiculous. AND THERE'S NO EXTRA DVD IN IT!! AHHH!!

Stuff that make me laugh. (Not for the faint of heart)

The following is a small list of things that Wii fanboys say and they are a great LULZ source. It's called...

"Wii fanboys live in their own world" or "You know you're a Wii fanboy when you think that..."

Old ports are a good thing somehow. **Nintendo trying to milk their fans?? NO WAY!**

GC/PS2 games on the Wii are the best. **Even though they were optimized for the former consoles and DON'T use the Wii-mote and if they do, it's in a REALLY bad way (Buggy)**

Weak hardware is great, considering the many 1st party games Nintendo is litteraly S***ing out of it's ass and how they all cost you 50$ (Boy, are they getting pounded [Butthurt?]). Go gamecube 1.5!

Pathetic online support is fine.

Way inferior games to its competiton are just fine.

Children's games are not the only thing Nintendo makes. 

Nintendo has a diverse library of games. **GOOD ONE!**

Peter Moore is a great man in the Industry (But his 360 is a flop...), every bad and true thing he says about Nintendo is understandable and is said for the right reasons.

Everything that comes out of Phil Harrison's mouth is bad!! No matter what!! Even if it's a good thing like "I like the Wii's Wiimote" --"DIE PHIL!!"

3rd party developers LOVE to make games on the Wii because it's such a great machine. (MONEY MACHINE, that is [Cheap, short cycle of work])

Check out this new list of games that Nintendo is releasing in 2007:

  • Donkey Kong Taru Jet Race (DK Jet or DK Bongo Blast, US)
  • Wii Health Pack
  • Disaster: Day of Crisis
  • Mario Party 8
  • Project H.A.M.M.E.R.
  • Wii Music
  • Super Mario Galaxy
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl
  • Battalion Wars II
  • Forever Blue
  • Mario Strikers Charged
  • Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
  • Mario and Sonic at the Olympics

Any Game of the Year contender?? OH RIGHT!!


They also like to predict failures of PS3's and how the Wii will just dominate this generation (I don't see the Wii lasting 2 more years). One of them stated "The PS3 will not sellout in Europe - Confirmed!" Only, it did sellout in Europe. See, Wii-boys are also DELUSIONAL.

One of them said something like "My Wii broke!" LULZ FLEW IN!!! If you catch my drift.

So you see, Wii-boys live in a world of their own. A wolrd I like to call the 20th century. 


Now before anyone jumps on me, read it again with a smile on your face, and have a few laughs. I'm not trying to burst your bubble, Wii-boys. I just want to laugh at you.

Motorstorm - APPROVED!

I had doubts about Motorstorm after playing the demo for the first time.. but after playing it again, MOTORSTORM IS APPROVED!

Fun Fun for EveryOne! Well, only for PS3 owners that is...

Level 23 is NOW!

I need Resistance online!! It's something with the setting and I need someone who understands this stuff. Please!

Edit: Firmware 1.70 is up and running! DOWNLOAD IT! Maybe it'll help me with Resistance..

Someone help me get my Resistance ONLINE!

I can't get online with Resistance. I get this error message: "Network Connection failed. Disconnecting from network" or something like that. It's not the game's message, it's from the PS3 - Black background and the whole nine yards. Thing is, there's nothing wrong with my network, and definately nothing wrong with my router (Signal strength: constant 100%). Could this be because I'm from Israel and Sony doesn't support an official service here?

Some feedback from Israelies would surely help. (Tzlofy AHEM AHEM)

On another subject, expect jewish blogs to be filled with "Holocaust memorial day" notes. Yep, today is the Holocaust memorial eve, tomorrow is the Holocaust memorial day. Basically meaning no TV shows/movies/programs (except international broadcasts ofcourse so that non-jews can still watch cable/satelite TV). All you'll find are reruns of special programs about survivors and their stories. It's gonna be good two days for my PS3.

That's not to say I deny the Holocaust or anything! Don't even think that! I know it to be true.. my Grandma was a survivor and she is a complete shut in because of that. I made a mention about some of the death camps one time and I immediately got these stares from my parents telling me to shut up about it. I realized they ment my grandma.. but I digress! Point is, I think that these ceremoneal stuff is a bit overrated. I know there was a Holocaust to the Jewish people and I will always remember it... can I watch TV now?


Help me with RESISTANCE!


Got a PS3, Got Resistance.

I'm really not a console shooter fan but DAMN!! Resistane: Fall of Man is so fun!! It's even more fun playing co-op with your cousin! (even better when he actually knows the game)

 I was playing it in Greece, finished it, then bought another SIXAXIS and played with my cousin and F***! I can't wait to play online... just gotta talk to the guy who installed this wireless router thing here and ask him how to set the console up because I have no clue how to do it. Anyone here might know how to do it?? *I'm looking at you, Tirasus*

I can't help but wonder; if Resistance is so effing fun, how will Motorstorm play out??

 God of War 2 coming soon...

 I love EVERYTHING about my PS3.

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