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Stupid Air Force

I miss the old days... *sigh* Today is the last day of my time-off, tomorrow I go back to the place which I don't want to be in... Goddamnit.. OH! I MEAN ALLAH-Damn it...

Hey, GMG, what happened to your old account? No more Mister Creeper, eh?? sux2bu HAHA.

I have more than 2 and a half years left for my service, and then... my life would finally begin! What should I do? Where should I go?? Stupid Air Force...

"You're in the army now, ohhhh you're in the army.. NOW!"

Yep, that's the reason I was away for a VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME!

I don't have enough time to go through all the PMs I got (22!.. F***** HELL!) so sorry about that. I got about 3 more weeks till I finish bootcamp (The Israeli equivalent of bootcamp, that is... It's not really the same thing), after that it's 3 more years of service in which I won't be able to log online again... or should I say "as frequently as I used to".

TUGOWU - I will never forget. I might hop in for a visit when GoW3 comes out. Might?? WILL!I WILL hop in when GoW3 comes out. I will find the time.

Hope you understand.

Yours truely, 5425... I mean, Soul.

It's my B-Day today!!

But I'm pretty bummed out.

Gamespot is giving me trouble with it's posting glitches (but that's hardly why I'm bummed out); I'm so stumped with school stuff and work that I'm considering suicide (j/k). I CAN'T TAKE ITANYMORE! I want to be free, I can't stand this pressure! Especially in my birthday.. SOMEONE SET ME FREE!! PLEASE!

Just wanted to share with you guys...

(Click for full picture)

 I'm gonna use this as the "Before" shot in 6 months after I get everything I want in this room. Oh and don't mind the teddy-bear, my mom put it there and I just couldn't be bothered with it. lol

I work at... Burger King?

That was the most untalkative job interview I've ever been... for my part. (And I haven't been to many) I hardly said anything! It was actually a tutorial. I'm starting next week, possibly even this week if complications arise and if I'm needed. AND because I'm 18 in 17 days, I'm gonna get a normal salary! Life is good!

I'm loving it!.. wait.. wrong junk food restaurant.

GoW2 in Russian! F***ING WIN!

The voice acting is pretty good... They pronounce Kratos with a long A, making it KRA-tos, like the ancient Greeks would do, I suppose. Kratos's voice is even deeper and more threatening than T.C's... lol

Shame they don't have greek in here too... that would feel SOO authentic. I would play it a couple of times just for the hell of it... If only they had subtitles to go with it, I would play Greek all the time!

Anyway, my plans for today are beating the Challanges on Titan, and starting a TM NUR.

EDIT: Oh wait... I have to finish Titan mode on a normal run first.. LOL silly me. Oh and I ment to say a short A, like 'Apple'.


GoW2 is done. Started my bonus play with my BoO.. damn it's so powerful! I slice and dice like... mice out of... rice! (Lol)

The CotT are a bit strange.. kinda tough. But I guess it's just me rushing into things. I should play the game a few more times until I get the hang of everything.

Found only two urns (Gaia and Prometheus) and I have no clue where to find the others.. I explored quite a lot in my first run but evidently it's not enough.

I use BoO all the time even more than BoA.

Overall impression of this game is "MUCH BETTER THAN THE FIRST!" but ofcourse they're both freaking excellent.

Ask me more questions so we can discuss...

[spoiler] CAN'T BELIEVE ATHENA IS DEAD!! Loved the ending where the Titans climb on Mt Olympus. Can anyone say God of War 3?! [/spoiler]

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